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Move from BoardPaq to Boardable for Better Board Management

If your organization is transitioning from BoardPaq, schedule a demo to learn how Boardable can offer a more focused and effective board management experience tailored to nonprofit needs.

Begin Your Transition with Confidence

Shift from BoardPaq to Boardable and elevate your nonprofit’s board management without missing a beat. Experience the commitment, innovation, and tailored functionality that only Boardable can offer.

Exclusively Nonprofit

Boardable is exclusively dedicated to serving nonprofits. We understand your unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring our features and future innovations are perfectly aligned with your mission.

All-in-One Platform

With Boardable, the need for additional tools like Zoom is eliminated. Our video conferencing feature integrates all meeting essentials in one place, streamlining your process and saving valuable resources.

Product screenshot of Smart Meetings feature - agenda view.

Superior User Experience

Move from BoardPaq to a platform where ease of use is paramount. Boardable’s intuitive design ensures you spend less time learning software and more time engaging with your board on what truly matters.

Product screenshot of Digital Board Packet feature - pdf view.

Innovative Edge

As you shift away from BoardPaq, step into a space where innovation thrives. Venture-backed and rapidly evolving, Boardable is not weighed down by corporate integration, unlike other board solutions. Expect continuous enhancements directly beneficial to your nonprofit, like our universally compatible calendar integration.

Expert Support

Our customer experience team specializes in nonprofit board management and offers unmatched support as you transition from BoardPaq. With Boardable, you gain more than a platform; you gain a partnership.

Get More Done With Boardable

Experience a live demo of our platform see how we tackle real-world challenges head-on.

Considering BoardEffect?  

We consistently earn top reviews, and as an independent, venture-backed company, we innovate more rapidly than any other player in the industry. See what makes us different—discover the benefits today.

G2 Crowd 2023 Board Management Software ReportBoardable RatingsBoardEffect Ratings
Ease of Use98.9
Ease of Administration9.18.8
Ease of Setup9.28.9
Meets Requirements8.89
Ease of Doing Business9.49.2
Quality of Support9.49.1

Features That Help To Meet The Standards of Excellence

Groups icon

Groups & Committees

Organize board committees and easily track engagement with records of activity to increase continuity in your organization.

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Document center icon

Document Center

View all your files in one, secure place including board agreements, articles of the organization, onboarding materials, and continual developmental plans.

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Smart Meetings

Effortlessly schedule meetings. Our platform automatically connects to calendars and tracks RSVPs.

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Access your board’s engagement activity to uncover areas of opportunity. Run reports on individuals, committees, or the overall organization to ensure everyone’s focused on what’s important.

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Task Manager

Each board member can view their assigned tasks and due dates from their personal dashboard or mobile app, making it easy to stay on top of action items. Visibility of action steps helps create a more proactive board.

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It’s more important than ever to protect your information. Leave sensitive information out of email and use Discussions to securely share files and messages. Always get the right eyes on your conversations and files.

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