United Way, meet Boardable!

In October 2015, United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) sent the founders of Boardable a list of features they needed for a “board portal.” After exploring a custom build out of the software, we mutually agreed that a product would be the right solution. Within months of that conversation, Boardable was born, and UWCI signed up as one of our first customers.

We had the opportunity to assist during the development of Boardable, so it is tailor-made for United Way. Now, all our directors can easily access what they need.

Ann Murtlow, CEO, United Way of Central Indiana

We are happy to announce Boardable is now a preferred provider to the United Way Network Purchasing Program.

As Boardable grows, we will continue to add features and functionality to serve United Way chapters and their partner agencies. If you become a Boardable customer, we will listen very closely to what you and your United Way need from Boardable. There is no other organization that does what United Way does for local communities, and we are honored to help extend and amplify that work.

As part of this program, we offer special discounted pricing for all United Ways based on their annual revenue (not including funds for United Way agencies). We suggest bookmarking this page for future reference. Right now, your organization can use Boardable free for 30 days. No credit card required, and no commitment. If after 30 days, your organization would like to keep using Boardable, you’ll find the discount codes for United Way-affiliated organizations in the Pricing Guide below.

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Sometimes the best way to know if something fits is to try it on. The same is true for software! Let us give you a tour of Boardable and then set you up with a free trial account so you can see if we are the right fit for your team!
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Great way to get your board organized!

The support is very responsive. Reasonably priced. The tools for creating the agenda and the minutes are big time savers. The discussions section is a great way to hash things out before a meeting at the members’ leisure. The polls are a great way to have a permanent record of board decisions.

Awesome, affordable board hub!

I love that Boardable is so user-friendly and affordable. Our board is made up of volunteers, as we are not-for-profit. Therefore, we are very conscious of their time and our expenses. Boardable does everything we need it to do and does it very efficiently.

Boardable software is so easy to work with for users and our volunteers. It’s priced right for NFPs.

The Boardable team is very open to our suggestions for enhancements. They have been a great partner to work with to improve functionality of the app.

We explored many different volunteer management software systems but most were not affordable since we operate on a very tight budget. Boardable was priced right and is saving our team lots of time that used to be spent on a manual process preparing for board and committee meetings. Since starting with Boardable we have discovered a few other programs that easily benefit from using Boardable’s functionality. Boardable is a great tool to use for collaboration with external partners.

Intuitive setup with quick responses.

Boardable was very easy to set up and has been really useful as a centralized location for our board communication. The team at Boardable is really quick to respond to my questions. And I love the photo directory!

Simple and easy to use.

I love how Boardable has everything we need in one place. I really like using the scheduler to find a meeting date instead of having to us another program to do that. They are constantly evolving and building enhancements to the software making it very easy to use and intuitive. I like the security features that allow each group to only see information pertaining to their particular group. This helps to ensure that sensitive documents are secure within the software. Members of our board love how the software is self-explanatory and easy to navigate through. The transition from our old software was very well received because of this.

Tiffany B.

One of the best decisions we’ve made.

We all are excited. This is one of the best decisions we made. I think it is a great program for nonprofit organizations to save time, money, and keep their records in one place.

Zakat Foundation Logo
Halil Demir

Our members have more time to address vital issues because the easy-to-use platform puts so much of what they need right at their fingertips.

Providing the Midwest’s most distinct academics at the International School of Indiana (ISI) requires a commitment to excellence in all phases, and excellence is what we demand out of the technologies we rely on to help manage our operations. For more than two years, Boardable has helped ensure that our ISI Board of Directors can operate efficiently and successfully. Our members have more time to address vital issues because the easy-to-use platform puts so much of what they need – documents, files, archived communications – right at their fingertips.

Reasonable, affordable, and secure

Our Executive Director wanted documents stored, secured, and easy to access, and Boardable offers that. The document storage streamlines meeting scheduling, as it’s so much easier once I put a meeting in Boardable and can just upload the documents to all attendees. Our ED thinks Boardable is amazing. And the price is so reasonable… It’s affordable for nonprofits. That made a huge difference.

Collaboration and transparency are key to serve and grow

We believe that collaboration and transparency are the keys to building a sustainable organization and Boardable allows San Francisco Achievers to continue to grow and serve our resilient youth more effectively.

