WEBINAR REPLAY: Boardable User Training

Are you a new user of Boardable? We have all the simple tools you need to make board service easy and effective. In this user training webinar, members of Boardable’s Customer Success Team, Samantha Alarie-Leca, Laura Clark, and Katie Cordell give a comprehensive overview of the platform and share tips and tricks for how to get the most out of using Boardable. If you are a board administrator and would like to see a Boardable admin training, you can find that here.

Boardable User Training Webinar


Whether you are a long-time Boardable customer, or using it for the first time, these best practices will help you make the most of using our software. Stay tuned for another Boardable User Training Webinar soon.

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Here are some of the topics covered in this Boardable user training webinar:

  • Accept your invite and create your account
  • Update your user profile
  • Set up notifications
  • Review your Groups
  • RSVP to a meeting and view a meeting agenda
  • Upload documents
  • Review tasks
  • Sync your calendar
  • Access the Help Center

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If your board is on a Professional or Enterprise subscription to Boardable, you have access to a dedicated customer success manager like Samantha and Laura to help you simplify your board software user experience. Boardable Customer Success Managers not only help you understand and use the various software features, they also advise board admins about how to get more board members using the software. Because they talk to other nonprofits like yours every day, they are full of useful information about how to plan meetings and organize documents using the software.

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Have ideas for a future Boardable user training? Contact our Customer Success Team and tell us what you’d like to learn about. We learn so much from our software users about how to develop the product, and we appreciate your feedback.

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Full Transcript:

Laura: Hey, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us today for our “Boardable New User Webinar.” My name is Laura Clark and I am a success manager here at Boardable as well as a co-founder. And I have Katie Cordell with me today as well, and I’ll let her introduce herself.

Katie: Thanks, Laura. My name is Katie Cordell. I’m also a customer success manager here at Boardable. Thank you so much for joining us today. Today’s webinar is really geared towards our new users and new board members. So, if you’re an admin, we will be recording this, and feel free to share the recording with your members. And if you are a new member, thank you so much for joining us and being really proactive about learning more about Boardable.

Laura: Absolutely. We’re going to go ahead and turn off our cameras and then we will start rolling through, kind of, our slide deck so that we can then get into the platform and show you everything you’ll need to know. Just to review, Boardable is a web-based board management platform. It’s designed to empower your board to work more effectively together so that you’ll have all of your communications centralized in one spot. You’ll also have very easy document storage and it’s all things meetings. So, everything you’re going to need is going to be right in one spot there in this platform. We also have a mobile app. So, we want to make sure that you know that. It’s a free downloadable app that you can get anywhere where you get apps for your phone, whether that be iOS or Android, either one, it’s a free download. So, we encourage you to download that. You’ll be able to access everything you need for the platform right there from that mobile app.

Today, we’re going to cover quite a few things for you, but really our goal is just to make sure that you know everything you feel like you need to know to get in there and feel comfortable using the platform. But we’re going to make sure that you know how to accept your invite and create your account, how to update your user profile and set up your notifications, how to review your groups that you’re assigned to and RSVP to meetings. We’re also going to teach you how to sign in to a meeting with Boardable Meetings with video in case your organization is using that. We’ll teach you then how to upload a document, how to start a discussion or a poll, review your tasks, sync your calendar with Boardable, and finally, we’ll do a quick tour of the mobile app so you can get comfortable with that as well. We’ll also make sure to show you where you can get help. We’ll, kind of, put a lot of information out there today, and we want to make sure that if you forget something or have trouble that you know where to go to get help. So, we’ll make sure we cover that as well.

Katie: So, here at Boardable, we have three main types of user account permissions. The first and the one that today’s webinar is geared towards is our member role. So, as a member, this is a great user type for your board members, committee members that allows your users to create meetings, polls, discussions, upload documents, and view all activity for the groups to which they belong. We also have the administrator role, which allows your account holders to view billing information, admin users, change account settings, and change your plan type. And the final user permission that we have today is for our observers, which is great if you have members who need access to view-only for the groups that are part of discussions, documents, and meetings.

