When will I have access?

After you claim the offer, our team will confirm when the seats are activated and available for use.

How does the offer work?

Current customers can add an unlimited number of users to temporarily access their Boardable account for three months, for free!

What are Discussions?

Spam and phishing have become leading causes of data breaches affecting organizations. Discussions minimize the need for email with secure locations dedicated to conversation and file sharing. Make progress faster by bringing the right people and information together, and create the necessary connections between all levels of your organization.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is the only video conferencing solution made for board professionals, and it is native to Boardable’s platform. Time is of the essence when you are balancing a career, personal life, and board obligations. The last thing you need is more confusing tabs and screens to manage during a mission-critical meeting. Spotlight enables digital, face-to-face collaboration and minimizes distractions in a single-screen experience.