WEBINAR REPLAY: Boardable User Training

Are you a new user of Boardable? We have all the simple tools you need to make board service easy and effective. In this user training webinar, members of Boardable’s Customer Success Team, Samantha Alarie-Leca and Laura Clark, give a comprehensive overview of the platform and share tips and tricks for how to get the most out of using Boardable. If you are a board administrator and would like to see a Boardable admin training, you can find that here.

Boardable User Training Webinar


Whether you are a long-time Boardable customer, or using it for the first time, these best practices will help you make the most of using our software. Stay tuned for another Boardable User Training Webinar soon.

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Here are some of the topics covered in this Boardable user training webinar:

  • Accept your invite and create your account
  • Update your user profile
  • Set up notifications
  • Review your Groups
  • RSVP to a meeting and view a meeting agenda
  • Upload documents
  • Review tasks
  • Sync your calendar
  • Access the Help Center

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If your board is on a Professional or Enterprise subscription to Boardable, you have access to a dedicated customer success manager like Samantha and Laura to help you simplify your board software user experience. Boardable Customer Success Managers not only help you understand and use the various software features, they also advise board admins about how to get more board members using the software. Because they talk to other nonprofits like yours every day, they are full of useful information about how to plan meetings and organize documents using the software.

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Have ideas for a future Boardable user training? Contact our Customer Success Team and tell us what you’d like to learn about. We learn so much from our software users about how to develop the product, and we appreciate your feedback.

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Full Transcript:

Laura: Good afternoon and thank you for joining us on this Friday afternoon for our Boardable New User webinar. My name is Laura Clark and I am a customer success manager here at Boardable as well as a cofounder. And I also have Samantha Alarie-Leca with me as well, who is our director of customer success here at Boardable. And then we have Michelle Mullen who is going to be helping us on the back end kind of answering chat questions and helping us just make sure the webinar runs smoothly. So, thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. We appreciate you taking time out of your day. Our goal today really is to make sure that you as a new user on Boardable know everything you need to know in order to get up and get going in your Boardable platform, do everything you need to do as a board member for your organization.

So we will walk through some slides and then we’ll jump into the platform and kind of show you some things. So, Sam, would you like to say hello?

Samantha: Hi, everyone, and thanks for joining us. So I’m really glad to join us today to learn a little bit more about how you can maximize Boardable. As Laura mentioned, this is the New User Webinar and a user for Boardable if anyone who has a unique login to the Boardable account and today’s webinar is really focused on the member view and the member experience. So we’ll be chatting about what members can do and how they can get started quickly in Boardable. Thanks again for joining us.

Laura: Great. We’re going to go ahead and turn off our videos and then walk through the slide presentation. Again, feel free to put any of those questions into chat and we’ll answer them at the end of our presentation today. All right.

Samantha: And just an introduction to get started, Boardable is a web-based board management platform that will empower your board to work more effectively and get really organized. It’s a centralized communication platform with easy document storage and all things meetings. The meeting suite is really the heart of Boardable and a lot about what we’re going to talk about today. We do also have a Boardable mobile app. This is the on-the-go tool, it’s geared towards the board member view and it’s available in iOS and Android. So if you haven’t yet, we do recommend that you download that as it’s going to be a great way to quickly respond to things and to view things in your Boardable account.

Our topics today are accepting your invite and creating your account, updating your profile, notification, reviewing your groups, RSVPing to a meeting and agenda, signing into Boardable Meetings with Video, uploading a document, starting a discussion, or a poll, reviewing tasks, syncing your calendar.

We’re also going to do a tour of the mobile app and give you some tips on how to get help. So again, we’re going to be focusing on that member view today. And if you have questions outside of these topics we’ll save them for the very end. So, please keep your questions coming and feel free to use the chat throughout. We are also as a reminder going to be sharing this replay as well as the slide deck on Monday.

