WEBINAR REPLAY: Boardable User Training

Are you a new user of Boardable? We have all the simple tools you need to make board service easy and effective. In this user training webinar, members of Boardable’s Customer Success Team, Samantha Alarie-Leca, Laura Clark, and Katie Cordell give a comprehensive overview of the platform and share tips and tricks for how to get the most out of using Boardable. If you are a board administrator and would like to see a Boardable admin training, you can find that here.

Boardable User Training Webinar

Whether you are a long-time Boardable customer, or using it for the first time, these best practices will help you make the most of using our software. Stay tuned for another Boardable User Training Webinar soon.

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Here are some of the topics covered in this Boardable user training webinar:

  • Accept your invite and create your account
  • Update your user profile
  • Set up notifications
  • Review your Groups
  • RSVP to a meeting and view a meeting agenda
  • Upload documents
  • Review tasks
  • Sync your calendar
  • Access the Help Center

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If your board is on a Professional or Enterprise subscription to Boardable, you have access to a dedicated customer success manager like Samantha and Laura to help you simplify your board software user experience. Boardable Customer Success Managers not only help you understand and use the various software features, they also advise board admins about how to get more board members using the software. Because they talk to other nonprofits like yours every day, they are full of useful information about how to plan meetings and organize documents using the software.

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Have ideas for a future Boardable user training? Contact our Customer Success Team and tell us what you’d like to learn about. We learn so much from our software users about how to develop the product, and we appreciate your feedback.

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Full Transcript:

Laura: Good afternoon. Thank you very much for joining us today for our Boardable New User webinar. My name is Laura Clark and I am a customer success manager here at Boardable, as well as a co-founder. And we are excited to have you with us today, so that we can make sure that you really feel comfortable using Boardable and know all that you need to know in order to get your job done as a board member. Today, I have Samantha Alarie-Leca with me, who is our director of customer success here at Boardable. We also have Katie Cordell who’s helping us out on the backend. She is our chat moderator and she is just kind of doing all things techie on the backend. So if you need anything, feel free to chat to her about that. Also, as I mentioned earlier, please be sure to chat any of your questions that you might have as we are going within this webinar. We will answer all of those at the end. I mean, I’ll let Sam say hello, and then we’ll get started.

Samantha: Okay. Thanks everyone for joining us this afternoon. My name is Samantha and I’m the director of customer success at Boardable as Laura mentioned. We’re really excited to walk with you…walk through the platform with you today and our mobile app. We’re specifically gonna be focusing on that member experience, that experience for board members and any staff that are non-administrators on the account. We know it’s been a long week for many of you, so we thank you for joining us on a Friday afternoon. And we are here to help. If you have any technical difficulties, do try refreshing or reach out to Katie. And otherwise, we aim for Boardable to be this one-stop-shop as a board member where it’s easy for you to go in and get everything you need to be prepared and ready for your meetings. And so we look forward to helping you get up and running today.

Laura: Great. We’re gonna go ahead and turn off our cameras and we will walk through some slides before we jump into the product. First and foremost, we wanna make sure that you know what Boardable is. Boardable is a web-based board management platform that was designed specifically with non-profits in mind. It will empower your boards to work more effectively together. It really is a spot where you can centralize your communication. There’s easy document storage, and really we want it to be all things meeting. So everything you’re gonna need for your board activities, you’ll find right here within Boardable.

We also offer a mobile app. And so if you’ve not done so already, I would suggest that you go ahead and download that. You can get it either from iOS or Android. It’s, either way, it’s a free download. You do need to log in the very first time you log into Boardable on a regular computer. But once you’ve done that the first time, you’re able to log in on your mobile device. And we are gonna walk through that here later in the tour of the platform, just so you can make sure to see what that looks like

Today, we’re gonna cover quite a few things. First and foremost, we wanna make sure that you know how to accept your invite, create your account and get that…your profile all set up, how to make sure your notifications are the way that you would like them to be. We’ll review groups and make sure you know how to RSVP to a meeting and view the agenda and all the documents associated with the meeting. We’ll make sure that you know how to sign in to a Boardable Meetings with Video in case your organization is using that. We’ll make sure you know how to upload a document, start discussions and polls, review your tasks that you’ve been assigned, how you can sync your calendar if you’d like to do that. And then finally, we will take a tour of that mobile app. And then before we leave, we wanna make sure that you know how to get help in case you need help after today’s webinar.

