Webinar REPLAY: Overcoming Fundraising Barriers with Sherry Quam Taylor - April 2021
Learn how to prepare for hybrid meetings with attendees physically together and attending remotely in this free webinar replay.
Learn how to get your board members more engaged in fundraising in just 15 minutes per month with the tips and ideas in this webinar with nonprofit fundraising expert, Amy Eisenstein. Share the replay and slide deck with your team today!
Boardable Administrator Training
Learn how to strengthen your nonprofit board's involvement in your legacy giving program with the actionable advice in this webinar from fundraising expert, Lori Kranczer. Share it with your organization today!
Learn some basics about peer-to-peer fundraising as well as inspiring ideas that can help your nonprofit reach your 2021 goals. You'll have concrete ideas for 2021 after you watch!
Watch the replay of this webinar with nonprofit governance expert Simone Joyaux on common misconceptions about boards and governance.
Watch this webinar replay to learn how to do strategic planning during uncertain times and make the changes your org needs to survive and thrive.

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