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Boardable Reimagined

Welcome to the future of board management.

Discover how Boardable’s latest features can streamline your nonprofit’s operations and enhance board efficiency. See what’s new — video, AI, and more. Take a look!

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Boardable Video

Simplifying Hybrid and Remote Meetings for Nonprofits

Boardable Video integrates video conferencing with board management tools, ensuring seamless meetings. AI-driven summarization and accessibility features like captions and transcripts enhance engagement and efficiency.

Custom Data Collection

Tailored Data Management for Your Organization

Custom Data Collection eliminates the need for spreadsheets, providing centralized control and personalized reporting on metrics that matter most to your organization. Easily keep track of everything from food allergies to financial contributions to who completed their conflict of interest form.

Get More Done with Boardable

Reimagined Mobile App

Board Management on the Go

Boardable’s mobile app ensures seamless board activities with push notifications, easy meeting access, and on-the-go document retrieval. Engage in discussions, create polls, and manage tasks from anywhere.

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AI Functionality

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Nonprofit Operations

Boardable integrates AI to support nonprofits, offering in-app assistance and AI-powered meeting summaries. Our AI features enhance operational efficiency and ensure secure, effective support tailored to your needs.

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