I mentioned there’s different user permissions. There are three account-level permissions at Boardable. One is the member and that’s, again, what we’re addressing today. Member can create meetings, polls, discussions, upload documents, and view all activities in assigned groups. Lots of things are organized by group in Boardable, so it’s great for separating your different committees and organizing things by committees and groups.

Most users in Boardable have the member designation. There is also an administrator designation. It’s usually one or two people at your organization who really own all the privileges of the Boardable account, including billing information, the ability to change the plan type, add people, customize account settings, and update announcements. And then there’s a third role, that’s the observer role. Observers can participate in groups, discussions, polls, and meetings when invited, but they don’t have access to the Document Center. So typically, you might see perhaps a consultant who joins meetings occasionally in that observer role.

Top five pro tips for getting started. First thing to do is accept your welcome invite, update your profile information, make sure you mark Boardable as a safe sender, and update your notifications. Integrate your calendar, and then download your mobile app. So we do suggest you do all five of these things right away for your best experience. If you need help after today, we do these webinars regularly so you’re always welcome to come back again next month. We also have in-product chat support during business hours. You can reach out to your organization’s main administrator, send an email to support@boardable.com. Check out our resources tab on boardable.com. And we also do have a Boardable Academy with some great quick start video tutorials for you. Thank you again for joining us. And with that, I’m going to pass it back over to Laura who’s going to do our walkthrough of the Boardable system.

Laura: Great. Thank you, Sam. I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you all so that you can see. The very first thing that’s going to happen is you are going to receive a welcome invite from your organization’s administrator. And you’re going to be able to click on that email in your email account. You’ll then be able to click the button that says get started and it’s going to walk you through that account set up. You can go ahead and create a password for yourself. Agree to the Boardable terms of site service and privacy policy.

And then you can go ahead and click next. It’s going to take you to your profile settings, where you’re able to choose your time zone if you’d like to change that. You also can choose your email notification frequency. So whether you want to get those emails immediately, periodically, that would be twice a day. You’ll get all of your emails from Boardable, or they do not send email notifications. We really advise you not to choose this as that means you will not receive any email notifications from Boardable. So the only time you would know anything about what’s going on within your board or your organization is if you log in and go to the platform.

The next option here is going to be for any additional email addresses that you would like to add to receive notifications. The perfect use for this would be is if you have a secondary email account that you would like to add in there. Or for example, if you have an administrative assistant that you wanted to add, you could do that here. We’ll click on to next, and we can go ahead and upload our profile picture. We can choose that and we can go ahead. Whoops, I apologize. Upload that, click save, and it’s created our profile image.

Move on to our next step, where you can add in your contact email address, your contact phone number, and any of your social URLs that you’d like to add into your account. You have gone ahead and set up your account. It was that simple. The next thing you’re going to do is head on over to the Boardable dashboard. This is going to be really your main spot here within your platform. It does look like sometimes you are prompted to accept our privacy policy in terms of service, if we’ve updated something, so we’ll click accept on that. But on this page, you’re going to see everything that pertains to you within your account. Right here at the top, a little welcome from Boardable to make sure you have all the information you need. Below that is going to be all your information from your organization. So you’ll notice there’s a little announcement section here. You’ll be able to see any goals and click into any goals that may be going on within your organization.

Below that, you’ll see if you need to do any E-Signatures and we’ll show you how you can do that here in a minute. But if you’ve been assigned a document that needs to be a signature, you can do that through the Boardable platform for the professional plans. Below that, you’ll see any Tasks that have been assigned to you. And then you’re going to see all the meetings that you have been invited to. And you’re able to respond right here on this page, if you haven’t already done so from your email notifications. Then below that, you’re going to see all recent activity within the account.

All right. Now that we’ve looked at our dashboard, let’s take a quick second to just point out to you where you can access those profile…your personal profile should you need to make any changes. At the top here, you’ll see your name. You can click down and click my profile. We walked through most of these as we set up the account so I’ll go real quickly here. But should you need to make any changes after that first time, this is where you would come to do that. Also that login and password is going to be here.

