The Sounding Board 🔊 How To Make Digital Fundraising For Boards Accessible & Inclusive feat. Givzey

Join us in welcoming guest Adam Martel, CEO of Givzey and host Ryan Dougal, Director of Partnerships at Boardable, as they break down the democratization of board involvement and best practices for making donating and board participation accessible to everyone.

📆 October 20th at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm UTC


10:00 am


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Two of the most predominant nonprofit struggles are actually very interconnected:

(1) Maintaining board member engagement and 

(2) Reaching fundraising goals. 

Board members who make personal contributions to the organization they represent are more likely to be successful in carrying out the vision and mission. Board members have the opportunity to lead by example so that volunteers and community members can follow suit. On average, only 52 percent of nonprofit boards have 100 percent participation, so we must ask ourselves, “How can I get my nonprofit board members to give?”

What you will learn:

  • How board member engagement and donations are interconnected
  • Strategies for setting donation expectations
  • Board member contribution requirements
  • How fundraising technology can benefit nonprofits

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