We have a top-five list of tips for you to get started with your new Boardable account. The first thing that you’ll want to do is accept your welcome invite. So, an administrator on your account should have sent you an invite to join Boardable, follow the link in that email to update your profile information and get started. We also recommend that you mark Boardable as a safe sender. This will ensure that the emails you receive from the portal don’t go to your spam folder. We also tell people to integrate their calendars. This can help you stay up-to-date on any upcoming events or meetings that you have been invited to as well as any changes to the agenda or other documents. And then finally, we recommend downloading the mobile app. As Laura mentioned today, we’ll give a brief overview of what that mobile app experience looks like and it really helps you stay up to date as you’re on the go.

Before we go into our portal and what that will look like, we always want to know who’s joining us today. So, I’m going to share two questions if you would not mind answering them. We are going to ask what type of users we have joining us. We’d like to know if you are an admin or a member or an observer, and if you’re not sure that is quite all right too. So, you should see that going live now, and I’ll give you just a moment to answer. As I’m seeing as the poll results come in, it seems like we have a lot of account administrators as well as a good number of members joining us. So, thank you for spending some time with us this Friday. Oh, it’s actually a 50/50 split. I spoke too soon. Okay.

And then the other poll question that we want to know, is we really want to know how long you’ve been with us. We have folks who’ve been with us for a while and are looking for a refresher, or if you’ve also just started using Boardable that is quite all right as well. We’re glad to have you either way. Excellent. As I’m seeing these results come in, it looks like most folks have probably been using Boardable for less than a month or less than even a couple of weeks, maybe this is your very first day with us. So, we’re glad to have you. And it looks like we also have a couple of users who have been with us for about a year now, which we also love seeing. We have lots of feature updates, so it’s always good to get a refresher. Okay. I’m going to close out that poll, seems like most answers have come in, and turn it over to you, Laura.

Laura: Absolutely. Thank you so much. I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you all. You should now be seeing my email inbox and this is going to be an email from the administrator on the account that we’re going to join. Before we jump in, I did just want to mention again if you have questions, please feel free to drop those in the chat. We will address all of those at the end. Also too, feel free to introduce yourself in the chat. I know a couple of people have, but we would love to know more. I know that Katie and I are here in very cold Indianapolis with snow on the ground. I’m a little jealous of the one joining from Los Angeles I just saw, but feel free to drop in there and let us know where you’re joining us from. Okay.

So, this is the email inbox and it’s mine, and I received a welcome invitation from the Boardable administrator on my account with my organization. And when I get this email, I’m just going to click the Accept the Invitation, and it’s going to walk me through setting up my account. So, it’s going to open up this screen. Today, we have Grayson Thomas, I’m sorry. I am going to be Grayson today, and we are starting out our account. So, I’m going to drop in the password. It needs to be at least eight characters long. I’m going to agree to Boardable’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can click in to either of these if you want to find out more information about them. Click Join and it’s going to take me right into my account, and I’m going to land right here on my Dashboard.

Today, we’re going to walk through this left-hand navigation bar. Also, make sure you know what is on the Dashboard. But before we do that, I want to talk about your personal profile. On the upper right-hand corner of your screen, you’re going to have your name. If you click into that, you can drop into My Profile. Here’s where you can update all the information about yourself. So, you can fill in all of your about information. You can upload your Profile Image. If you’d like, you just simply open your finder. We click on the headshot picture. I’m going to click Open. It’s going to upload that. I can adjust it. And there we have uploaded a profile picture of Grayson. Below that, I can update any of my contact or social information that I’d like to show on the People Directory. This, I can update all of my personal information, and this is going to be private-only. The admins on your account are going to see it.

Next down is going to be Login and Password. Should you need to update your login email address, you can do that here, or if you needed to change your password, you could also do that here. Here’s where you’re going to be able to integrate your calendar with Boardable or sync your calendar with Boardable. So, this will allow when you RSVP to a meeting, it automatically puts that meeting on your calendar. If any date or time should change with that meeting, it’s giving Boardable permission to make that change on your calendar. So, if you have a Google account, you simply hit connect and it connects it. If you have any other type of iCalendar subscription, you can do copy to clipboard. You’re going to open up your calendar, whatever type of calendar that might be and there’ll be a tool there where you can add a calendar to that calendar. You just paste this link in, and it’s going to connect the two. If you have any questions about this, we would be more than happy to help you with it. In our help center, we have articles, we also have tutorials about it on our Boardable Academy, which will show you where those things are before we’re done today.