Get hours back in your work week

Boardable has given me hours back to my workweek by streamlining all of my board and committee communications. It empowers our volunteers to schedule and execute meetings, contribute to agenda building and give quick feedback. Not to mention thankfully eliminating our Doodle poll usage. I cannot recommend it enough!

Encourage Board Member Engagement

Boardable has allowed me to have one centralized place to coordinate all my Board activities. It saves me time for posting information, conducting straw polls, tracking tasks and sharing documents. In addition, the platform allows and encourages Board Members to be active and engaged with the ability to assign committee members tasks and have discussions on multiple topics.

Consistency builds success

The more that you can serve by simply doing what you already do on a regular basis, the more likelihood for success. Boardable does that because it pushes everything out to [board members] now, even our monthly financials.

Marc McSweeney

We Love the Boardable Portal

“Our board members love the Boardable portal. Several of them commented on the efficiency of having all board materials and communications in a single place. One even said it was the best board portal he’d used, and that he would like to have the other boards that he serves on use Boardable.” 

A Touchstone for our Board

“Boardable has quickly become a touchstone for our board and executive leadership to share, track and archive key information and meeting collateral. Compared to every other similar platform we researched, the cost is reasonable and it definitely more than pays for itself in admin labor savings. High marks and an unequivocal recommendation from us.”

Jonathan Zeichner
Jonathan Zeichner, Executive Director

A User Friendly Time Saver

“Pass the Torch for Women Foundation’s team and Board fully endorse the capabilities of Boardable. It is user friendly, saves time in being able to upload documents in advance of meetings without worrying about emails getting caught in spam folders. Controlling access to information is extremely easy and provides the user with assurance that a specific group has access to intended information. The continuous online webinars offering education for the product is a bonus as new board members are onboarded and also updating users with new resources.”

Well organized and intuitive

We find Boardable to be easy to navigate, well organized, and intuitive. Our organization loves Boardable’s great features like the agenda builder, meeting reminders, attendance tracker, and the ability to create meeting minutes based on the agenda. It has made keeping track of Board activity and actions a breeze!

Significantly Better Communication

Maturing as an organization and getting the most out of our board committees has meant a significant increase in the volume of communication with our board members. Boardable is a great solution that allows us to be both organized and efficient as we strive to make the most of our board members generous time commitment to the organization.

Incredibly engaging and fun to use

We have been incredibly happy with Boardable. Our Board has found it incredibly engaging and fun to use. It makes our work easier, structures our discussions, and is a breeze to set up meetings.

An easy to use platform for all our Board and Committee activity

We are big Boardable fans. It has provided a single easy to use platform for all our Board and Committee activity – from meetings to discussions, from tasks to decision-making, from access to key documents to personal contact details.

I definitely recommend Boardable to other organizations!

I have definitely recommended Boardable to other organizations! We have 100 other dioceses in the country, and I’ve spoken to other people about Boardable because we are all managing the same type of work… I know it would work for other churches as well.

Partnership Health Center

Boardable has been exactly what our organization needed to get our board more involved. It saves us time and is a one-stop-shop for keeping everything in one, easy-to-use platform.

Partnership Health Center
Jacqueline Hickman

Better Organized with Boardable

Boardable has helped our association to become more organized. It has made board meetings easier and I highly recommend Boardable.

Boardable has not disappointed

Boardable was the tool Futuro Health needed to effectively equip our Board of Directors with the information they needed for seamless board meetings. From an administrative perspective, Boardable is easy to use and templates for agendas and minutes make facilitating meetings a breeze. From a user perspective, members are able to easily access materials and participate in a paperless environment. I conducted a lot of research prior to adopting a board management tool, and Boardable has not disappointed.

Tessa Miley

Boardable gives me piece of mind

As an Executive Director managing two organizations, and as Board Chair for a third – one organization using Boardable and two that don’t – there is a marked difference in my comfort level with each. Using Boardable gives me piece of mind that I’ve invited folks to meetings properly and supplied all the needed references in advance, so we can focus on our mission rather than documentation or technology. It’s an invaluable tool.

Boardable “gets” it.

I’d recommend Boardable because they get it. Honestly, Boardable gets exactly the pain points that executive directors are experiencing with their board, whether it’s governing or helping to manage the boards better. Boardable understands these pain points and they’ve addressed them in their software. They make it really so that there is no comparison. Boardable has been a true game changer for our organization.