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Board Meetings Reimagined

Kick-start your mission with a complimentary 14-day trial of Boardable’s premier board management solution, crafted to empower your nonprofit to excel. 

Unlock your 14-day trial benefits include: 

Boardable Video: Hold flawless meetings with integrated video and AI tools. 

Minutes Maker: Capture important information, assign tasks, and minimize risk. Instantly notify your team. 

Board Packet: Consolidate all meeting materials your board needs to be prepared and ready to participate.

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Exclusively Nonprofit

Boardable is exclusively dedicated to serving nonprofits. We understand your unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring our features and future innovations are perfectly aligned with your mission.

All-in-One Platform

With Boardable, the need for additional tools like Zoom is eliminated. Our video conferencing feature integrates all meeting essentials in one place, streamlining your process and saving valuable resources.

Product screenshot of Smart Meetings feature - agenda view.

Superior User Experience

Move from BoardPaq to a platform where ease of use is paramount. Boardable’s intuitive design ensures you spend less time learning software and more time engaging with your board on what truly matters.

Product screenshot of Digital Board Packet feature - pdf view.

Expert Support

Our customer experience team specializes in nonprofit board management and offers unmatched support as you transition from BoardPaq. With Boardable, you gain more than a platform; you gain a partnership.

Get More Done With Boardable

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