Next down is going to be Notifications. Here is going to be where you choose how often you receive email notifications from Boardable. So, if it’s you want them immediately, you click that. Periodically means you’re going to get an email twice a day that’ll be a digest of all the notifications that have come in. Or you could choose do not send email notifications. We do really discourage that though because then the only time you’re ever going to receive anything from Boardable or know anything about what’s going on in your platform is if you actually log in, you’ll never receive an email from Boardable. So, don’t really want to pick that.

Next down is going to be additional email addresses for notifications. This is a spot if you happen to have an administrative assistant where you can drop that email in here or if you had a secondary personal account that you want to add, this would be the perfect place to do that so that you would get those email notifications there as well. And then finally, here is where you can set how far in advance of meetings do you get a reminder email? So, you have a choice of anywhere between one and five days. Next down is going to be Timezone. You’re able to select your timezone. It’s a drop-down. So, you just choose the one that works best for you. And finally, we have Two Factor Authentication and that is going to be where you can receive…you have to receive a code and put that in in order to join the platform. So, if you want to enable that, you can do that here, but you don’t have to.

All right. So, let’s come back to our Dashboard. And we’re just going to walk through the navigation bar on the left-hand side. On the Dashboard, you’re going to see all the information that pertains to you, all of your upcoming information. You’re going to have any tasks that you’ve been assigned to, they’re going to show up here. All the meetings that you have been assigned to are also going to show up here. So, you would be able to RSVP right from this page that you were gonna be able to attend a meeting. You also would have received an email notification about this meeting, and you would also be able to RSVP to that from there. Below that, you’re going to see all the Recent Activity that’s going on within your account. We’ll scroll back up to the top and then we’ll come over here in the Calendar tab. This really is just a visual representation of what’s going on in the account pertaining to you. You can click into any of these, whether it be a meeting, a poll, or a task, it will take you to that page, and you’re able to see the information.

Next down is going to be My Groups. This is going to be the groups that you are a member of. So, it looks like Grayson is a member of the Marketing Committee and the Governance Committee. So, we can click in to that group page, and Grayson’s going to be able to see everything pertaining to the Governance Committee. So, all the latest activity that’s happened, any meetings that are coming up, all polls that are associated with that group. So, if he needs to vote on something, he could click into that and vote on that poll. We can click right into that poll and it looks like it’s asking him to vote so we can choose Yes. He wants to vote yes that we’re going to approve the December Governance Committee minutes, we submit, and the vote has been cast. We can head right back to our Governance Committee page. Below that, you’ll see if there were any documents uploaded associated with this group, also too, any discussions, tasks, or you would see the list of members at the bottom.

All right. Let’s go ahead and drop down to the next section over here on the left, and that’s going to be People. We’ll click into the People page. This is really designed just to be an evergreen directory of everyone in your organization. So, you can scroll through, see what groups they’re a part of. You’ll be able to see their contact information and just all the members of your platform for your organization are going to be on there. Next over is going to be Groups. This Groups page is different than this one in that one up here at the top is going to be all of your groups, below are going to be all of the groups that are a part of this organization. So, Grayson here is only a member of the Marketing Committee and the Governance Committee. So, if he were to choose to click into this Finance Committee page, he would not be able to access that page. He would only see the list of those members. But it’s a great spot for you to be able to come to and see all of the groups that are a part of your organization and who is a member of those groups.

Next tab is going to be Meetings, probably the spot where you will spend the majority of your time. You’ll be able to see all of your Upcoming Published meetings here. If you need to access any of your Past meetings, you would be able to do this in this tab. Now, Grayson doesn’t have any Past meetings because he’s just joined. But as his time goes on, his will start to populate here. So, we’ll come back here, and let’s jump into the February 18th Governance Committee Meeting, and it’s going to take us to that Meeting page. At the top, you’ll see all the basic information about the Governance Committee Meeting, date, time, location. You’ll also see that you could add it to your Calendar here. If you’ve not already synched or integrated your calendar, you can place it on your calendar with this tab. That’s a one-time permission for Boardable to place this on your calendar. Should any dates or times change, you’re not going to be able to update that there. Or you can integrate your calendar so you’re giving that permission. And we talked about that. That’s from your profile that we talked about just a little bit ago.

