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Boardable and theBoardlist Continue to Build Better Boards Through Connection

We are so excited to announce our newest strategic partnership with theBoardlist. This partnership will provide valuable and innovative solutions for boards that are transforming both in diversity and digitally.

There’s something to be said about connection. Whether it’s connecting diverse leaders with board opportunities or connecting boards and people together, creating and building success is all about connections.

While there might be multiple ways to recruit and create representation on boards, there is one solution that stands above the rest when it comes to sheer talent and connecting that talent to create diverse boards.

theBoardlist is the best place to discover boards to serve on and to discover talent for your board. Founded in 2016, the parallels between their mission and ours were too much to overlook. That’s why we have partnered with them to help create better-connected boards and connect those boards to the best possible members.

What To Look Forward to in This Partnership?

Our partnership with theBoardlist is aimed to educate board professionals on business continuity and board recruitment. When you look at Boardable and theBoardlist’s customer base, you will find some of the most established and well-recognized board professionals in the world. We aim to build connections between these individuals in order to digitally transform the way boards operate and evolve. Keep an eye out for opportunities to attend co-hosted events, compelling thought leadership, and future product integrations.

About theBoardlist

theBoardlist is the premier leadership community that connects exceptional diverse talent with global board opportunities. Serving companies of early-stage startups to the Fortune 100, across all industries, to accelerate access to opportunities for women and historically marginalized people to achieve at the highest levels. theBoardlist is a trusted partner to Nasdaq, Carta, Qualtrics, SVB, leading VC & PE firms, and a thought leader on board diversity, with features in Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, and more.

theBoardlist is debunking the “pipeline problem” myth. Whether you are an aspiring board director, looking for great board talent to join your board, or know diverse candidates that you think boards should meet, they welcome you to join their mission. For more information visit www.theboardlist.com or follow theBoardlist on LinkedIn and Twitter @theBoardlist.

About Boardable

Boardable is an online board management portal that centralizes communication, document storage, meeting planning, and everything involved with running a board of directors. Founded in 2016 by nonprofit leaders and founders, Boardable has a mission to improve board engagement for nonprofits. Boardable is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Learn more at www.boardable.com or follow Boardable on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Now What?

Through this exciting partnership, both Boardable and theBoardlist will continue to create opportunities for board management and board development. We are planning for the continuous support of each other’s goals and missions and developing partnership programs that are beneficial to our customers.

For now, Boardable referrals for theBoardlist receive a complimentary list of 3-5 curated candidate suggestions and 15% off premium search services. If you have questions, let us know.

Stay tuned!

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