Boardable Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Boardable’s features, security, integrations, or anything else related to our platform, company, and service? We’re here to help! Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Boardable.

General FAQs
No. 01
What makes Boardable different from similar software?

Expert Support - Over 80% of our customer team serves on boards and committees* so you’ll get the resources and support you need from people who’ve been there, whether it’s your first time or you’re replacing an outdated board management platform.
No. 02
How much does Boardable cost?
We know resources are always limited, but even more so these days. Boardable is built for board leaders and admins that need a board management solution at a fair and flexible price. No surprise add-on costs. Our plans are structured to give you a full board management experience and scale with your growth. Check out our pricing page to explore plans and submit our form to automatically receive the pricing sheet.
No. 03
How do I get started with Boardable?
Our solution is ready to use, right out of the box. Start a free trial and hold your most effective board meeting ever the very next day — no complex setup, costly implementation fees, or long onboarding process necessary.
No. 04
How secure is Boardable?
We’re committed to maintaining heightened security practices and respecting your privacy as defined in our Security Policy and Privacy Policy.
No. 05
Where is my data stored?
We store our data entirely on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure. Our regional data hosting locations in the United States, Europe, and Canada give you the option to store data in the location of your choice.
No. 06
What integrations does Boardable offer?

We connect to tools you already use to help minimize process change and keep your board working as efficiently as possible.
  • No new passwords with Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn single sign-on
  • Link files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive
  • Sync meetings to your Google, Apple iCalendar, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar
  • Integrate with Zoom for virtual meetings
  • No. 07
    What kind of support do I get?
    In addition to our experienced customer team who is always willing to help you along the way, you’ll have 24/7 access to the Boardable Academy where you can browse through quick-start guides, video tutorials, and our Help Center .
    No. 08
    How can I learn more about Boardable?
    We’d love to speak with you! Schedule a demo to receive a guided tour of the platform and get your specific questions answered.