All right. So, let’s come down. If there are any polls that are part of this meeting, they’re going to sit right here on the Meeting page. Next down, you’re going to have your Agenda. When you come to your Meeting page and you would like to open your Agenda, you can simply click Open Agenda. It’s going to open the Agenda in a separate tab. You’re going to be able to scroll down as the meeting goes along and see all the parts you actually can click into any of these documents as well and open them up directly here from this Meeting page. You’re also able to take personal notes here on this page. So, if you want to drop in any notes to remind yourself of something or what happened during the meeting, you can easily do that here. They are personal to you, but they’ll be saved in that Agenda.

We’re going to head back to our Meeting page. You’ll also see where all of the documents sit that were associated with that Agenda. So, not only can you see them by Open Agenda here, you’re going to see them here listed below the Agenda. If your organization happens to be a part of our professional plan, you may have this Board Packet tab here where you can click into that and it’s going to create a Board Packet for you. It’s going to have the Agenda at the top and all the associated documents will be right below that. So, we can click Board Packet. It’s going to take a second for it to load, but it’s going to show it successfully loaded all of my documents. So, if I want to look at those, I can open it in a separate tab or I can print it. We’re going to do an Open All just so you can see what that looks like. But you have our Agenda that we just looked at before and then below that are going to be all the documents that are associated with that meeting.

All right. Let’s head back to our Meeting page. Close that out. And again, just to reiterate that Board Packet button there, if you don’t see it, it’s probably that your board is not on the professional plan and that’s okay. If you do have questions about that and you’d like to have access to that Board Packet, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help you with that. All right. Below that, you’re going to see a Tasks section. This is where tasks can be assigned to either members of groups. And they’re going to receive an email notification letting them know that they’ve been assigned a task. They’ll also be able to click to signify once they have completed the task. The administrator or whomever created the task is going to be notified that that task has been done.

Below that, you’ll see all the people that are invited to this meeting across. You’ll start to see those RSVPs populate here. And finally, at the bottom is going to be a comment section. So if you need to drop in a comment to everyone, if say you’re running late, you can drop that in. I can say I wanted to add this comment, I can choose who the notifications will be sent to whether that’s going to go to everyone or whether I want to choose specific individuals, but I can click Add Comment. It’s going to send that out and my comment is going to live here on the Meeting page. So, we’ll scroll back to the top of the Meeting page.

All right. The next thing too I want to be sure to cover is the Boardable Meetings With Video. So, we’re going to pop into this Marketing Committee Meeting. This is going to be a different meeting page, and you’ll see here at the top that this is the way that you enter a Boardable Meetings With Video call. If you happen to be with an organization where you’re using Zoom or GoToMeeting, your meeting creator very well could have dropped that link in here, and you would be able to click there. But for this instance, this is going to be the Boardable Meetings With Video tool that we have recently rolled out within our product. It’s still in beta. But some of your organizations are using it, which we’re thrilled about and we’d love to get the feedback of how that works. So, you can click into it and the beautiful part about it is that it pulls the agenda for the meeting and everyone who is a part of the meeting is going to show up here.

Let’s see, I do need to allow it to access my microphone and my camera. And you’re going to see that I show up here and then I can give the option to join the meeting. My video is going to show up in the upper right-hand corner. Everyone else who is a part of this is also going to show up here. But the Agenda is right over here to the left, you’re able to follow through the Agenda. You can click directly into one of these documents and look at that. If you wanted to present this to everyone else within the group, you can simply hit Present. It’s going to populate here in the middle of this screen. Now, since I’m the only one in this meeting today, it’s not showing in the middle of the screen, but it would for everyone else within your meeting. We can then just go right back, and it takes me back to the Agenda. You would also be able to access the Documents for the meeting this way, or you can access Chat here. Just like you do in a Zoom or GoToMeeting, you can drop in chats. And then here’s some basic meeting information. Go back to that Agenda. So, that’s going to be the Boardable Meetings With Video. I’m going to close that out, and we’re back to our Marketing Committee page.

