FEATURE UPDATE: Public Pages, Board Packet Quick Print, and More

Boards have specific needs, and we have been listening to all your feedback. What we heard is that while boards continue to work on being more digital and preparing to conduct virtual meetings, features to provide more accessible information are more needed than ever. Here are the biggest additions to board meeting and meeting follow-through features in Boardable.

Board Packet Quick Print: Prepare for Board Meetings with One Digital or Printed PDF

(Available for Professional and Enterprise Plans)

A board meeting might have several documents for board members to review in preparation. Rather than separately opening each agenda, budget, or committee report, with Board Packet Quick Print, all the meeting documents are pulled into one PDF to review online or print out. With that PDF, board members can easily scroll through board meeting documents on any device or print them for reference during the meeting. You can read more about Board Packet Quick Print in our release notes.

Select whether you want to open meeting documents in a single PDF or print them.

Select which document to combine into a single PDF or to print.

Public Pages: Share Your Meeting Info Outside of Boardable Users

Many boards are required by law to share meeting agendas and details with the public. Others simply wish to notify people outside of their Boardable account of meeting details. With the Public Pages feature, you can create a public link to meeting details that you can share with a few people or the whole community. You can learn more about the Public Pages feature here.

Select which meeting details you wish to make public.

With the Public Meeting Pages feature in Boardable allows you to make meeting details public.

Public Pages creates a link you can share with others.

With the Public Meeting Pages feature in Boardable allows you to make meeting details public.

Notifications Upgrades and Broadcast Messages: Improve Productivity Between Meetings

(Broadcast Messages Available for Professional and Enterprise Plans)

For Boardable administrators, the upgrades to our notification settings and the ability to send a “Broadcast” message will greatly improve effectiveness between board meetings. Some of the new notification features include a personal log of each user’s notifications, an organizational log of notifications sent (Professional and Enterprise plans), and the ability to search notifications. Meeting admins can now also send notifications about meetings to only specific people, such as those who have not RSVPd to the meeting or to just the meeting collaborators. Broadcast messages are the perfect tool to send a message to Boardable users independently of a group or meeting. Use this Professional or Enterprise level feature to send messages to your team at any time.

Search and review your personal notifications.

Review your personal notifications in Boardable with the new notifications upgrades.

Specify which members of a group or meeting will receive a notification of an action in Boardable.

With the new notifications upgrades in Boardable, admins can send reminder notifications to specific people.

Use Broadcast Messages to communicate with your team independently of a meeting or group.

Use Broadcast Messages to communicate with your team at any time.

Remote URL Meeting Field: Keep the Details of Virtual Meetings Accessible

Finally, we know that more and more boards are moving to virtual meetings. Whether due to geography, scheduling conflicts, or conserving resources, virtual meeting tools are increasingly important. We have integrated this trend into the Meeting Center with a dedicated field for virtual meeting links. You can simply enter the link of the video conferencing software of your choice or the phone number of your conference line, along with any needed pins or passcodes. The information will travel with your meeting details in Boardable.

Enter the URL of your virtual meeting software, or the phone number for teleconference options.

Boardable Video Options

The virtual meeting link or phone number travels with the meeting details throughout Boardable, including the agenda.


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