[VIDEO] How to Log In To Boardable for the First Time

Welcome to Boardable! We’re thrilled your organization is using Boardable to gain operational efficiencies. Watch this video for an overview of how to log in for the first time when you’ve been invited to join your board on Boardable. If you are an Administrator on your account, consider sharing this video with fellow board members who need assistance logging in to the board portal and setting up their profiles for the first time.

How to Log In To Boardable for the First Time


  1. Welcome Email: First, you will need to check your email inbox for the invitation from Boardable, and click the get started button. If you don’t see the invitation email, check your spam folder and be sure to whitelist boardable emails. You should have received an email with “Boardable” as the sender and a subject line that reads “[Your Organization Name] Invitation to Boardable.”Note: Your welcome email will be sent to the email address your Administrator used when adding you to your organization. If you cannot find the welcome email, reach out to your Administrator and ask them to re-invite you to join. You may also want to make sure you have whitelisted the Boardable system to ensure emails make it to your primary inbox.
  2. Creating Your Account: Once in the Boardable platform, you should see your name and login email at the top of the page. Verify that your name is correct. Next, from this page, create a password for your account. The password must be at least 8 characters long and commonly used passwords will be automatically rejected for your information’s safety. After reading the and accepting the Boardable Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click Join.
  3. Add to your Profile: Click on your profile image in the upper righthand corner and select My Profile. Here on the About Me section, you can fill out your personal and board service information.
  4. Upload a Profile Photo: Click on Profile Image to upload a profile photo so your fellow members can get to know you. You will be prompted to crop your photo to a square profile image. Then click Save.
  5. Add Contact Information: Under the Contact and Social section you can add another email where you want to receive boardable notifications in addition to receiving them at your login email. If you have an administrative assistant, this is the perfect spot to add his or her email. Your contact information on this section will be visible to other users in your portal. Your fellow board members to be able to view this information from the People Directory, and you can include social media profile links so that your teammates can connect with you. Note: Adding this information is optional.To help other board members contact you quickly, you can add a preferred contact email and phone number. Your contact email may be different from your login email.
  6. Welcome Aboard: Finally, click dashboard in the right hand menu, and you’re in! You can return to your profile to update your Profile Settings, or you can begin exploring your Boardable Dashboard.

A final tip for success: Bookmark app.boardable.com/login on your favorite web browser so logging in a second time is even easier!

Welcome to Boardable!

Welcome aboard! Visit our Boardable Academy for further training on our product. There, you will find more videos tutorials, written guides, and other quick-start resources to manage your team and run better board meetings. You will also find a list of upcoming LIVE training webinars, both for account Administrators and Boardable users.

If you have questions or concerns as you are learning and becoming familiar with Boardable, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Product Support team. We are here and happy to help you along the way. You can find us via the support chat bubble located on the lower right-hand corner of your screen, or you can email us at support@boardable.com.

We look forward to working with you!