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Unlocking Innovation: Highlights from Boardable’s Spring 2024 Feature Release

At Boardable, innovation isn’t a buzzword — it’s the theme for our year. It impacts every aspect of our operations and that includes our Boardable solution. With this focus, we are excited to unveil our Spring 2024 Feature Release.

In our latest Innovation webinar, we dove into the heart of innovation, shared insights and detailed all of the release info that will continue to help nonprofit organizations elevate their board experience. 

Our webinar kicked off with a warm welcome to attendees from around the globe, highlighting the diverse and international nature of our community. It’s always inspiring to see participation from places as far as New Zealand, underscoring the global reach and relevance of our mission. 

Introducing Boardable’s Latest Innovations 

We are excited to introduce several updates aimed at enhancing efficiency, fostering collaboration, and facilitating strategic decision-making. Here’s a rundown of the key features from our latest release:

Custom Data Collection

We’re rolling out a highly requested feature that offers unparalleled flexibility in data collection. This tool enables organizations to tailor data fields to their specific needs, from tracking dietary preferences to managing conflict of interest declarations.  

Private Annotations

In direct response to valuable customer feedback, we’re excited to launch private annotations. This allows users to make confidential notes and reminders within documents, streamlining meeting preparations and ensuring the privacy of sensitive information. 

User Experience Improvements

Recognizing the importance of seamless user experience, we’ve made several enhancements. From remembering document sorting preferences to improving the meeting owner assignment process, these updates are about making your interaction with Boardable as smooth as possible. 

The Power of Collaboration and Planning

A key focus of our webinar focused on the importance of collaboration and strategic planning. Thanks to some additional new features from Boardable, board members and committees can now collaborate more effectively, ensuring that strategic decisions are made and communicated efficiently.

The introduction of private annotations and custom data collection is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platform. 

Missed the Innovation Webinar introducing our Spring 2024 Feature Release? No problem. Below, you’ll find the video to view the webinar at your convenience. 

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Boardable? 

As we continue to innovate, we’re excited about the potential of these new features to make a substantial impact on the way nonprofits operate. We’re already working on the next set of enhancements, including further improvements to our mobile efforts, Boardable’s video conferencing capabilities, and the pre- and post-meeting experience. 

Our latest webinar not only introduced new features designed to enhance your Boardable experience but also reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As we move forward, we’re excited to see how these and continued updates will empower your organization to achieve its mission more effectively.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a vital part of our community. 

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