Easily create dynamic agendas within the agenda builder.

Level Up Your Productivity

Stop recreating your agendas from scratch. We built customizable agenda templates that’ll help you ensure outcome-driven meetings. You can also utilize our Minutes Maker to record in-depth minutes directly from the agenda, so members can easily reference key takeaways later.

The agenda maker allows you to send out interactive PDFs to attendees.

Ensure Everyone Comes Prepared

Give attendees everything they need to come ready to participate in your board and committee meetings. Our Board Packet Quick Print feature generates a shareable digital board packet that combines an interactive agenda PDF with other meeting files that can be emailed to all meeting attendees.

Board members can write and save personal notes using the agenda creator.

Boost Meeting Engagement

Help your board members stay fully engaged in the conversation with note annotation capabilities. Board members can write and save private notes during and after meetings in a centralized location for easy referencing later.

Move into focus with Boardable.

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