Focus on Why You Meet, Not Where You Meet

Think about what your organization can accomplish when everyone is in sync. Empower your board and team to actively participate in meetings — look at the same documents, record votes and tasks, and work together — all in one place.

Keep Everyone on the Same Screen

Virtual and hybrid board meetings are here to stay. Spotlight's fully integrated video conferencing enables digital, face-to-face collaboration and minimizes distractions in a single-screen experience.

Capture Important Meeting Details While Staying Engaged

Capture ideas, tasks, decisions, and votes in a side-by-side view so that you can record the minutes and engage on video at the same time. With Spotlight, you won’t waste another minute shuffling through browser tabs and tools.

Boardable Spotlight with Zoom - Scheduling Meeting

Enhance the Zoom Meeting Experience

Maybe you’re not ready to make the switch from Zoom – we get it. Spotlight complements the tools you’re already using. We built the entire platform to encourage collaboration and keep you organized at all stages of the meeting lifecycle.

Streamline Board Management.

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