In this webinar replay we explore new ways to recruit nonprofit board members. Expand your pool of candidates and set your board up for a strong future with the information in this helpful recording.
Boardable New User Training Video - Customer Success Team - Webinar Replay - January 2020
Learn all about how a legacy giving program can sustain your nonprofit for the long-term and how to set the program up from the beginning in this webinar replay.
Board Administrator Training Webinar for Boardable Software
Board Administrator Training Webinar for Boardable Software
WEBINAR REPLAY: Nonprofit Community Building: Maintaining Relationships Digitally
Here’s the replay recording of our June 2020 webinar with Dr. Joynicole Martinez on how to optimize your committee and board structure.
Listen to this webinar on how board members can increase revenue between board meetings without asking for money! Download the slide deck to share today.

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