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Boardable’s Commitment to Innovation

At Boardable, our mission is to help our customers achieve their mission through better, deeper engagement with their boards and committees. This mission is what continues to energize our team and drive innovation of our product.

The boards and committees who use Boardable today found us because they needed an intuitive, secure, one-stop shop to keep their teams connected, invested, and inspired.  This community of doers longing to create a lasting impact continues to grow, and we continue to serve their needs today while simultaneously innovating for the future. 

With cutting-edge technology and an unmatched user experience, Boardable continues to lead board management software innovation. As the world evolves, we are committed to growing with it and guiding our customers along the way. 

And when those customers speak, we actively listen. What we heard most recently: our product can do more to serve our community of doers. It could be quicker, more accessible, more secure, and more connected.

Today, we’re taking the next big step in optimizing Boardable and deepening our understanding of the challenges our customers face every day. 

How We Innovate

We’re forging four paths that streamline our product for existing customers and connect us with new communities we are primed to serve.

The new Boardable Spotlight experience is available on all plan types

The Easiest Is Getting Easier

Some of the most impactful improvements we made recently both enhanced our product’s functionality and simplified the user experience.

  • A unified experience that understands what boards and mission-driven organizations need. The most intuitive board management platform on the market just got easier, more enjoyable, and more secure. The user interface has been reimagined and updated across our platform for a smoother, sleeker, more consistent experience. 
  • Connect, create, and collaborate with Google Workspace in Boardable. Already using Google Workspace for your organization’s staff? Boardable’s new integration gives board professionals a private and secure area to collaborate, visibility into important historical documents and decisions, and a place to keep everything that matters to them.
  • Simplified interactions and enhanced functionality. Enhanced features now allow users to annotate and share documents with team members without leaving the Boardable platform, enjoy seamless syncing between attendance and minutes, and create specialized committees giving everyone a home base to increase organizational efficiency. Video shuffling in Spotlight is less sensitive so you can focus on the speaker and not the camera jumping around.
  • More power, speed, and security. Meeting creation just got easier, making meeting creation 45% quicker! We’ve also added enhanced security features on the heels of our company’s commitment to GDPR, HIPAA, and SOCII compliance.

Intentional Partnerships 

Since 2016, we’ve been dedicated to increasing board and committee member engagement. And with 75% of our company leadership team serving in board positions themselves, we have experienced, and understand, many of the problems you face. 

But we know our own experiences will always be limited and do not fully represent the experiences of the wide range of people we serve. This realization has driven us to seek out partnerships with experts who can help us see beyond ourselves. That’s why we’re partnering with theBoardlist, the go-to board talent recruitment platform, to support our customers in their search for diverse talent. The partnership will sharpen our team’s understanding of board diversity challenges and lead to further productivity improvements designed to continue making a real difference in the overall lack of diversity in board leadership

Today, we are also committing to optimizing Boardable for board management at scale, serving complex regional and national organizations. As a first step, we’re deepening our work with associations, especially real estate associations, around the country. 

When working within associations that often span many levels and regions, members need a central place that will inspire and engage them. And realtors specifically have told us they need a tool they can trust: software that appreciates the intricacies of the real estate industry and that allows them to communicate at scale.

Boardable is working alongside the National REALTORS® Association as we update our product to help realtors feel more empowered, be more engaged, and take more efficient actions. Association members won’t need to spend precious time searching for the information they need. In Boardable, they’ll find everything in one place. 

Powerful Integrations 

New integrations with industry-leading software, RAMCO, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, will further improve our product experience. 

With the RAMCO integration, users can sync committee and board lists all in one place and easily connect their lists to meeting data in Boardable. Our Salesforce partnership will expand opportunities for enterprise organizations hoping to sync contacts with the CRM powerhouse. 

Our product is designed to be a one-stop shop, and with these integrations, you can now sync data securely and seamlessly across an entire ecosystem of software.

Why We Innovate 

Board management is a team sport. Boardable is a team player. Our product would not be where it is today without the care and feedback of our community.

We are growing our network of trusted partners to expand our reach and give you tools and resources for continued success. Today is the start of an exciting new era of Boardable user experience that we know will create even more opportunities for our members to create lasting impact in the communities that they serve.

So what happens next? We continue to find ways to innovate and to stay connected with our customers, the heartbeat of Boardable. Our dedication to improvement, innovation, and service is unmatched. We look forward to continuing to grow with our community.

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