Samantha: I saw a quick question in the chat that I wanna address is just how long will this training be today? Great question. The training portion typically takes 30 minutes and then we do a live Q&A as well, but please do keep your questions coming throughout the chat. So 30 minutes for the training and we leave about 15, 20 minutes for Q&A at the end. Thanks for asking. And we will send that replay early next week as well. I put in the chat that there is a version of this training on-demand available on our website, in our resource center with captions and a transcript that you can access as well at any time.

And so I already referenced this earlier, but one of the important things to know about Boardable is that we have three account level permissions available. And typically most of you that are joining the call today, we would expect that you are members and members is gonna be most of the users on the account. Members have the ability to create meetings, polls, discussions, upload documents, and view all activity and assign groups. So that’s going to be enough functionality for most users on the account. You also would typically have one to three people who are administrators on the account.

Administrators have all privileges, including billing information, ability to change plans, add people, account settings, and updating announcements. And then we have a third role, the observer role. The observer role is typically for somebody who needs just a little bit less visibility, they will not have access to the document center. You may have some emeritus board members or consultants that don’t come to you or need to fully have visibility into everything in the portal, but that still want that access and transparency into some of the activities of the board.

So today we’re really focusing on the member role. And a few success tips for getting started if you are brand new to the portal. The number one thing you’re gonna wanna do is accept your welcome invitation and log in to set up your password which we’ll show you how to do. You do have to log in at first time to be able to get additional email notifications and updates about events in Boardable. You’re gonna wanna check your profile and update your profile information. You may wish to mark Boardable as a safe center, just to ensure that you do get all in timely updates. Integrate your calendar, and then download that mobile app, which is specifically built with the board member in mind.

If you need help, we do have a few additional options available for you, which we will point out in the product. We have in-product help center with articles that you can review and in-product chat, which you can live chat during business hours Eastern Time. We have a support email, support@boardable.com. You may also reach out to your organization’s administrator who is your liaison at your account level. And then we do have that Resources tab on boardable.com for training webinars and blogs, as well as the Boardable Academy that you can access through your portal.

Laura: Great. Thank you, Sam. Now I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen and we will start walking through the platform. The first thing you should see is my email inbox. Your administrator for your account is going to create your user…they’ll put in your name and put in your email address, which is going to be your login email address. And then they’ll send out a welcome invite and you’re able to open up that invite. And then you’re gonna go ahead and click this Get Started button. It will take you right to your account set up. It’s gonna auto-populate your name.

Today, we are adding Hannah Hughes is our board member that is joining for the first time. We’re going to go ahead and put in our password. You want make sure that it’s at least eight characters and not something that’s commonly used. You’ll need to agree to the Boardable terms of service in the privacy policy. Click Next. Here you have the ability to change your time zone if you need to do that, and you also can change how often you get those email notifications. You have three choices. The first is immediately, which means as soon as a notification is fired out for you, it will show up in your email inbox. The next option is periodically and this combines them, all the notifications that would be coming to you and only sends you two emails a day. So you would see all those notifications within that.

And finally, you do have the option of do not send email notifications. We would strongly urge you not to choose that because otherwise, the only way you’ll be able to see that is that if you…the only way you’d be able to see that is if you were to log into the platform. I did just get a notification that maybe I can try to zoom in a little bit. There we go. Hopefully that makes it a little bigger for you guys to look at. Sorry about that. All right. So we’ll go to…the next area is going to be this additional email addresses for notification. This is designed if you have another email address where you would like to receive those email notifications. You can put that in here or by chance, if you have an administrative assistant that you’d like to add for them to be able to receive those email notifications, you would add their email right here. I’m gonna click Next.

