Governance Committee Best Practices 

A board committee is a committee established by the board of directors and is responsible for carrying out specific governance responsibilities. Typically, a board committee is composed of the following committees: Nominating Committee – A nominating committee, also referred to as nominations and governance committees, is a group of board members responsible for the corporate […]


How To Use Your Annual Report For Board Engagement

As most nonprofits know, having an active, engaged board is essential to the success of any organization. Engagement—no matter how small—can help board members feel more connected to the mission and goals of the organization. And, it can reinforce the importance of their roles and the necessity of their involvement, encouraging them to fulfill their […]


Why Your Board Needs A Board Portal

Using digital technologies for board governance is an essential step for businesses today. When incorporating virtual meetings and other technology into all aspects of board governance, the benefits outweigh any potential downside. Board portals offer secure online spaces for meetings, information sharing, and many other tasks associated with board responsibilities. Board software solutions include searchable, […]


Corporate Governance Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Understanding your roles and responsibilities is often challenging for those new to serving on corporate governance committees. Due to the critical nature of governance committee roles and responsibilities, it is natural for you to have some doubts and worries going into this new position. Whether you are a new board admin, board liaison, or someone […]


Board of Directors Duties

The board of directors duties ranges from providing financial oversight to determining the best way to handle organizational resources. Boards are elected to represent shareholders and are thus tasked with a number of duties related to the success of the organization. Understanding board of directors responsibilities is crucial for new board members or those that […]


Tips & Best Practices for Associations

If you want to run a successful nonprofit association board, management should be structured so that each board member has their own unique set of responsibilities. Board members behave like a governing body and form a board of directors. So, what are the positions on a board of directors for a nonprofit? At Boardable, we […]


Boardable Provides a One-Stop Shop

Boardable Free gives boards and committees the tools to run productive meetings at no cost. INDIANAPOLIS, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boardable, a comprehensive board management platform, has released a new plan that is completely free for use by anyone ready to level up their board experience, Boardable Free. The new offering allows boards and committees to coordinate virtual […]


Book a Demo

See what Boardable can do for your mission. Schedule a demo today with one of our product experts, and experience our best-in-class product designed specifically for nonprofits. What Does a Demo Cover? Not sure if you’ve outgrown scattered spreadsheets and email threads? Our experienced team of nonprofit experts is passionate about helping non-profits figure out […]