All right. So, the next section that we want to talk about is the document center. So, I’m going to hop over here to the Document Center. The Document Center really is designed to be a library or repository for your organization. So, you can store those documents here. You always know where to go to find what you need. You can create folders, you can create subfolders. To create a folder, you simply hit Make New Folder. You then can choose whether you’d like everyone who’s on the platform to have visibility to it or would you like to limit the visibility? So, I can choose a particular group that I want to have visibility to this folder. I can tell in my account which ones have the limited visibility because I’ll see the little red lock icon show up here and I’ll know that that’s a locked folder to a specific group.

You also have here E-Signatures if you’re a part of our professional plan. You may be asked by your administrator to sign documents, electronically sign documents periodically, and you’ll be able to access all of those documents that you’ve signed right here on this page. So, you would be able to click directly into that and all of those documents that you have electronically signed will be here. Now, if your administrator does upload a document to be signed, you will receive an email notification about that and it will you through that signing process. That’s going to be the Document Center. I’m sorry, I did realize I did not include how you would upload a file. So, if you wanted to upload a file, you can simply click Upload File. You can also pull from Google Drive, OneDrive, or…I just lost the name of that. I’m sorry

Katie: Dropbox.

Laura: Dropbox. Sorry. Goodness. So, yeah, you can pull from one of those as well, or you can pull from your own computer. You would just select your file. You drop in a document name, notes, and then again, this, you can decide if you want to send out any notifications that you’ve uploaded this document. So, you can choose I want everyone who can see this folder to receive or I can choose specific individuals to receive that notification. Okay. Sorry about that.

Let’s head back now over here to the left side is Discussions. This is really an area that is designed for your organization to be able to communicate back and forth, have a discussion without cluttering up your email inbox. That when you…I think we’ve all had the experience before where you’re trying to find what was the last communication that came in about that? I can’t find that in my email inbox. Well, this is designed to put that all in one spot for you. So, what will happen is you or another person on your organization would create a discussion, they’re going to add…I’ll walk through that process, we add a Discussion. We can drop in a title. Let’s see, “Should we hire a new executive director?” We can drop in a body of any sort of information we want, type out as long as we want, we can attach a file, and then I can assign this to a particular group.

So, I’m going to assign it to the Governance Committee today. We hit Publish and it creates that discussion. Then whoever is assigned to this is going to receive an email notification. They’re able to respond directly from their email inbox. They’re able to read what was written in the discussion and respond directly by hitting Reply. And then once they have done that, let’s go back to our main Discussion page, you’ll see that all of the comments in the discussion have been brought back into one location. So, you’re able to read through and see every comment that’s a part of that discussion. And that is Discussions.

Next over is going to be Polls. This is where you’re able to capture an electronic vote. We talked about this briefly, but you may be asked from time to time to vote on a poll and you would be able to click into that poll. And we did already vote on this one, but we would be able to cast that vote here and see those responses start to come in. Depending how your administrator sets up that poll, you can decide whether it’s going to be anonymous or whether you’ll be able to see what those votes are. All right. We’re going to come back over here to the left side, and this is going to be your Tasks tab. You’re just going to be able to see all of the tasks that you still need to accomplish. So, if you know you’ve been assigned a task, you can come here, see what that is, see the due date.

Next down is going to be Goals. If your organization has any goals that they’ve set up, you’ll be able to click to this tab and you can click in to see how you’re doing on those goals. So, we can click right into this one. It’s going to create a nice graph for you and you can choose how you want to look at it. We’re going to look at All Time and you’ll see here that we’ve got our Progress noted and then we also have our Target. So, it looks like we’ve already accomplished this goal, but you may have different varying degrees of how far along they are, how your admin has set them up, but you’ll be able to see that progress and know how you’re doing.

All right. Next down is going to be our Notifications History. This is where you can come and just see all of the information that’s been sent to you from the platform. So, any email that’s been sent out, any notification that’s been sent out from Boardable is going to show up here on your Notifications History. So, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re like, “Gosh, I think I got something that I can’t quite remember,” you can always pop here and look, and you’ll be able to see what it is that was sent out to you.

