Buyer’s Guide Download: From Chaos to Calm

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Integrated tools and experiences for efficient, engaging virtual board meetings

Like so many other aspects of business, board management has entered a new virtual era. With less business travel these days and fewer in-person meetings, more nonprofit and for-profit boards are transitioning to virtual meetings, or looking for ways to improve them.

But board management solutions haven’t necessarily caught up. Using a multitude of standalone digital tools, or an existing board management platform that isn’t specifically designed for virtual meetings leaves a lot to be desired. Both options create more work, problems, and confusion — for board admins and members alike — and lack important features and functionality.

It’s time to level up your virtual board meeting management. In our Boardable Buyer’s Guide: How to Defeat Board Meeting Chaos, you’ll understand what to look for in a board management solution that’s purpose-built for today’s virtual meetings, including top features and functionality, user experience standards, and implementation and post-deployment support. Get your free copy as a critical step in your buying journey.


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