The next option is to select a profile picture and we will go ahead and add Hannah’s picture. You’re able to change that how you need to. We can click Save and it’s added her picture in there. We’ll click Next. Here you’re gonna be able to add any contact information. This would be another contact email address that you might wanna add, but this would not be your login email address or where you would receive notifications, but you could also put your login email address there. Your phone number, if you’d like to add that, and then all of your social information.

Great. You’ve set up your account so we can go ahead and click, go to your dashboard. While that opens up, you’ll see we land on that dashboard. We do need to accept the policy and privacy policy in terms of service. And I do wanna point out here is should you need to change any of those profile settings that we just talked about, you’re able to come up and jump right into your profile and you would have the ability to update any of those here.

Let’s go back now though, to that dashboard so you can see what that looks like. This is going to be really your one-stop-shop for everything that’s going on for you within your Boardable account. Your administrator may have put a basic information here at the top for you. We do have a few little things to encourage you to do, to get to know the platform a little bit from Boardable. Then here, you’ll see if you’re tracking a goal for your organization, it’ll be right here and you can click directly into those and see what your progress looks like. You’ll also see all of your activity snapshot here, how you’re doing with responding to RSVPs and your attendance at meetings that you’re invited to and how many tasks you’ve accomplished.

You would also see if you needed to sign something. With the e-signature option, you would be able to click sign and that would take you directly to that page. It would walk you through signing that for your administrator. Below that you’ll see any tasks that you have been assigned. And then finally below that, you’re gonna see all of your upcoming meetings. You can RSVP directly from this page. You also would have been able to RSVP from the email notification that you would have received in your email inbox.

And then finally, I do wanna point out down here that you’ll see this is our scheduler tool. So if an administrator has set up a meeting and they wanna give several different date options to choose which one works best for most, you’ll see something like this, and then you’re able to come in and click on the days that work best for you. Click Save. The administrator is gonna be notified of what days work for you. Once that date’s been chosen, you’ll be notified of when that meeting is. Below that, you’ll see any recent activity that’s gone on in your account.

All right. The next thing we wanna do is come over and look at our left navigation bar. That’s gonna be right over here. We talked about our dashboard. Next, we’ll pop to our calendar. Calendar really is truly just a visual spot for you to be able to see everything that’s going on within your organization, all of your meetings, your polls, your tasks. You can toggle in and out of them. If you want to, you can also click directly on one and it will take you to that meeting.

The next page down is going to be my groups. This is going to be the groups that you are a member of, and each group that you’re a member of will have its own group page. You can click directly into that group page and everything having to do with the executive committee in this instance for Hannah is going to be right here on this page. If there were any goals, I would be able to see those here at the top, all the latest activity, below that all meetings for the executive committee, any polls that might be out that need to be voted on, any documents that may be uploaded here. Also, if there were any discussions, you would be able to see those here. And finally tasks. If you had a task that needed to be completed, you’re going to see those show up as well right here.

Next down on the left-hand side is going to be people. This is the people directory really designed to be an evergreen directory for your organization of everyone in it. So you’re able to simply come here and see everyone who is a member of your organization. You can get all of their contact information that you might need directly here from it. Another great tidbit to point out, if you happen to have the mobile app, you’ll be able to click directly to an email address or a phone number, and you would be able to contact that person directly from your mobile phone.

All right, next down is going to be groups. Groups here is going to be a list of all of the groups within your organization. Whereas above we talked about my groups, those are the ones that you are a member of, groups are going to be all of the ones within your organization. So you’ll see those listed here. And if I were to click into one of the groups that I’m not a member of, I would be taken to a page that would just show me this is the marketing committee, these are the folks that are on the marketing committee, but I’m not gonna be able to access any of the information having to do with the marketing committee. If I were to click on any of my groups, for example, the executive committee, it would take me directly to my group page. And since I am a part of that, I’m going to see everything that has to do with that executive committee.

