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Task Manager

Increase every board member’s productivity and accountability.

Keep track of to do’s and due dates to stay on task and on target. Board members can view assigned tasks from their own personal dashboard.

Product screenshot of Tasks feature - full info.
Product screenshot of Tasks feature - overview.

Increase Personal Accountability

Each board member can view their assigned tasks and due dates from their personal dashboard or mobile app, making it easy to stay on top of action items. Visibility helps create a more proactive board.

Attach Tasks to a Meeting

When you assign and record tasks with Minutes Maker, those tasks are saved along with your other meeting documents. As you prep your next agenda, you can see at a glance the completed or outstanding tasks from the last meeting.

Product screenshot of Tasks feature - from minutes.
Product screenshot of Tasks feature - polls.

Gain Transparency

We empower account admins to manage their board effectively and hold them accountable. Admins can see all tasks, sorted by person or the associated meeting (if applicable), and mark them as completed.

Essential for Boards & Committees of Every Size.

“Boardable makes it easy to collaborate with the various group administrators in putting together the agenda and collecting materials for the meeting…. My absolute favorite thing is the automatic meeting reminders Boardable sends out the day before a meeting.”


Nonprofit Organization Management

Features to Promote Productivity

Boardable is built to empower boards and committees with the capacity to get more done.

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On Task, on Target

Increase your board’s accountability with Task Manager and keep post-meeting momentum going.