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Create team-focused workspaces to maximize productivity

Give the right people access to the right information before, during, and after that important board meeting. Include meetings, discussions, documents, and more, so colleagues can work on projects most applicable to them.

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Organization Station

Instead of keeping important documents and communications dispersed across multiple platforms, consolidate everything in one place. Groups pulls together Boardable’s features into a custom workspace where you can get more done.

Product screenshot - Group Documents

Simplify Transitions

As your board evolves to best carry out your mission, Boardable helps you facilitate smooth transitions. Easily track engagement and keep records of activity to increase continuity in your organization.

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The Perfect Taskforce

Whether you’re on a team, committee, or executive board, Boardable unlocks the ability to unify individuals working towards a common mission.

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Bring Your Group Together

Bridge the gap between geographically dispersed board professionals, and enhance the efficiency of your organization.

Essential Tool to Future Proof Your Board.

“Go all in. Make all of your documents digital. It will really help with grant writing and organization. It’s especially helpful for if there is transition in your board, people can go back and see what other grants were applied for, why you got to certain decisions, what programming you’ve done in the past etc.”

Jim R.

Project Manager

Enhance Your Efficiency

Created focused workspaces to boost productivity. Get started with a free trial on the platform today.

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