Focus on why you meet, not where you meet

Think about what your organization can accomplish when everyone is in sync? Your board and team can actively participate in meetings — look at the same documents, record votes and tasks, and work together — all in one place.

Keep everyone on the same screen

Video conferencing integrated seamlessly into your workflow allowing your board, staff, and committee members to collaborate face-to-face no matter where they are. Boardable Spotlight takes the emphasis off logistics, creating a productive virtual environment to help your organization focus on its mission at hand.

Record clear and concise meeting details.

Minutes and notes are recorded in real-time giving you the ability to quickly capture ideas, tasks, decisions, and votes during the meeting without the challenge of shuffling between multiple tools and browsers.

Boardable Spotlight with Zoom - Scheduling Meeting

Boardable Spotlight now integrated with Zoom

Already using Zoom? Meeting organizers can integrate with Zoom and schedule meetings right from Boardable. Attendees can access meeting material and join Zoom directly from Boardable Spotlight. Eliminating separate meeting links and access codes.

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