Elevating Education: Empowering Boards for Greater Impact

Unite your educational board members to foster more effective collaboration, seamlessly bridging the gap between students, teachers, and the wider community. Our straightforward, user-friendly technology enables your board members to perform their roles from any location. Equip them with the tools to focus on what truly matters: making a lasting difference in education.

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Boardable Is Just So Easy to Use!

"Before I switched over to Boardable, I was using another board management software and all of the tools were convoluted and disorganized. As an education board professional, having all of our meetings and corresponding material organized and easy to share quickly is truly invaluable. Honestly, Boardable is just so easy to use."

Kirsten Mead
Assistant to the PresidentCoconino Community College

Designed Exclusively for Education Nonprofits

Boardable’s development and innovation are rooted in the unique needs of nonprofit and education focused boards, ensuring every feature directly addresses your challenges. Boardable offers features that cater specifically to the nuances of education boards.

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Unmatched Innovation & Growth

In contrast to other board management solutions’ slower evolution due to corporate ownership, Boardable’s venture-backed agility ensures rapid deployment of new, relevant features. With an unwavering commitment to nonprofit success, our active investment in technology and customer success outpaces the offerings of other platforms.

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All-In-One Meeting Solution

Boardable’s video conferencing solution eliminates the need for auxiliary services like Zoom by integrating video conferencing and document sharing in a single platform and simplifying your board’s workflow. Boardable offers a unified experience, reducing the complexity and overhead associated with managing multiple platforms for different board management tasks.

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Rapid Deployment for Immediate Impact

Boardable’s intuitive design ensures a seamless transition, with boards ready to operate fully in mere hours — a stark contrast to the lengthy setup often experienced with BoardDocs. Tailored for the specific scale and scope of educational nonprofits, Boardable provides the perfect balance of functionality without the complexity, ensuring every user can leverage its full potential from day one.

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Key Features for Educational Board Management

Boardable equips you with an all-encompassing toolkit to elevate your educational board’s involvement and efficiency.

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Public Meeting Page

Build trust in your community. Share the meeting agenda, minutes, and recordings in one place. 

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Document Center

View all your files in one, secure place. No need to dig through endless email attachments.

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Video Conferencing

Optimize virtual collaboration in a single screen. No more confusing tabs to manage.

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Polls & Votes

Record votes virtually for important decisions, or survey your members.

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Agenda Builder

Start with a customizable template and easily share with your team.

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Get More Done with Boardable

Understanding that effective board management is key to achieving essential goals, we offer a live demo of our platform, demonstrating how our solution tackles real-world challenges head-on.