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Why Your Board Needs A Board Portal

Using digital technologies for board governance is an essential step for businesses today. When incorporating virtual meetings and other technology into all aspects of board governance, the benefits outweigh any potential downside. Board portals offer secure online spaces for meetings, information sharing, and many other tasks associated with board responsibilities.

Board software solutions include searchable, up-to-date instant access to information. The information is viewable through secure role-based access. Utilizing board portals, a secure web-based platform such as an app or a website, allows a board of directors to share their board books digitally. Some board members may be hesitant to take this sensitive information to an online platform. Board portals are proving to reduce the risk and added expense associated with paper board books.

Researching board portal software solutions is essential to finding the right solution for your company. A board portal comparison will show which features each platform includes. For example, Boardable’s all-in-one platform includes:

E-signatures are a critical component of a board portal. This vital feature can save board members valuable time and allow the board to function more effectively, which can be particularly important for those in the nonprofit sector. A board portal for nonprofits must have efficient capabilities. Nonprofits are often under urgent time constraints with their board and organization. The best nonprofit board portal will have one location for all board work.

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Board portal software can include legal e-signatures and real-time collaboration. Nonprofit boards and corporate boards run in similar ways. Yet, a significant difference involves compensation. Corporate board members are often paid employees or receive a compensation package for their service to the board. Nonprofit boards are usually not compensated. Keeping uncompensated board members engaged is a benefit of using a board portal.

Best Board Portals

Traditionally the board of directors meets in person one to four times a year. Committees then conduct business throughout the year, meeting more often and carrying out different tasks. These tasks often require paperwork and signatures. Boards are responsible for sensitive information that must be kept confidential. Moving important information and interactions online can be intimidating. It may be challenging to change the mindset of board members who are unfamiliar with board portals or may even be asking, “what is board management software?”

The best board portals have several features necessary for security and efficiency. The best board management software includes secure permissions. Permission capabilities limit access to information to only relevant committee members. Another critical security feature when researching board management software comparison is versioning control. Version control makes it easy to see what changes are made to documents and identify who made them.

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Small nonprofits have boards that must make mission-critical decisions. Using board management software for small nonprofits is an excellent way to expedite mission-critical decisions and carry them out. Board software solutions offer a way to meet any time, anywhere. Also, the best board portals allow board members to access essential information whenever it may be needed. Virtual collaboration can be especially empowering for small nonprofit boards of directors. Quick action in the nonprofit sector can make a big difference in mission-critical work.

Board Management Software

Board management software provides a secure online space that works as a digital boardroom. A board portal facilitates a collaborative platform. On this platform, the board of directors can meet, access documents, create agendas, and exchange information. In addition, secure online voting is vital as boards meet online. These functions allow ideas and decisions to become official. Creating a digital platform for board members empowers the board and the organizations they serve to take efficient action.

When researching board portals conducting a board management software comparison is crucial. Understanding how a board portal works will help you decide which platform to use for your company or organization. Boardable meets or exceeds expectations when it comes to functionality for board governance.

Board Portal Solutions

Board management software solutions provide a platform to help with all aspects of board governance and management. Board portal solutions are part of a board management software that helps organizations save time and enhance meeting effectiveness by streamlining collaboration efforts and decision-making processes. These software solutions are essential for boards, committees, and executive leadership teams.

Changing your mindset about what is secure in today’s world can be a challenge. When traditional boards meet in person, they may be trading paper documents and obtaining in-person signatures. Now, all board functions can be accomplished online through secure board portals. Understanding that paper documents are easily lost or placed in the wrong hands helps board members feel more confident about moving forward in a digital space.

Boards, committees, and executives can use a board portal solution for secure content sharing, thus eliminating risky email chains or cumbersome paper documents. All members of a committee can access and read documents simultaneously. A board portal management software solution uses current technology to help board members access what they need any time, anywhere. Certain features such as strict permissions and viewable change histories add another layer of security for sensitive information.

There are many benefits of using a board portal management solution. Centralized access to tools and information, quick meeting preparation, better governance, strong security, and paperless management help boards govern effectively. Today’s digital marketplace demands more attention from board members. Board portal solutions provide a way for board members to fulfill their responsibilities to satisfy their employees, organizations, and investors.

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Best Board Portal Software

Transitioning board meetings and responsibilities to a digital platform is critical in a world where most people work remotely and almost all business is conducted online. It is time for the board room to operate in a digital space. The question is, how? Board management software is a solution designed to help organizations digitize the board of directors and all committees, functions, and responsibilities. The first step is having an understanding of what is board management software? It is an online platform specifically designed to help with all aspects of board governance and management.

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Board Portal Pricing

The decision to take your board from in-person to online involves extensive research. Board management software comparison will include board portal pricing. Moving board responsibilities online may require an entire shift in mindset. Boards are often composed of people from different backgrounds and technical skill levels. This may make online platforms seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Board management software reviews are valuable resources when considering which board portal software to use. Choosing a solution that offers onboarding help and ongoing support is crucial for the long-term success of this transition.

Boardable is here to support all of your board portal needs. Our team would love to talk with you further about how we can streamline your organization. Schedule a demo today.

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