Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering nonprofits free access to Boardable for 90 days. Offer good for new accounts now through April 2020.
Boardable compiled some good news to boost morale, including our CEO's idea for helping local service workers who have lost income from the COVID-19 pandemic.
WEBINAR REPLAY: Effective and Engaging Virtual Board Meetings - What You Need to Know
Learn how to update your Organization Settings in Boardable with this two-minute instructional video. Customize the portal for you nonprofit in just a few clicks.
This Customer Success webinar replay discusses important feature updates, virtual meeting best practices, free nonprofit resources from Boardable, and more.
Boardable Product Tour Video
The new board packet quick print, public pages, and notifications upgrades in Boardable help nonprofits get the most from their board meetings and the time in between.
Boardable is offering a free 90-day trial through April 2020 to help nonprofit boards affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope board software helps ease the pain of challenging times.