Boardable Releases Their Biggest Update Yet

The team is determined to continue investing in the product and team in 2023.  CARMEL, Ind., Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boardable, an industry-leading board performance platform, announced the release of its newest product version. This next evolution of Boardable’s architecture has dramatically improved the speed it takes users to accomplish the most critical board engagement tasks. They […]


How To Get The Best Out Of A Nonprofit Board In A Recession

Whether the world enters into a recession or not, it’s clear that organizations of all types face leaner times and operating conditions. Grants and funding are harder to qualify for and at a lower amount, donations are reduced in frequency and size, and assets provide a lower return to fund the mission. It is more […]


Make Your Nonprofit Board Committees More Effective & Engaged

Let’s Talk about Board Committees Nonprofit boards are often made up of a series of board committees with different roles and responsibilities. A board of committee members typically has the same voting responsibilities as those who are not committee members, but those who are members also have special responsibilities or specific projects that they oversee. […]


How Boards of Education are Tackling Today’s Problems

Boards of education are committees that determine the educational policies of regional school districts. They set performance standards and meet with other elected officials to decide on the best course of action for benefiting students, teachers, and administrators. Boards play a critical role in the success of schools, as they provide an open platform for […]


Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit boards play an essential role in the success and achievements of an organization. If you are part of a nonprofit board committee, you might have a general idea of the roles and responsibilities that nonprofit organizations and boards hold. While ensuring that your board is the best version of itself is vital to your […]


Boardable’s Commitment to Innovation

At Boardable, bringing teams together, wherever they are, is [why we do] what we do. This mission is what continues to energize our team and drive innovation of our product.