All right, next thing let’s hop into meetings. Meetings is really the heart of the platform. It’s the spot where you will probably spend the majority of your time as a board member. You can click on this Meeting tab, it will show all of your upcoming published meetings. To click into a meeting, you would simply click on it. It’s going to take you to that meeting page. At the top of the page, you’re gonna see all of the information having to do with that meeting. If I wanted to add this to my calendar, I can simply click here and these would drop this meeting on my calendar.

Also, a point to mention, that you would also be able to do this from the email notification that you would receive in your email inbox about this meeting. You also have the ability to integrate your calendar should you want to do that. If I did that, it would take me to my personal profile settings. It’s gonna take me right over to my personal profile settings. If I wanna integrate or sync my calendar with Boardable, I would hit connect if I have a Google calendar. If I have any other type of iCalendar subscription, I would simply hit Copy to Clipboard. I would open up my calendar and then I would add this as a separate calendar to it.

If you have any questions about doing this, we do have articles in our help center that can help you with this process. But an important thing to note about it as we go back to the meeting page and we pop back into that meeting is that the first several options are merely going to place the meeting on your calendar. It’s a one-time permission for Boardable to access your calendar whereas this integrating your calendar gives Boardable permission to access your calendar. Whenever you RSVP, if there are any meeting times or dates that are changed that you are a part of, that automatically would be reflected on your calendar.

All right. Below that, another thing to just point out quickly is that if you have a video conference or a Zoom conference that will fall right here as well, and you can click directly into that. Just a minute, we’ll come back and take a look at the Boardable video conferencing. Below that top area, you’re gonna see all the contents of your meeting. Once minutes are created, you’re going to see them here. Below that, there’s gonna be a poll. You can click into that poll and you’re able to cast your vote on whatever is being asked of you. So I can click on this poll. I can go ahead and answer, yes. Click Submit. Some polls are…do ask you to verify your identity. And if that were to be the case, you would need to enter your password in order to cast that vote. But this one did not. So we were able to just cast the vote.

All right, I’m gonna go back to our meeting page, open that back up again. Below the poll, you’re gonna find your agenda and all the documents that are associated with it. When I wanna open my agenda, I can open it and it’s gonna open it in a separate tab. I can walk through…as we go through the meeting, I do have the ability as well to jot any notes that I might want to here. They’re gonna be saved personally for myself. If I wanna take notes either before a meeting to remind myself of something or during the meeting, this is a great spot to do that. You also then can go ahead and you can click directly into any of these documents that have been uploaded and they will open for you from the agenda.

We can click back to our meeting page. Below that, you’re gonna see your tasks. If you were assigned a task for a meeting, it will show up here. And I would be able to click to indicate once I have completed it and it’s gonna show up that it’s been completed. Below that, you’re gonna see everyone who’s been invited to the meeting, and then you’ll see if they have a title, that’s gonna show up here. You’ll also see that their RSVPs will begin to populate here on the far right-hand side.

If you need to make a comment on the meeting page, say for example, you’re running late and you want to let everybody know, you can certainly do that here with our comments section. You then have the ability if you needed to, you could attach a file, but you have the ability to send out the notifications. So I can choose everyone or if I don’t want it to go to everyone and I just want it to go to a certain individual, I can go ahead and clear everyone but that one particular person and I can shift…click Add Comments. It will show up on this meeting page, but then Laura Clark is going to receive an email notification because I chose her to receive that.

All right. So that is gonna be your meeting page. Before we move out of the meeting area, let me go ahead and show you how you would join that Boardable Meetings with Videos should you need to do that. If you wanted to do that, you would click right here. And this is our new meeting…virtual meeting experience. It loads that agenda and puts everything all in one spot. So if I’m joining this meeting, I can hit Request Access. I do need to allow boardable.com to access your camera and your microphone. It’s only gonna ask you that the first time you join, but you’ll see that all of the items for your meeting are gonna show up right here. On the left, you can click directly into any of those. If I wanted to click into that document, I would be able to do that here.

