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Fall 2023 Feature Release

Simplify Tasks and Limit Errors with Automation

Stop spending time on things that aren’t critical to your mission, so you can focus on the work that drives real impact.

Auto Attendance Tracking: Boardable now identifies members who join by phone and records those who join online, so you don’t have to take up time counting heads.

eSignature Collection: Never lose track of a critical signature again. Every signed document uploaded to Boardable is stored in one central location for streamlined access and continuity.

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Added Sophistication When and Where You Need It

As your board shifts and evolves how you operate Boardable stays with you, giving you more ways to get the important work done before, during and after meetings.

Document Audit Log: See who’s accessed, downloaded, viewed, and edited documents stored in Boardable, so if an unexpected change occurs, you have the information you need.

Multi-Day Meetings and Agendas: Schedule multi-day meetings and share day-by-day agendas in one place so everyone is always on the same page.

Improved Mobile Functionality: Mobile users can now create and edit discussions, create and complete tasks, and update their profile in our enhanced mobile app.

Ensure an Inclusive Board Experience

Ensure you’re meeting your organization’s standards for diversity and inclusion.

Pronoun Support: Offer a more inclusive experience with added pronoun preferences along with additional diversity, equity, and inclusion-related fields.

DEI Data Collection: Collect DEI-related information so that you can run unique reports and drive your organization towards more diverse and inclusive outcomes.

Best-in-Class Accessibility Features: Provide customizable interface settings that support the varying needs and preferences of your members.

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Release Notes

More features, more flexibility.

Please see the below articles for more information in taking advantage of the great new features of this latest release:

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