About us

Boardable was founded by experienced board leaders. We bring teams together — wherever they are.

Our mission is to increase board and committee member engagement. We’re with you because we’ve been there. Over 80% of our customer team serve on boards and committees,* and we’re truly passionate about helping boards succeed.

Our Story

Boardable sprang from a stroke of serendipity.

It started when the United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) approached local creative agency SmallBox with a big problem. UWCI struggled to find a more effective way to engage with its 400+ board and committee members. SmallBox specializes in serving mission-driven nonprofits. Its leadership included several of Boardable’s future co-founders, who had served on multiple boards and knew firsthand the pain points of board engagement, especially for remote members. The opportunity they saw was quickly realized. UWCI soon became one of Boardable’s first customers, and a few years later, Boardable had expanded its offering to power associations, healthcare, higher education, and enterprise businesses.

Two men and a woman, executive leadership team, posing for photo as man holds dog.

Meet Our Leadership

Get to know our executive leadership and board of directors.

What We Value

At Boardable, we believe we’re a product of our environment. Aligning with our values helps us collaborate, innovate, and find joy in the work we do.

Be Yourself

We feel welcome to bring our authentic, genuine selves to work. We celebrate and learn from the unique perspectives and experiences of our team.

Embrace Challenges

We’re ambitious and driven to do big things. When we come up short we extend ourselves and others the grace to learn and grow from failure.

Support Each Other

We embrace the power of teamwork, setting aside our egos to do amazing things as a team. We treat everyone with respect.

Practice Kind Candor

We strive to hold each other accountable, balancing candor with kindness. We feel safe to speak up on behalf of ourselves, our teammates, and our customers.

Have Fun

We want work to feel like play as much as possible. We believe that the company that laughs together, wins together.

Careers at Boardable

Boardable is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We’re always on the lookout for talented, purpose-driven people with diverse perspectives to join our team. We love food, sharing funny stories about our furry friends, and most of us are big fans of music with eclectic tastes.

Dive into the Platform

You learned about the team behind the product; now let us show you how our board management solution moves boards from friction to focus.