Another important thing to point out is the calendar integration. Boardable does offer the ability for you to sync or integrate your calendar with Boardable. If you choose to do this and you have a Google calendar, you would simply hit connect. If you have any other iCalendar subscription, you can hit copy to clipboard. You would simply copy this and then add it in as a new calendar within your calendar. But this allows Boardable to update your calendar with anything that changes. Whether a time or date changes on a meeting, you’re going to be notified of that. Again, below you can change those notifications, time zone if you need to.

And finally, we do offer two-factor authentication. If you choose to enable that, you can do that here. Okay, let’s come back to our dashboard and we’re going to walk down our navigation bar on the left-hand side. The first thing is going to be the calendar. And truly this is just a visual representation, a spot you can come and see any meetings, polls, or tasks that you’ve been assigned. You’re also able to click directly from here into those meetings, polls, or tasks, and you can toggle them on and off so you can see just your polls or just your meetings, but you’re able to do that here.

The next down on your left is going to be My Groups. These are going to be all the groups that you are a member of. If I click into one of these group pages, I’m going to be able to see everything that pertains to that executive committee group. So I can look here. These are goals that have been set up for our particular group. I would be able to click into those and look at those. I’d see all the latest activity that’s happened. Below that, I’ll see all the upcoming meetings, then polls, any documents that have been uploaded to this group, any discussions, and finally below that, all the tasks associated with this group. And then I’m going to be able to see a list of the members of this group. So this is going to be your group page, and you can access all of your group pages right here through this My Groups.

Below that, we’re going to have people. The People Directory really was designed to be, just an evergreen directory for you to be able to see everyone who is a member of your organization. You can see contact information. You’re able to click in to see a little bit more about each one if you need to do that. You’re going to see what groups they’re a member of in your platform. So if you needed to know that you would, but that’s going to be our people page. So any time you’re needing to look here, you’re able to do that. We do offer a condensed view or an expanded view, and you also can search by name if you choose to do that.

Okay, next is going to be the Groups tab. This is going to be a list of all of the groups within your organization. We’re above here. We looked at My Groups. Down here is going to be groups that shows all of the organizations within your organization. So if I am a member of the executive committee, and today I am Sarah Jensen here within the platform, I would be able to click in, it would take me directly to my executive committee group page, and I’m going to see everything I need on that group page. However, if I come back to that group page and I want to look at a different group and I click into it, and I’m not a member of that group, I’m only going to see the names of the individuals who are part of that group.

All right. So next, we’re going to look at our Meetings Suite. This is probably where you’re going to spend most of your time as a member of a Boardable platform. We’re going to go away ahead and look at the October executive committee meeting. We’ll open that up and you’ll be able to see the meeting page. On the meeting page at the top, you’re going to see all of the important information, the date, the time, you’re going to be able to add the meeting to your calendar here. If you’ve not already integrated or synced your calendar, you are able to drop this on your calendar. It gives a one-time permission for Boardable to drop something on your calendar, but you would be able to do that. If you’ve not integrated or sync your calendar and you’d like to do that, you can always click here to get to that option as well.

If this happens to be a Boardable video call, you would be able to click directly here into that call and I’ll show you how to do that in just a minute. Or if this were a zoom or some other third party teleconference call, you’d be able to click directly into that. The link would sit right here as well, and you’d be able to click directly into that meeting. Below that, you’re going to see any polls that are associated with this meeting. So if a poll has been created and you’re asked to vote on it, you’re able to do that. You would simply just click into that poll. And I would be able to choose my answer, hit submit, and I’ve cast my vote for that particular poll. To head back to my meeting, I’m just going to go back to this meetings tab, and I’m going to click right back into that October executive committee meeting.

Below that, you’re going to see the agenda for the meeting and all the documents that are a part of that meeting. I can open the agenda here and it’s going to open the agenda in a second tab. I’m able to walk down through the agenda. I also can click and leave a note if I’d like to, for myself. And it’s going to keep that note and I’ll be able to come back to it and it will save it for me, but I would be able to walk through this agenda and open any document that’s here to be able to access it directly from the agenda.

