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The 5 Advantages and Benefits of Board Meeting Apps

Meetings are more than showing up in person or through a virtual meeting portal. Many aspects of a meeting happen before, during, and after the meeting takes place. Meeting organizers need a comprehensive way to accomplish these tasks and keep the ball rolling. Even with the many technological advancements at our fingertips today, businesses and organizations are left lacking when it comes to an all-in-one solution for boards, committees, and business meeting needs. Free video conferencing options such as Zoho Meeting are plentiful but often have limited features.

One popular option is Google Meet. With Google Meet, users create a video meeting from their Google account through Meet, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Duo, or another scheduling system. Previously users needed a Google Meet download; however, system updates now allow anyone to access meetings through a browser. Although no download is required, the meeting organizer must have a Google account. When starting or scheduling a meeting, the organizer sends a Google Meet to join code or Google Meet login to meeting attendees. Meeting attendees may access a Google Meet login without a meeting app or Google account. Therefore a Google Meet download for PC is not required, only an active internet connection and browser.

Zoho and Google Meet have interactive meeting features. However, organizers are still forced to use outside solutions to communicate important pre-meeting information like agendas. Also, an outside tool is required to share and collaborate on resources and other pre-meeting tasks or information. Then, after meetings, organizers face the same issues. Once the meetings are over on most video conferencing tools, all participants are logged off with no way to access or communicate as a meeting group. As a result, meeting organizers are stuck with long email chains or outside apps such as Slack or Basecamp.

Boardable is designed to streamline meetings and collaboration before, during, and after, helping businesses and organizations continue to work efficiently and effectively on essential meeting agenda items. The work isn’t over when the meeting concludes. Often that is when the work is just beginning. Streamlining every aspect of meetings for boards, committees, and other organizational needs is the best option for busy professionals today.

Meeting Apps Free

Teleconferencing platforms are a critical tool for companies and organizations of any size. Post-pandemic professional life still involves many remote workers. In addition, corporations and non-profit organizations often have board members located across the country or the globe. User-friendly apps are essential to connect for meetings and collaborative work. There are many meeting apps free of charge available today. Some of those free options include Zoom, Skype for Business, and Google Meet. Also, some paid platforms like Boardable offer a free plan.

Google Meet is a popular free meeting platform due to its security and features. Google Meet does have a downloadable app. The Google Meet App download for PC and the Google Meet App download for Windows 10 is available through meet.Google.com. Since Google is PC-friendly, many people wonder if a Google Meet app exists for Mac. Yes, it is available on the App Store. In addition, Google Meet APK for Android is available through Google Play. To organize a meeting through Google Meet, an organizer must have a Google account, set up a meeting, and send a Google Meet code to participants. Meeting attendees can then access a Google Meet link, enter the meeting code, and enter the Google Meet platform to join the meeting.

Many companies are looking for ways to cut spending, making free meeting apps a popular choice. Companies can keep services like Boardable in mind when searching for virtual meeting solutions. Boardable offers a free plan and operates as an all-in-one tool providing many useful features missing from the popular free apps.

Online Meeting App

Online meeting apps are a necessary part of life in the professional world today. Therefore, choosing the best video conferencing app is essential for every level of corporate employee, including executives and board members. Many online meeting apps are free but do not meet the needs of corporate users, particularly board operations and committees. The best online meeting platforms for board meetings offer a secure all-in-one solution for pre-meeting tasks, meeting management, and engagement during meetings and when working on after-meeting tasks. Board engagement is necessary outside of meetings as well. A solution like Boardable offers boards and committees a way to access confidential information, sign documents, and communicate and collaborate within a secure environment outside meeting times.

Board members today are faced with many challenges. Due to the ongoing global aftermath of the pandemic, it is more difficult for board members to gather in person. Issues such as travel restrictions, unavoidable flight delays, and continued health concerns can stall important decisions when boards cannot meet in person. The solution is a digital transformation, making a change in operations. Boardable offers a way for board members to stay engaged through ongoing communication and the sharing of vital information through a secure cloud-based platform.

Digital Transformation

The integration of digital technology into every area of business is unavoidable. Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how every level of a company operates. As a result, finding the best board meeting apps is a high priority for many companies today. Although many companies and organizations are tightening their belts and cutting budgets, a free option for meetings is not always the best option. For example, board meetings can be long, and finding free video conferencing with no time limit is challenging. Video conferencing software like Boardable offers valuable features, particularly for boards and committees, that are vital for corporate governance. 

Two essential features of video conferencing software are usability and meeting management. There are many other benefits when using a board meeting app.

Five significant advantages are:

  • Paperless meetings: Going paperless is both eco-friendly and economical, requiring fewer employee hours to prepare paperwork. Going paperless also saves on postage for distribution.  
  • Increased Security: An online meeting platform like Boardable offers increased security. With an online meeting, organizers can choose who has access to confidential data and access to meetings. 
  • Improved Engagement and Collaboration: Board and committee members stay engaged before, during, and after meetings enhancing engagement and increasing collaboration.
  • Real-time, quick access to information: Digitizing information allows you to post or send out information in real-time, giving board members quick access when they need information quickly. A platform like Boardable keeps track of changes made and allows you to control who has access to different versions of any data stored.
  • Note-taking simplified: Automated meeting notes or the ability to record meetings simplifies note-taking, saving valuable time for everyone. Board and committee members no longer need to wait to receive meeting notes. They can access notes immediately through the meeting platform.

You can manage board meetings, committees, and all the work that must be done outside active meeting times. Everything is streamlined and greatly improved through a platform like Boardable.

Better Board Meetings

In recent years, remote working became a reality as most of the world was isolated to wait out the global pandemic. Thankfully we live in a digital world, and options for remote working are readily available. Then many more options came along as companies saw opportunities to meet the growing need for collaborative work even when employees are not physically together. Now, in a post-pandemic world, remote working is still part of everyday life. It has pushed communication, transactions, and work operations online. Video conferencing is a massive help for large and small companies and organizations. For some situations, free video conferencing options will meet the need for live meetings. However, when dealing with sensitive information, free options may not suffice. Personal or financial information requires secure connections. In addition, many confidential meetings must take place at all company levels, particularly the executive level and board of director operations. Corporate governance faces digital transformation, and business leaders need an answer for better board meetings. This is where board meeting apps are critical to the organization.

Boardable aims to offer a platform that solves today’s challenges for boards and committees. Boardable’s platform is built for collaboration with an optimized, user-friendly platform to help keep members engaged. It features a personalized interface with accessibility and language settings allowing everyone to participate fully. Boardable is a platform that works well for administrators, board leaders, board members, CEOs, and executives. Meetings can take place from anywhere using the mobile app. Board members can join a meeting on the go from any internet-connected device. Security is a top priority.

Using a secure platform like Boardable minimizes security risks by streamlining all communication through one secure platform. Board members and executives can feel secure engaging in critical discussions and sharing sensitive documents. Another advantage of using the Boardable platform is advanced task and progress tracking features. An intelligent platform like Boardable can track information, data, and changes automatically. The system stores and organizes important information so you can focus on your highest priority tasks and always have a comprehensive view of overall activity. In addition, Boardable comes with live human support from an experienced staff of passionate professionals who care about board operations. Try Boardable today.

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We know that what happens after a meeting is also critical. Keep post-meeting momentum going with a centralized hub your team can access before, during, and after meetings to promote autonomy and collaboration.


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