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Quick Guide: Nonprofit Board Officer Role Descriptions

Kim Donahue Headshot - Boardable By Kim Donahue

If you aren't sure what the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board officer are, we outline them all here on the blog. Find the right people for the job when everyone knows what is expected of them.
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A Boardable testimonial video from board chair Carol Smith shows how the nonprofit board portal made meeting planning, document storage, communication, and engagement easier and more effective.
The key to board progress is to look forward. But is there also reason to look at the past? Nonprofit board governance expert Kim Donahue advises board leadership on how to strike a balance.
Sports organization software can take a team to the next level, but how do you pay for it? Read some simple ways to pay for tools that will pay for themselves in saved time.
New Boardable board management software hire, Michelle Mullen, office manager and recruiter.
A guide to starting nonprofit charity auctions from OneCause.
This quick guide to nonprofit leadership outlines board chair and executive director responsibilities.
Boardable's new Product Support Specialist, Kara O'Neil
The new Boardable features Reports and Goals allow nonprofit boards to track progress and performance on a variety of functions, such as attendance, task completion, meeting preparation, and much more.
Youth sports organization boards need to be extra careful to have effective communication strategies. Boardable has tips and
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