[VIDEO] How to Use the Boardable Minutes Maker Tool

Are you a legacy Boardable user? Here is a video tutorial on how to use Boardable’s Minutes Maker tool to take minutes during board meetings.

If you are on an Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise plan in Boardable, your Meeting Minutes and Notes tutorial is here.

Please note that in order to use the Minutes Maker tool, a meeting agenda needs to be created using Boardable’s Agenda Builder. Furthermore, only users assigned as Administrators, Group Owners, and Meeting Collaborators have access to the Minutes Maker feature.

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Using Boardable’s Meeting Minutes Maker Tool

The Minutes Maker tool rounds out the feature set of Boardable’s meeting management experience. Set your board up for success by creating an effective agenda with our Agenda Builder, then follow up and hold your board members accountable with our Minutes Maker tool.

To take minutes, open a meeting that was created using Boardable’s Agenda Builder. On the right side, you will see an option to “Take Minutes.” If the Agenda Builder was not used to create the Agenda, then the Minutes function will not be an option.

If you would like to add notes to an agenda item, click on the item, enter text into the text box, and then select whether your note pertains to a Note, a Task, or a Decision that was made or needs to be made.

Here is an example of a Note being created for an agenda item in the Minutes Maker tool:

Here is an example of a Task being created and assigned to someone using the Boardable Minutes Maker tool:

When you are finished taking meeting minutes, select the “Publish Minutes” button so all of the meeting attendees can see the meeting minutes:

Once the board meeting minutes are published, they will appear as a new section on the meeting page. Choose to open them within the board portal or to open and download the meeting minutes as a PDF document:

Any tasks that were created using the Minutes Maker tool will also appear on the meeting page.

After you have published your Meeting Minutes you will have the option to send out a Meeting Summary. You can customize your Meeting Summary with a cover page, a list of attendees and tasks, a copy of the original agenda, and of course your meeting minutes. Send all of this via email from right inside the Boardable platform.

Boardable’s Minutes Maker tool and Task Manager feature are designed to help you make the most of your nonprofit board meetings. Please send us your feedback about how they work for you.

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