We’ll come back to our meeting page. Below that, I’m going to see any supplemental documents that have been added to this meeting. For example, if someone has created your agenda and they’ve added some documents to the agenda, but yet there’s another document they would like to have associated with the meeting, but it’s not a part of the agenda, it’s going to live down here in this supplemental documents area. So you’d be able to click into it there. Below that, you’ll see any tasks that have been assigned to you so you could look and see that you’re a part of, it looks like this has been assigned to the entire groups and donor request form. I would be able to indicate that I’ve completed this by clicking here.

It looks like I, Sarah, has just been assigned to review the new board documents, new member documents here, so I can click there. And it’s going to indicate that I have completed that task. When you are assigned a task in Boardable, you are going to receive an email notification, so you’ll get that in your email inbox. And then you also will see it on this meeting page or within the minutes, wherever you were assigned that task. Below, you’re going to see everyone who was invited to the meeting. And finally, below that, you’re going to see any comments that may have been made to this particular meeting.

If I wanted to add a comment, I could add that here. I can then choose whether I want this to go out to everyone. Or if I just want it to maybe go to one person, I can send it to just one person. But that’s going to live right on this meeting page. So that’s going to be your meeting page. I do want to take a second and show you the Boardable Video Conferencing. So if you click here and we click right into this page, I can choose to request access. You will need to allow Boardable to access your camera and your microphone the first time you use Boardable. So now we’re in our virtual Boardable meeting room. You’ll see that your agenda is going to be right here and you can click directly into each of those items right from this page.

You’re also able to, should you want to click here, you would also be able to access those documents here. If I wanted to look at one, I can click on it. It’s going to pull that document up. If I wanted to present this document, I could simply hit present. And everyone who is in the meeting is going to be able to see the document that I’m presenting. When I’m done, I can hit stop presenting, and I can go right back to my agenda. So you’ll see that lives here. You’re able to move this, make it bigger and smaller as you’d like. I did realize I jumped ahead. I did not hit the final button to join meetings. So I’m going to click to join meeting. So you see that full experience. Any other members who have joined this meeting are going to live right here. You’re going to see their faces populate on the video screen. We do offer a grid option as well so other members would populate right here on the screen as well.

Should you need to raise your hand during a meeting, we do have that option. You can just do raise your hand, just like in a zoom meeting, you can control your sound, your video, and then you do have the ability to share your screen here. That’s going to be our Boardable Video Conferencing. And again, that would be set up by whomever sets up the meeting and you’re able to just access it directly from that meeting page. All right.

Now, we’ve talked about the meeting area. The next thing we’re going to do is hit on the documents. Over here on the left, you’ll see the Document Center. This is going to be an area where really it’s designed for your organization to save all of their final documents, library, archive their documents. So you would be able to access all of those documents here. You can add a new document, you’re able to create folders. So if I wanted to add a folder, I could do that here, go ahead and add a new executive planning committee folder. I can then choose whether I want everyone to have visibility to this, or whether I’d like to limit this to a particular group. So I think I’m going to limit this specifically to the executive committee and I have created that folder.

Let me do that again. I think my folder didn’t create, I hit close instead of save. So there, that’s why, so let’s do this again. Executive committee 2. We’re going to limit this to our executive committee. I clicked save, sorry about that. So it created my folder here. I can open this folder. If I want to add documents to this folder, I can click upload file, select file and I would be able to add a document here, and we can click submit. I also do have the option of notifying those people that are a part of this group, if I want to, when I upload a document to the Document Center.

