A Better Virtual Meeting Solution

Need to add a remote meeting option? You won’t need a separate link, a password, or anything else to bring everyone together virtually. With just one click, participants will have a more meaningful experience, from start to finish.

Boardable Meetings with Video - laptop

Everything you need in one place.

Video conferencing integrated seamlessly into your workflow allowing your board, staff, and committee members to collaborate face-to-face no matter where they are. Meetings with Video takes the emphasis off logistics, creating a productive virtual environment to help your organization focus on its mission at hand.

Boardable Meetings with Video - Minutes Maker

Record clear and concise meeting details.

Minutes and notes are recorded in real-time giving you the ability to quickly capture ideas, tasks, decisions, and votes during the meeting without the challenge of shuffling between multiple tools and browsers.

Boardable Meetings with Video - Grid View Document

Keep everyone on the same page.

Present Mode allows meeting facilitators to display important files allowing attendees to follow along during the presentation, holding their attention. Designated meeting participants can quickly access and download all meeting-related files directly from the Virtual Board Room.

Test drive this NEW meeting experience today!