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Transforming Board Management: A Seamless Transition to Boardable

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Orlando, Florida

Central Florida Foundation stewards philanthropic dollars on behalf of individuals, families, and nonprofits. They partner with people who are determined to make a difference in their community. Knowing that true change demands more dollars and cents, they foster collaboration, fuel ideas, and spearhead the innovation that will transform their region for good.

Key Highlights

  • With Boardable’s guidance, Central Florida Foundation (CFF) seamlessly transitioned from paper-based to digital platforms, effortlessly engaging board members with intuitive tools and resources.
  • The platform’s ability to streamline agenda creation and meeting packet compilation reduced preparation time from days to hours, freeing staff to focus on mission-critical tasks.
  • Boardable’s accessibility and ease of use increased board member engagement. The platform’s mobile compatibility meant board members could participate fully, regardless of location or device.
  • Boardable’s hands-on Customer Success team was crucial in Central Florida Foundation’s successful adoption, providing personalized assistance and empowering CFF to maximize the platform’s potential.


As the region’s community foundation, the Central Florida Foundation serves as a launchpad for high-impact philanthropy. Championing the collective power of head, heart, and dollar, it coordinates the commitment and investment of philanthropists, nonprofits, and community partners to target today’s most critical challenges and those on the horizon to truly transform our community. The Foundation also offers expert advice, a personalized approach to managing charitable funds, and the capacity to convene collaboration across sectors.


Before Boardable, the Central Florida Foundation (CFF) faced significant operational hurdles, primarily in managing its board and committee operations. Beverly Grant, the Executive Assistant to the President | CEO, highlighted the cumbersome process of handling board packets and the reliance on inefficient and outdated platforms. When previous solutions proved inadequate, Beverly searched for a more effective tool. This journey led her to discover Boardable, attracted by its promise to streamline administrative tasks and enable a paperless environment.


After a 14-day trial, Boardable emerged as a game-changer for the Central Florida Foundation. Beverly was immediately impressed by its user-friendly interface and smooth transition process.

With the help of Boardable’s Customer Success team, Central Florida Foundation introduced the platform to its board members through a well-planned onboarding process supported by comprehensive training materials, including the Boardable Academy and hands-on orientation sessions.

The migration to Boardable was seamless. It was amazing.

– Beverly Grant, Executive Assistant to the President | CEO

Boardable’s Zoom integration hybrid meetings and the drag-and-drop functionality for assembling board packets revolutionized the Foundation’s operational capabilities. Beverly’s enthusiasm for additional Boardable features, such as template-based agenda creation and polling functionality, underscores the significant time savings and enhanced productivity experienced by the Central Florida Foundation.

Where it used to take 2-3 days to put together board packets, Beverly says it now only takes 1-2 hours to complete with Boardable — saving her valuable time and allowing her to focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Today’s Operations

Today, the administrative component vital to the success of Central Florida Foundation’s Board of Directors and committees, operates with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness, thanks to Boardable. Beverly expressed immense satisfaction with Boardable, noting, “It has made the board and committee meeting preparation very easy.”

It has made the board and committee meeting preparation very easy.

– Beverly Grant, Executive Assistant to the President | CEO

The platform has not only streamlined administrative processes but also empowered board members with the flexibility to access materials via various devices, fostering greater engagement and participation. In fact, over the last seven months, the Central Florida Foundation has recorded over 2,500 activities in Boardable. “If a notification comes up from Boardable,” says Beverly, “they’re able to be in the know and in the moment, at a moment’s notice.”

The Foundation’s commitment to a paperless environment is now a reality, with Boardable at the heart of its operations. Beverly now shares Boardable’s benefits with other organizations, further cementing the Foundation’s position as a leader in adopting innovative solutions for more significant impact.


The Central Florida Foundation’s journey with Boardable highlights the transformative power of the right technology in nonprofit board management. By leveraging Boardable’s comprehensive features and exceptional Customer Success team, Central Florida Foundation has streamlined its operations and set a new standard for board engagement and effectiveness, allowing it to focus more on its core mission of serving the community.

Boardable Features Used In This Case Study

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Agenda Builder

Start with a customizable template and easily share it with your team.

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Board Packet

Consolidate all meeting materials your board needs to be prepared and ready to participate.

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Polls & Votes

Record votes virtually for important decisions or survey your members.

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We know that what happens after a meeting is also critical. Keep post-meeting momentum going with a centralized hub your team can access before, during, and after meetings to promote autonomy and collaboration.


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