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Engage and Contribute Without Barriers

Boardable is the most accessible board management platform on the market.

Our Accessibility and Language settings empower all users to participate fully in board meetings.

Woman wearing headset working on laptop, with detail of Accessibility Menu.

We believe in participation without limitations, so we provide customizable interface settings that support a variety of needs and preferences.

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Easy to Navigate

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve made it easy to find what you need, faster. Through a combination of settings, you can personalize your Boardable interface so that you can get around with ease.

  • Bigger text
  • Large cursor
  • Highlight links
  • Tool tips
Product detail of accessible navigation

Easy to Read

Onscreen text isn’t one size fits all. From pre-reads to presentations to follow-ups, no matter the size of your screen, you can change your preferences to ensure you’re comfortably accessing information you need.

  • Adjustable contrast
  • Bigger text
  • Line Height
  • Text alignment & spacing
  • Dyslexia-friendly font
  • Screen reader
Product detail of accessible text contrast

Easy to Focus

We help you eliminate distractions when it’s most important. Whether you prefer less animations or an experience closer to paper in your hands, you can customize your accessibility settings to help you get more done.

  • Pause animations
  • Reading mask
  • Reading guide
Product detail of accessible focus states

Additional Details

Smart Contrast icon

Adjust Contrast

Adjust the contrast by selecting from light and dark options, invert the color, or make the page black and white. Different contrasts help people with dyslexia, light sensitivity, and colorblindness, as well as provide options to reduce eyestrain.

Cursor icon

Cursor Size

Increase the size of the cursor to easily identify where your mouse is located, or use it as a tool to help you read more carefully. This allows for faster and more accessible navigation throughout each page.

Dyslexia Friendly icon

Dyslexia-Friendly Font

Change all text to the Dyslexia-Friendly Font which provides an easier reading experience for customers with dyslexia by making letters and numbers more clearly defined.

Pause Animations icon

Pause Animations

Stop animations, blinking, and flashing content to minimize distractions and assist individuals with low vision, people prone to seizures, and those triggered by visual stimuli.

Reading Mask icon

Reading Mask & Guide

Focus easily on the material with the Reading Mask, a horizontal reading light that follows your mouse or touch, or the Reading Guide, a line that points to a specific line of text.

Screen Reader icon

Screen Reader

Listen as this feature reads aloud text on the screen. Designed to assist users who are blind or visually impaired, you can listen at different speeds: normal, fast, or slow.

Line Height icon

Line Height

Increase the white space between lines of text, up to three times the original, to make text easier to read and minimize distractions.

Text Align icon

Text Align

Adjust the direction of text when the current alignment feels unfriendly or confusing. Text can be aligned left, right, center, or justified.

Tool Tips icon

Tool Tips

Hover the mouse over elements on screen to view alternative text, descriptions, or labels that are displayed in high contrast and an easy to read font.

Bigger Text icon

Bigger Text

Increase the font size for enhanced reading speed and accuracy, especially on smaller devices.

Highlight Links icon

Highlight Links

Turn on this feature to highlight every link on the page and make them easier to identify quickly.

Language Options

Accommodate international board members with options to experience the product in English, Spanish, and French.

Boards Without Barriers

Board management software that works for everyone.