Introducing Boardable Video: A Major Upgrade to Transform Your Board Meetings

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We are excited to introduce Boardable Video; our latest feature is designed to elevate your board meetings with improved efficiency and engagement. Boardable Video offers advanced functionalities tailored for nonprofits to enhance your meeting experience.

Key Features of Boardable Video

Enhanced User Experience

  • Enhanced Agenda: Keep meetings structured with detailed agendas guiding every discussion.
  • In-Meeting Navigation: Our intuitive interface makes navigating meetings and enhancing participant interaction easy.
  • Updated Chat Features: Engage in dynamic discussion with new chat functionalities, including reactions and downloadable chat transcripts.

Advanced Meeting Tools

  • Multiple Screen Sharing: Share multiple screens simultaneously for a more interactive experience.
  • Breakout Rooms (Beta): Facilitate in-depth discussions in smaller groups, perfect for committees or task-focused groups.

Superior Video Functionality

  • Improved Video Performance: Enjoy clearer, more reliable video calls with enhanced performance optimizations.
  • Network Connection Diagnostic: Automatically detect and troubleshoot network issues to maintain smooth video communication.

AI-Powered Enhancements

  • AI Summarization: AI automatically summarizes key meeting points, helping you easily keep track of decisions and action items.
  • Real-Time Captions and Transcripts: Increase accessibility with instant captions and detailed transcripts for easier follow-up.

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Experience Seamless Board Collaboration and See How Effortless Meetings Can Be

Designed with Nonprofits in Mind

Boardable Video is created to address the specific challenges faced by nonprofits, integrating tools to simplify communication and enhance operational efficiency:

  • Accessibility Features: Meeting attendees can leverage robust accessibility tools and access Boardable Video on their mobile phones.
  • Consolidated Tools: Integrate board materials and video conferencing into a single, user-friendly platform, reducing the need to juggle multiple platforms.
  • Cost Efficiency: Save costs by consolidating all your video and board management needs into one comprehensive solution.

Get Started with Boardable Video

Ready to enhance your board meeting experience? Sign up for a free trial of Boardable Video today and discover how our new features can make your meetings more productive and engaging. Embrace the future of board management with Boardable Video, and drive your nonprofit’s mission forward with technology that works for you.

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