United Way, meet Boardable!

In October 2015, United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) sent the founders of Boardable a list of features they needed for a “board portal.” After exploring a custom build, we mutually agreed that a product would be the right solution. Within months of that conversation, Boardable was born, and UWCI signed up as one of our first customers.

We had the opportunity to assist during the development of Boardable, so it is tailor-made for United Way. Now, all our directors can easily access what they need.

Ann Murtlow, CEO, United Way of Central Indiana

We are happy to announce Boardable is now a preferred provider to the United Way Network Purchasing Program.

As we grow the product, we will continue to add features and functionality to serve United Ways and their partner agencies. If you become a Boardable customer, we will listen very closely to what you and your United Way need from Boardable. There is no other organization that does what United Way does for local communities, and we are honored to help extend and amplify that work.

As part of this program, we offer special discounted pricing for all United Ways based on their annual revenue (not including funds for United Way agencies). We suggest bookmarking this page for future reference. You can use the following coupon codes any time during your free trial.

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Boardable Testimonial Video

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Sometimes the best way to know if something fits is to try it on. The same is true for software! Let us give you a tour of Boardable and then set you up with a free trial account so you can see if we are the right fit for your team!
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