Effortless Scheduling

Boardable automates the tedious process of scheduling board and committee meetings. Propose a range of meeting times, get a summary of attendees’ responses, and then pick the best time. Editing and rescheduling meetings are just as easy.

Every meeting at a glance

Make things easy for your board and committee members by giving them a dashboard of upcoming meetings. From there, they can click into each meeting to see the agenda, scheduled polls, tasks, and more. They can also access past meetings for minutes and discussion threads.

Connect to Calendars

Seamlessly connect meetings to Google Calendar, Microsoft, or iCalendar. Anytime you schedule or update a meeting, your board knows right away. Members can RSVP and join virtual meetings from their calendar, and you can view their RSVP responses in real-time, without leaving the platform.

Meeting Automation Made Easy.

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