If I wanted to present that document to everyone who was in this video meeting with me as well, I would be able to click Present. I do realize I just forgot to join the meeting. So what you needed to do before I jumped into the agenda and started showing you all of that is click Join the Meeting. And so you’ll see, once you do that, your image shows up here, all the other members who would be a part of your video call would also show up right here on this screen. Then when you are presenting a document for everyone else, who’s in the meeting, that’s going to show up right here in the middle of the screen for them to see. When I’m done presenting, I can hit stop presenting. I can go back to the agenda and go through those different parts. You’re also able to close up a section once you’ve moved through that area of the agenda, just so you know where you are and keep you on task.

You can look at all the documents that have been uploaded through this tab. You can chat with other participants. You also can raise your hands should you need to do that. You can control your microphone, your camera. And then finally, if you do need to screen share, if you wanna share a separate tab, you would be able to do that here with this. So that is our new Meetings with Video tool. It is available in our essentials and professional plans. So you may get the opportunity to use this. It’s relatively new for us. So we encourage you to give it a try and see how you like it, and let us know what you think.

All right. So we are done with that part of it. And so we can move out of meetings and we will pop over into the Document Center. On the left-hand side, you’ll see documents. Documents really is designed to be a library of your organization’s documents. Generally, we would say that we would encourage you to upload your finalized documents into the Document Center. And any working documents that you have, you might choose to keep those either on a group page, like we talked about early…earlier, or within a meeting or possibly within a discussion, which we’ll talk about here in just a second. But you would have the Document Center here. If you wanted to upload a document to the Document Center, you can do that this way. You can choose upload file or file. Select file, I would be able to choose this from my laptop.

I can give it a title if I want to, drop in any notes. I also can choose here if I want to send notifications out that I’ve uploaded a file. So if I choose everyone who can see this folder, it’s going to populate everyone who can see it, and they would receive an email notifications. I also do, again, like within that comment for a meeting, I can choose specific individuals to receive that email notification. When I’m ready to send it out, I hit Submit. It’s uploaded it to the Document Center and it also has sent out that email notification that it’s been uploaded. If I wanna create a folder, I can simply hit Make Folder. I can give it a title.

Let’s say Governance Committee 2020. We can give it a description if we like, and then we also have the ability here to choose whether I want everyone to have visibility to this doc…to this Governance Committee folder, or if I’d like to limit this to a particular group. Now because Hannah is only a member of these three groups, she can only choose those three groups to select for…to lock this folder to. We’re gonna say for this one, that everyone has the ability to see it, we could click Save and it’ll create that folder. You also can create sub-folders. You would be able to open this folder and then create another folder to create that sub-folder. If you’ve been asked to sign any documents, you would see those right here on the signature page and you wouldn’t be able to click directly into that and sign it. All right. So that is gonna be our document center.

Next, we’ll pop to discussions. Discussions really were designed to help with communication between board members, between meetings. It’s an easy place to go back and forth so you’re not having to go and dig through your email inbox to find the most recent response to a particular discussion that you might be having within your board. If you wanna add a discussion, you can simply hit Add Discussion. I would give it a title. Let’s see

New executive director, excuse me. We can give it a body, type in any kind of paragraph. Anything that we’d like to do, we can attach a file if we need to do that. We can then go ahead and assign it to a particular group. So I’m gonna assign this to the executive committee. It automatically populates those folks who are part of that executive committee. I could assign additional individuals. These would be other people who are users on the platform, but not a part of this group. Once I’m ready, I would hit publish and it’s gonna create that discussion. Everyone who is a part of this is gonna receive that email notification that a discussion has been created. They’re gonna be able to respond directly from their email inbox, just by hitting reply. And it’s gonna pull all of those responses right back into the platform so you would see them in all in one spot.

So I can put my response here. You can do it in an email from your email inbox, or you can do it from in the platform. Whoops. And I can go ahead and add my comment and it’s gonna record all of those, just like this within the platform. All right. The next section down is gonna be polls. Polls are just like we talked about within a meeting, but you’re able to create a poll should you need to take a vote on something and you can click Add a Poll. You’re able to just like we set up a discussion, you assign it to a group so we could say, “Do we approve budget?”

