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Whether you’re an established nonprofit with an experienced executive committee, or a young organization making sure all your bases are covered, governance is a complex topic. This checklist was designed by our board governance “coach”, Kim Donahue to help you sort it out.

Free Board Governance Checklist

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free download of board governance checklist

Be sure your nonprofit can answer all the questions on this list, everything from your mission to your bylaws. Kim suggests tackling a few questions each board meeting or executive committee meeting. You can also assign a few to each member to research before a board retreat.

If you start to go through the checklist and find you need some guidance, we’ve got that covered, too. You can search the Boardable Resource Library for Board Evaluation and Board Best Practices blog posts and webinars. Need some one-on-one help? Contact Coach Kim about office hours (hint: they are complimentary with a “Small” or larger Boardable subscription!).


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