All right, so we have uploaded that to the Document Center. So that’s going to be the Document Center in a nutshell. You also can drag and drop folder or drop documents into the Document Center. You also may have a document that you need to sign. So if I click into the waiting for signatures area. Oops, it doesn’t look like. It’s showing me that. All right, let’s come back to our dashboard page because I know we saw it on that dashboard page. So we’re going to click to our dashboard page. And I know Sarah was asked to sign a document here so we can click directly into this to add our signature. I would be able to click into here and I can draw in my name if I’d like to. I also can type or upload a signature. I add my signature in there and I have created my signature. In this spam, it’s asked me to add my date. It auto-populates the date in there for you. You can adjust it, but then I can click submit. And I have signed the document. The administrator on your account is going to be notified that you’ve signed the document. So that is going to be our Document Center.

The next area we want to talk about is discussions. Discussions really were designed to help with communication between board members between meetings. It’s an easy place to go to, to go back and find communications that you’re not searching through your email inbox looking for responses. So here’s an example of one that was created in the executive committee group. If I click into this discussion, you’ll see that there was a question put out there for discussion. Everyone has responded with their answers here.

When you are a part of the discussion and a comment is made, you do receive an email notification within your email inbox. You’re going to be able to open that email and respond by hitting reply directly from your email inbox and that is going to be brought right back here into the platform. We also can add one here, go ahead and add that comment as well within the platform. But either way, you can add your comment. You’re also always able to come back and hit your discussions tab and find all of those responses in one spot.

All right. Next is your Polls tab. This is going to be just like a poll that we talked about within the meeting, but this is going to be a poll that’s not attached to a meeting. So you also too, as a member could create a poll if you needed to do so. So we’ll walk you through that really quickly, but you would be able to add a poll.

Samantha: Hey Laura, this is Sam. Sorry to interrupt, but would you mind expanding your screen view?

Laura: Sure. So on the poll, you can go ahead and you can type in a question or a title, you can type in a description. You can attach a file if you need to do that, then you would be able to go ahead and give those answer options. You also then can choose whether you want your members to choose just one answer or multiple answers and then if they need to verify their identity or keep their votes anonymous. We’re going to choose anonymous today. You do need to give it a due date and a time, and then we’re going to assign it to a specific group. And I can add additional users if I want to. These would be other users on the platform that may not be a part of this group. I’m going to click save and you’ll notice it creates the poll. We do need to publish the poll so that everyone has access to it. So I simply click publish poll. I’m given the option to send a message. I can go ahead and say to everyone, all the assigned users, I’m going to click publish, and they’re going to receive the email notification about the poll.

Now, because I am, or Sarah is a member of this committee, she can vote simply by clicking her answer and hitting submit. And you’ll see those votes start to accumulate here. So those are the polls. Again, if you ever need to go back, you can always click on the polls and you’re able to access those polls. Next is going to be tasks. This is going to be a spot where you can come to quickly and see all the tasks that have been assigned to you and also access any of your completed tasks

Goals. This area is going to be a spot where you can drill into any goals that have been set for your organization or a group that you’re a part of, that you can click directly into that goal and you can see how you’re doing. You’ll be able to see the target and what your progress is by the line graph. They can be monetary goals, they can be percentage goals, they can just be numerical goals. But you’re able to really track and see how your organization is doing after one…when you’re looking for one specific goal for like a capital fund, or it could be for donor recruitment or something of that nature.

We’re going to head back over to our left navigation. The next tab down is going to be your notifications history. And this is really just a spot where you can come and see all the notifications that have been sent to you from Boardable. So if you thought you got an email, but you can’t quite remember, you can always come here and take a look and see. And then below that, you’re going to see the help center. If you have any questions, you can always click directly into our help center. You can search by topic. So say we had a question about integrating our calendar, we can search and it’s going to pull up articles about how to do that, including tutorial videos.

And then finally below is going to be our Boardable Academy, which you’re always welcome to click into, and that lives on our website, but that has all of our upcoming webinars. It also has all of our video tutorials in one spot that you’re able to access that. So always feel free to do that. A couple of other things to point out to you. We also have our end product chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. You can always pop that up and chat with us. We man that Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, and we’re happy to answer your questions. If you happen to chat with us outside of those hours, we will always get right back to you as soon as we get back in the office.