All right. Next down is going to be our Help Center. Should you ever need help with anything, you can always click directly into that. For example, if I wanted information on the calendar integration, I can type that in and it’s going to pull up articles about it and I can click directly into those and it will walk me through that process. We also have our Boardable Academy that you can click directly into. And this has a lot of video tutorials on all the pieces and parts of the organization. So, you would be able to see all of these quick little tutorials on how to set up your account on the Meetings, on how to roll it out, and finally, some of our advanced features you’ll see within there, but they’re very quick tutorials, but you can quickly know how to work a piece of the platform.

Down below that, you’ll see all of our Upcoming Training Webinars in case you’d like to join any of those. At the top too, I do want to point out this page that we’re on right now is a little more geared towards our administrators. However, that does not mean that a member could not be looking at it, but you also can look at our Board Member Academy, and if you click into that, that’s going to be all of the information that’s really for the board member. Here, you can see another quick product tour, kind of like we’re doing right now. Below that, here are some real quick video tutorials on just the things you’ll need to know as a board member. And again, we access that by coming to the Academy down here.

Finally, if you have any questions, you can always come over the blue bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen is our chat feature. You can always chat with our product support team, ask them questions or give feedback. We do man that Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. If you happen to chat with us outside of that, we always will get right back to you as soon as we get back into the office. All right. We’ll close that out. We have walked through the whole platform and I think now Katie is going to walk us through the mobile app, and then we will answer any questions you might have.

Katie: Thanks, Laura. I am going to walk us through the mobile app experience right now. So, our mobile app is available on both Android and Apple iOS. So, just go to your App Store and you can search for Boardable and find it that way. When you open the app on your phone, what you’ll notice is it’ll show you the boards that you’re on. So, if you are a member of multiple organizations that use Boardable, you have an easy way to flip between the two organizations. I’m going to select our demo for now. This will take you to your Dashboard. So, very similar to the web browser, you’re going to have access to your Meetings, Tasks, Polls, and Discussions, all in one place.

Then we’re going to go into the Meetings first. As you scroll, you can see multiple meetings that are upcoming and you can view information and details for your next meeting. This is our Monday Monthly Kickoff Meeting, so I can RSVP directly from my phone. Let’s say that I’m going to this. I am planning on being there. That will let your administrator know that you are going to be attending. You’re also going to be able to view the meeting agenda on your phone. You can select that and go and see all of the items that are included in your agenda, as well as the time allocated for that. If there are any documents you need to review before the meeting, you can go into the Document Center on the bottom of the app and click into the folder that applies to you. Here, you’re going to be able to view that document so you can feel prepared before you attend.

Let’s navigate back to the home screen. This is going to take us back to that original screen, but let’s go into Tasks this time. Within Tasks, you’re going to be able to stay on top of things that have been assigned to you as well as track your progress. So, we can see all the upcoming tasks that I have due. And then you’re also going to be able to go to the bottom of the page and view your group-related items. As I navigate into Groups, I’m going to see the groups that I’m a member of. So, let’s say the upcoming meeting is for my Finance Committee. I can select that group, excuse me, and see all my meetings for the Finance Committee, as well as any Discussions that are happening, and I can select one of those Discussions to review the items, as well as reply to this discussion directly from my phone. This way, it’ll allow me to stay in communication even if I’m not at a computer. The final thing I want to show you is Goals. So, much like on the web browser, we also have Goals here on the app so you can track your progress that way.

That is a brief overview of our mobile app experience. Like I’ve mentioned, it is available on both Android and for Apple devices today. And I imagine we have some questions that have come through.

Laura: It looks like we do.

Katie: Let’s answer those.

Laura: All right. Excuse me, sorry about that. One question I saw come in I think was regarding on the Notifications in wondering if you drop an email in that Notifications field, do they have the same accessibility to the platform as the user? I’m thinking that we’re meaning in this profile area, I’m gonna open that up. And in Notifications, there was this area you can add secondary email addresses and that would be right here. And no, they will not be able to access the platform like the user. They’re only going to get the email notifications. So, they would not be able to access unless they had the email and password for whomever they’re accessing on the behalf of. If that does not answer your question, please let us know.

