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Listen to this webinar on how board members can increase revenue between board meetings without asking for money! Download the slide deck to share today.
Board Administrator Training Webinar for Boardable Software
Boardable New User Training Video - Customer Success Team - Webinar Replay - January 2020
Getting more productivity from a nonprofit board between meetings requires focus and intent. Watch this webinar replay with productivity expert Kev Khayat and Boardable.
Webinar replay from Boardable about the recent U.S. government legislation of the CARES Act and its implications for nonprofits.
WEBINAR REPLAY: Effective and Engaging Virtual Board Meetings - What You Need to Know
This Customer Success webinar replay discusses important feature updates, virtual meeting best practices, free nonprofit resources from Boardable, and more.
Webinar replay of Boardable and OneCause talking about the 2019 Board Engagement Survey and ambassador fundraising.