Okay. Well, I think we have really walked through the basics of the platform. We hope that maybe that you’ve got some questions for us so we can answer those if you have any. Sam, did we have some questions?

Samantha: Yes, we did have a couple of questions come through, I think would be great for everyone to hear the responses. So one question came through from Vicky about recording video calls for the Boardable meetings with video, and that’s not something that’s available yet, although it is on our product roadmap. Thanks for that question, Vicky and it’s a great suggestion that we’re working on here at Boardable.

We also had a question come through from Charlotte about assigning tasks. Who is able to do this and is that something the chair of a committee would be able to do? And so we do have those three account-level roles at Boardable, the administrator, the member, and the observer. Administrators can assign tasks to everyone in the portal. But then in addition to those three account-level roles, we do have a group administrator role as well, which can be used at the group level to designate additional permissions and responsibility. So if you assign your committee chairs as group administrators, then when they’re taking the minutes in a meeting, they’ll be able to assign tasks right from within the meeting as well, just for folks that are in their group and that are in that meeting. Okay. Another question came through. When I set up a meeting, do I attach all the documents to the agenda? So, Laura, would you mind going to the meeting page again?

 Laura: Absolutely.

Samantha: And we can quickly point out and that’s where as well in addition to the group administrator functionality, there’s also a meeting role called the collaborator. And that’s something that you could assign to anybody who’s within the meeting if you want some other folks to help attach items to the agenda or edit the agenda. But here on the meeting page is where you can see all the documents that are in the agenda, when you’re building that agenda, you attach them and then they’ll show up on that meeting page. If you have supplemental documents, which are maybe documents that you don’t need to have in the board packet, you don’t need to actually review as part of the agenda, but you’d like available as reference, you can also upload those to the meeting page here as a supplemental document, and they’d be available to reference, but not included in the agenda. Any more questions?

Laura: Great. I don’t see any. If you have any that come up as you start getting into the platform a little bit more, please feel free to let us know. We do want to make sure now that we walk through or give you a tutorial of our mobile platform. We built the mobile app for board members. It provides a quick, easy way for board members, no matter where they are to be more engaged with their board, especially when they’re on the go. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play. If you’re already a user within Boardable, once you’ve downloaded the free app to your phone, you can go ahead and into your login email and password.

If you happen to serve on several boards that use Boardable, you’ll see them here on your phone and you can choose the one that you want to enter. Once you do, you’ll be right on the dashboard of your account. And you’ll be able to access everything you need to right from this dashboard spot, all your meetings, polls, discussions, tasks, document center, groups, goals, and even your people directory.

Let’s take a quick look at the meetings. You’re able to scroll down to all the meetings that you’re invited to, and then you can easily click into one of those meetings. You’re able to go ahead and RSVP to a meeting. Once you do that, you can also see everything having to do with that meeting right there on that meeting page, you can scroll down and see everything you need. You’re also able to access your agenda by clicking on the agenda. You’ll see the agenda here. You’re able to also click into any documents that have been uploaded to that agenda. If you’d like to view your Document Center, you can do that here with the docs tab. You’d click on that. See all the folders that have been set up in your Document Center. To access one of those folders, you simply click on it and you’ll see the documents that are a part of that folder. You can open one of those documents and it will populate right there for you on your phone.

You can always click your home button down here to take you right back to your dashboard. You’re also going to be able to access your tasks that have been assigned to you. You’ll see all of them listed here. When you complete one, you can simply click the box below it indicating that you’ve completed it. If you’d like to view the different groups within your organization, you can do that here and you’ll see all the groups that you have. You can go ahead and click into one of those group pages and you’ll be able to see everything that has to do with that particular group within your organization. You’re also able to access discussions here within your organization. And finally, you’ll be able to see any goals that have been assigned to your organization. That’s our mobile app. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we’re happy to help you with them.


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