Boardable Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Boardable’s features, pricing, support process, or anything else related to our product, company, and service? Below you will find a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions from Boardable’s prospects and customers…

General FAQs
No. 01
How much does Boardable cost?
20 users: $99/month 21 - 40 users: $175/month 41 - 80 users: $350/month 81+ users: defer pricing to vendor
No. 02
What integrations does Boardable offer?
Document Integration includes: Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Calendar Integration: Google, Apple, and Outlook.
No. 03
Is there an On-Premise solution for Boardable?
No, we do not offer an on-premise software option. We are a cloud-based software.
No. 04
How can a user switch between Boardable accounts?
If the user has the same login email for all Boardable accounts they will be able to toggle between them. Go to the left-hand side, right beneath your logo (if you have one uploaded) select 'switch accounts' and a drop list of the other boards you serve on with appear. OR here you can Create another Boardable account for a separate org.
No. 05
How do I have one account for my separate boards that I serve on?
You would need to use the same email address to register for your Boardabe accounts. Once you are logged you can view all of the boards you serve on. Once you are in that dashboard you will see a drop down under your board logo that will allow you to toggle to other board accounts.
No. 06
Do you have an app?
Boardable is very mobile friendly but currently not offered as an App. It is on our product roadmap to create an app for Boardable in 2018.
No. 07
Can you assign tasks in Boardable?
No, currently Boardable does not offer a task management tool. This is on our product roadmap for 2018. However, in the Agenda Builder you can assign Agenda Items to meeting members.
No. 08
Can an Administrator impersonate a User?
No, if an Administrator would like to see what the user is experiencing look up the different Permission Levels.
No. 09
How do I start a 30 day free trial?
Users can create a Free 30-Day Trial by visiting https://boardable.com/free-trial
No. 10
What makes Boardable different from similar software?
Boardable is designed for simplicity, ease-of-use, and affordability. Many of our competitors require expensive customization or include pricey features that apply only to the largest organizations and edge cases. Boardable offers simple pricing based on the means of your organization, yet offers all of the important features to help your board, committees, and other groups operate effectively and efficiently from anywhere.