Easily create dynamic agendas within the agenda builder.

Build Effective Agendas

Either start from scratch or get a headstart with one of our customizable default templates. Within the agenda maker, assign your agenda items to individual users and then designate an allotted time for each. With help from our Minutes Maker, you can record in-depth minutes directly from the agenda, so members can easily reference key takeaways — even if they weren’t able to attend. In no time, you’ll be hosting more productive, focused meetings!

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The agenda maker allows you to send out interactive PDFs to attendees.

Create Interactive PDFs

Boardable's agenda builder creates an interactive PDF that you can email to all meeting attendees with the click of a button. You can even attach documents so attendees can easily review key information beforehand. With sufficient review time, board members will know exactly what to expect, so they can come prepared and ready to participate with insightful discussion points.

Board members can write and save personal notes using the agenda creator.

Personal Meeting Note Annotation

Thanks to the agenda makers’ note annotation capabilities, board members can write and save private notes during and after meetings. This way, they’ll be able to stay fully engaged in the conversation and can easily reference their notes in future decision-making.

View Your Board Agendas on Mobile

These days, board members are constantly on the go. With Boardable’s Agenda Maker, your team will have instant access to upcoming meeting agendas on their mobile devices through our intuitive app.

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