Boardable File Linking

Instantly familiar

Document Center delivers many of the same tools as traditional file-hosting services including uploading multiple files at once. From there, you can quickly organize files and start building board packets with folders, subfolders, and even sub-subfolders.

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Boardable Document Center - E-Signatures

Built-in e-signature solution

Cut costs paying third-party software tools to electronically sign documents. Create signable documents and request signatures directly from the Document Center.

Boardable Folder Restrictions

For designated eyes only

Not every file needs to be seen by every board or committee member. Boardable makes defining access to confidential information easy with restricted folders.

View a Document on Mobile

Using the simple dashboard in the mobile app, your team members can visit the Document Center to review shared documents while on the go. Click below to see how easy document review is on a mobile device.

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