Spring 2024 Feature Release

Transform Your Board’s Dynamics with Enhanced Flexibility & Advanced Capabilities

  • Move beyond traditional spreadsheets and into a new era with our Custom Data Collection feature.
  • Seamlessly gather, assess, and manage your organization’s essential data directly within Boardable’s user-friendly platform.
  • Customize to fit a wide range of data types and visibility preferences, unlocking endless possibilities for your data management approach.

Custom Data Collection is more than just a tool for data visibility; it’s a catalyst for fostering compliance, alignment, and heightened board involvement. Boardable’s commitment to robust security measures and data integrity ensures that your information is protected for the future, establishing a benchmark for organizational excellence.

Redefine Your Meeting Prep Game

Elevate your meeting preparation with our new Private Annotations feature, designed to fit your unique approach. Whether it’s sharing insights with your team or opting to keep certain comments just for you, this feature adapts to your needs — especially when it comes to nots of a sensitive or specific nature. This tailored strategy guarantees you’re primed for every meeting, enabling you to engage more meaningfully and with greater assurance.

Enhancements Tailored to You

Welcome to our latest update, crafted with our dedicated users at the heart of every enhancement. This round of upgrades brings an array of features aimed at simplifying and amplifying the power of Boardable for nonprofit organizations. Enjoy the simplicity of automated task reminders, the transparency of meeting cancellation explanations, and the adaptability of transferring meeting ownership. These updates, along with a suite of minor improvements detailed in our release notes, reflect our ongoing dedication to evolving Boardable in response to your feedback.

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Release Notes

More features, more flexibility.

Please see this list for some of the additional features in this release not listed above.

  • Document Sorting & Document Panel states are saved session to session.
  • Easier Interface When Creating Groups
  • Profile Detail Reports
  • Simplified Minutes Presentation
  • When a user leaves the organization, their meetings will be reassigned to new owners.

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​​Frequently Asked Questions

Some important information

  1. How do I get started with Custom Data Collection?
    • Please click here for more information on how to get started with Custom Data Collection.

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