The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Board Governance

Learn everything you need to know to provide a solid framework for your team.

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You’re probably familiar with that nagging question most boards have from time to time: Are all of our bylaws, documents, and board member policies in good shape? It’s a lot to keep on top of, so we created this comprehensive guide to help you make sure all your bases are covered.

Download the guide and share it at your next board meeting to start these important conversations today. Your leadership will sleep easy at night, knowing that governance provisions are in place to safeguard your nonprofit into the future.

Learn what your board needs to be including in governance conversations:

  • What documents should you have saved and accessible?

    Learn which records are required by law and which are helpful for efficiency. From budgets to meeting minutes, make sure you're keeping the right documents handy.

  • Do you have bylaws and procedures to cover important situations?

    Find out best practices for common board activities like voting and writing board member role descriptions. Double check your whistleblower and conflict of interest policies, too.

  • How will you ensure board member and staff recruitment are diverse and inclusive?

    Get a better understanding of what diversity and inclusion truly looks like, and how to preserve good practices long-term. BONUS: Board member profile matrix.

Use this free ebook to harness your board’s strengths and improve on weak areas with actionable tips for strengthening governance.

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Download The Complete Nonprofit Board Governance Guide
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