I would…can give it a description. I can attach a file if I’d like to. I can go ahead then and give responses. I then choose whether they can just choose one answer or if they can choose multiple. I then choose whether they need to verify their identity. That’s when they would need to enter their password if I want them to keep their votes anonymous, and also if I wanna be notified as the creator, once all responses are received. I do need to give it a due date and a time. And then I’m gonna go ahead and assign this to our executive committee. I click Save and it creates that poll. I do need to publish the poll. So once it’s been created, in order for anyone else to be able to access it, I need to publish the poll, which allows me to send out that notification. Yes, I wanna send it to all assigned users. I’m gonna go ahead and hit Publish. They’ll receive that email notification, and they’re gonna be able to access this and vote on the budget.

Next down is gonna be tasks. Tasks is where you can click and you’d be able to see all tasks that have been assigned to you as a board member. So you would be able to see all of your completed tasks, any of your incomplete tasks. And again, once you’re done with them, you’re gonna be able to click and show that that task has been completed. Below, that is gonna be your goals area. And again, this is a spot where if your organization happens to be tracking a specific goal, you’re able to watch your progress as you go through that. You also can input progress as you go through.

So you would be able to say, for example, on the Capital Fund, we can click into that. It creates a nice graph for us to see where we are in our progress. Are we on track where we need to be based on the target to get there by the time that we wanna get there? So that is a great tool for you guys to use as you’re going through maybe a strategic plan or something that you just really want everyone to have visibility into and be accountable for your organization

Below that is going to be your notifications history. For your notifications history, this is just a spot where you can come and see all notifications that have been sent to you from the platform. If example, you just know, gosh, I know I got this email in my inbox, but I can’t quite remember did I, or when that came, you can come in here, pop up in this notification history. You can either search by…any words you can search by if it’s the topic or your name or anything like that, you’re able to search, it’ll pull it up. You’ll also see here on the left-hand side, it’s indicating whether it was delivered to you or not.

So for example, this one says this user has set up the periodic notifications. So it’s in queue to go, but it’s not been sent yet. Down here, those were sent, but they weren’t received yet because her invitation had not been accepted. And that’s an important point to point out. You do need to make sure you get in there and accept your welcome email invite and set up your account because you won’t receive any notifications until you get that set up, so. But that’s gonna be your notification history. Couple other things to point out. Finally, on the left-hand side, we have our help center. If you have any questions, for example, if you had trouble or had questions with that calendar integration, you can type in the keyword. It’ll pull up articles for you to go into and research.

We also have our in-product chat. So you’re also welcome to reach out to us Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00 Eastern time, chat us with any questions you might have, any feedback you might have. If it’s outside of those times, we will get back to you as soon as we get back in the office. But it’s a quick way to get some…get an answer when you just need a real quick answer. Next thing is going to be our Academy. We do have tutorials on our Academy page, so, and also all of our upcoming webinars that we have going on. But if you scroll down, you’ll see all of our video tutorials. They’re just real quick videos on how to do certain features, how to use sort of certain features within the platform.

All right. I think we have fully walked through everything within the platform. I am gonna turn it over to Sam so that she can walk through our mobile app.

Samantha: So actually, why don’t you go for it, Laura?

Laura: Okay, we’ll do it. All right. So this is gonna be the mobile app. You’re able to click. If you’re on multiple boards, you would be…see all the boards that you serve on that are using Boardable, and you can click directly into the one that you need. Once you’re in there, you’re going to see where you can access all the different parts of the platform. So we’ll click into our Meetings page. We’re then able to select a particular meeting that we want to select. I can go ahead and RSVP. Whoops, let me go back. Well, maybe not.