Katie: And then one of the other questions that I think is related to that was just about the email invites looking at slightly different for Outlook users versus Gmail. So, our system is compatible with all different types of email servers and providers. So, if they look slightly different, please know that we are always in the process of making improvements to make your user experience better. So, they have the same functionality, it’s just the formatting of how that email provider prefers their emails to be sent.

Laura: Yes.

Katie: Yeah. I’m seeing lots of questions come through about Meetings. One of the questions that I’m seeing is about opening minutes from past meetings in the Meetings tab. So, from the Meetings tab, as you’re reviewing your meetings that you’ve been invited to, if you’re not able to view the details of those past meetings, it might be because they occurred before you were a member of Boardable. So, you are only able to see the meetings to which you have been invited, but within the Meeting section, Laura, can you maybe review how someone would navigate the meeting minutes?

Laura: Absolutely. Okay. So, let’s hop into this Marketing Committee Meeting, and here is Minutes, and they would be able to open these as a PDF. So, you’re going to open that up and the minutes are going to populate on this screen. While that is checking there, I do have a thought. A lot of organizations…and if it’s possible that you joined the organization and are trying to look at meeting and it, sort of, happened before you were a member, as Katie said, it is possible that your organization has created a Minutes folder within the Document Center. A lot of our customers do that for exactly that purpose. So, you would be able to access that folder within the Document Center and have access to those meeting minutes. So, you might check there. But here are they going to be the minutes from this particular meeting. All right. We’ll hop back here. All right. What other questions do we have?

Katie: Yeah, I saw a question come in about E-Signatures. And Cindy, to answer your question about the fields that are available on that E-Signature functionality, there are only two main field options to add, and that would be the signature and date option. If you’re looking for additional fields that you’ll be needing for your E-Signatures, we’d love to hear that feedback. We’re always looking for ways and items to add that might be helpful for our users. So, feel free to share what other additional fields you’re looking for in that E-Signature. But we found that for most organizations, the E-Signature tool is really a great way for their members to sign documents electronically, as well as having multiple users sign the same document if it’s something like minutes that they need to review and have multiple eyes on. If you are not seeing E-Signatures as one of the options in your profile, again, that is a feature that is only available on our professional and enterprise plans. So, feel free to review that with your account administrator if that’s something you are curious about.

Laura: Great. I did also see a question about who can assign tasks. So, Tasks over here on this left-hand side, this is where you’re going to be able to see all the tasks that have been assigned to you. Members, which most of you are, are not going to be able to assign tasks unless you create a meeting. If you happen to be a member who’s created a meeting or a member who happens to be a group administrator, you would have the ability to create tasks within that particular group. Outside of that, administrators are going to be the ones who create the tasks.

Katie: Good recap. And I did see another question come through about the mobile app versus a desktop or a tablet app experience on an iPad. Right now, during today’s webinar, we’re not going to have time to get to that demo. But we are always looking for feedback around future topics and upcoming webinars. So, if that’s something that you are curious about or would like more details on, that is definitely something that we can put out in the future.

Laura: Great. And then I do see a question about the left navigation bar wondering if we’re able to hide certain features if your organization isn’t going to be using them. That’s a great question. The answer to that is no, you are not going to be able to hide any of those features at this time. All right. Any other questions that we have missed?

Katie: I think those are all the questions that I’m seeing, but we can stay on for a few more minutes just if things are coming to mind as we’re exploring, feel free to send those to us in the chat.

Laura: Absolutely. And please always feel free to reach out to us if you do have questions after today. That in-product chat in the bottom right-hand corner is a great resource for you to be able to get some questions answered quickly. So, just don’t forget that that is there. All right. Well, I think we have answered all of our questions. We really appreciate you all taking time out of your Friday afternoon to come and join us today to learn about Boardable and to learn how you can effectively use it for your organization so that you can be a responsible board member. So, we just really appreciate that. Again, if you have questions after our time today, please always feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help.

Katie: Yes. And if you would like to reach us via email, you can do that by chatting as at support@boardable.com. And please note that if you had to leave early or joined us late, we will be sending out a recording next week so you can review this webinar as well as the slides.

Laura: Thank you, all. Have a great weekend.


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