Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit boards play an essential role in the success and achievements of an organization. If you are part of a nonprofit board committee, you might have a general idea of the roles and responsibilities that nonprofit organizations and boards hold. While ensuring that your board is the best version of…


Boardable Nonprofit AI Consultant

Introducing Boardable Assistant Meet Boardable Assistant, your new go-to advisor for elevating your nonprofit! In the nonprofit world, AI is a game-changer. Boardable Assistant offers expert tips, quick answers, and best practices, supercharging your impact. Say goodbye to routine tasks and hello to valuable insights that let your…


10 Essential Tips for Becoming an Impactful Nonprofit Board Member

In nonprofit organizations, board members drive mission-focused initiatives and governance. Whether new to board membership or looking to refine your approach, adopting best practices is essential for impactful collaboration and leadership. At Boardable, we’re all about empowering you with the tools and insights to participate on a board and make…


Boosting Nonprofit Governance with Board Agreements: Why You Likely Need One

Setting clear expectations and responsibilities is crucial in nonprofit governance. A board agreement isn’t just helpful; it’s a fundamental tool that defines the symbiotic relationship between board members and the nonprofit organizations they dedicate themselves to serving. Should your nonprofit organization implement a board agreement? The answer is likely yes,…


Nonprofit Governance: Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid

Your board is an essential component of your nonprofit and provides much-needed guidance and insight. However, mistakes in nonprofit governance are serious and could end up harming your organization. From failing to fully understand the tax legislation and rules that a nonprofit must follow, to airing board grievances and divisions…


Nonprofit Administrator Recruitment Strategies for Success

Planning to bring a nonprofit administrator on board? Navigating the recruitment process effectively is crucial to finding the right fit for your organization. Learn how to identify, attract, and nurture top talent to lead your nonprofit to success.


Nonprofit Board Retreat Planning: Tips and Best Practices

Nonprofit board retreats often get a bad rap, and we understand why. As nonprofit board members ourselves, we don’t eagerly anticipate dull discussions or trust falls any more than you do. Fortunately, the key to an exceptional nonprofit board retreat lies in breaking away from the mundane and the uninspiring.


Nonprofit Strategic Planning Essentials for Your Path to Impact

A strategic plan is your nonprofit’s roadmap for a period of time. Within it are your mission, vision, short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals and it’s essential to treat the plan as a dynamic tool to shape the direction of your organization — it has to adapt with your organization. Your…

Webinars & Events

Going Digital: A Webinar For Nonprofits 💻

Join us for "Going Digital: A Webinar for Nonprofits," an insightful and informative event designed to help nonprofit organizations navigate the digital landscape. In today's fast-paced world, leveraging technology and digital platforms is essential for maximizing outreach, increasing efficiency, and fostering collaboration. This webinar will provide you with practical strategies and actionable insights to help your nonprofit thrive in the digital age.

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