Once I’ve selected that I’m able to show the agenda. I can click into the agenda, all the comments. I would see all the pieces and parts of the meeting, just like we do within the platform, including all of the users who have been invited and whether or not they are attending. If I wanna click into the agenda, I can simply click the agenda and it will open that. I can scroll down and follow through the agenda just like I would on a PC. I also can click directly into those documents. You’re also able to access the documents center and open any of those folders that might be a part of the Document Center. You can then open a document and you would be able to scroll down and see all parts of that document. You can then go…the Home button, you go back to your dashboard. You’d be able to click directly into those tasks, see any tasks that you’ve been assigned. You can then also access your group page down here. You would see all those groups that you’re a member of, and you can click directly into that group page, see all the information having to do with that particular group. If I want to participate in a discussion I’ve been asked, I can click directly on that discussion. And I would be able to put in my comment, hit Send, and it would pull it into that discussion.

Next, we can look at goals, which is in the bottom right corner here. You’ll see any goals. Just like we did within the platform, you’re gonna see them in the mobile app and you’re able to see all of those goals. All right. So that is going to be our mobile app. We can now jump into our questions if we have any questions. Let’s see. Great.

Samantha: A quick question about calendar integration. And if you’re using iCalendar or Apple calendar, or sorry, Apple calendar or Outlook, you will have to copy a link and you will see a little pop-up that says be careful with this link. So if you were to share that link with somebody, then they could subscribe to your calendar, but you would have to give them that link. So it is a copy and paste link. And it’s a read-only which means we’re not pulling anything from your calendar into Boardable. It’s just gonna populate the Boardable events onto the calendar that you are choosing to use that link to subscribe with. I hope that’s clear. We have a whole guide around calendar integration and if you’re running into any trouble with that, we do recommend you use our live chat and they can help you walk through that.

Laura: Great. It does look like we had one question come in regarding the resolution of what they’ll see their meetings. And actually what you’re seeing today not may or may not be how your…what your resolution looks like when you have a meeting and your…whoever is running the meeting within your…within your organization, it will depend on what platform they’re using. So if they are using Zoom or Boardable Meetings with Video, it’ll depend on the resolution that those offer. We are using a different platform for our webinar today, so it’ll be a little different than what you would see for your meeting. Sam, do you have anything to add to that?

Samantha: Just that I can personally say for Boardable Meetings with Video, I’ve found the resolution to be clear and good. And it does seem like… I personally, at least, am having some internet connectivity issues, so that can come into play as well. So we thank you for your patience there. And any feedback that you have about maybe improving these webinars or the platform, we always do welcome that as well. We take your input very seriously.

Laura: Absolutely. Well, do we have any other questions? I’m not seeing any at the moment. I’ll give it another minute. We do really appreciate that you all took some time out of your day to join us, to learn more about Boardable. And we really hope that you find this to be a super useful tool for you as you interact with your board engagements. We know that you are all very busy people, and we want to make your job of serving on your board as easy as humanly possible. So please let us know if you have questions or as Sam said, feedback. It does look like we have another question.

Let me see. If you have any one-on-one questions, you are welcome to reach out success@boardable.com. Shoot us an email and ask any of those. The other great spot for you to do that would be on our chat within the platform. And that is a real live person who will answer those. Sometimes it’s Sam and I, so you never know, or Katie, but we are happy to answer any questions you have.

Samantha: One other question about the calendar integration link in Outlook. It looks like Katie shared a quick link there for the blog and the article on how to integrate your calendar. Specifically where you do it is a little bit different depending on which version of Outlook you’re using. So you’ll want to look for something that says add calendar or add subscription. And that article Katie shared has videos that can walk you through your exact version of Boardable, or excuse me, your exact version of Outlook, or feel free to reach out to us at that support@boardable.com if you’re having any trouble with your specific version.

Laura: Absolutely. Any other questions? We’ve had some good ones today, and we really appreciate you asking questions. It’s not only helpful for yourself, but it’s helpful for everyone who’s listening. Okay. It looks like we don’t have any more questions. So thank you so much for joining us. We do really appreciate your time and we really hope you have a great weekend. Thank you.


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