Who are we?

Boardable was founded by mission-driven founders to serve community organizations. Our mission is to increase board member engagement. What we have built is both a software platform and a purpose-driven company that serves those who serve their communities.

Boardable sprang from a stroke of serendipity. It started when the United Way of Central Indiana approached Indianapolis-based creative agency SmallBox and its software arm, Gravy Lab, with a problem. UWCI’s ambitious mission and rising tide of support made it critical for the organization to find a faster, more organized way to engage with its more than 400 board and committee members. That’s not an issue organizations typically bring to creative agencies, but SmallBox, then led by eventual Boardable CEO Jeb Banner, specializes in serving mission-oriented organizations. That approach not only endears the agency to nonprofits, it also attracts talent and leadership passionate about making an impact at the community level. Banner and several of Boardable’s future co-founders knew the pain points of board engagement and how they made organizations less effective. They had already founded their own nonprofits, and served on multiple boards. Furthermore, they knew that most board management software options are too expensive for community nonprofits. Seeing an opportunity, they designed an online portal that unified boards, committees, and organizations in one place. With that, they founded Boardable. The opportunity they saw was quickly realized. UWCI soon became one of Boardable’s first customers, and less than a year after the company’s founding, Boardable became a preferred provider to the United Way Worldwide Network Purchasing Program.

Meet the Team
Jeb Banner
Jeb Banner

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

As the CEO and a Founder of Boardable, Jeb is passionate about community nonprofits, entrepreneurship, and more. He also founded SmallBox, a creative agency for mission-driven organizations, and is co-founder of The Speak Easy and founder of Musical Family Tree, both 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Jeff Middlesworth
Jeff Middlesworth


An experienced SaaS executive, advisor, and investor, Jeff brings a wealth of expertise in delivering innovative solutions to market that delight customers and drive business success. He has held leadership positions at high-growth companies such as ExactTarget, Salesforce.com, Branding Brand, and Emma.

Andy Clark is Chief Operating Officer and a Founder at Boardable.
Andy Clark

Chief Operations Officer and Founder

As a Founder and COO, Andy helps guide Boardable’s growth by making sure each team has the information and resources needed for success. He is also active on several nonprofit and for-profit boards and has held leadership roles with companies such as ExactTarget and Appirio, and co-founded HoverCrowd, Zworks, and The Speak Easy.Senior.

Laura Clark
Laura Clark

Customer Experience Advocate and Founder

Laura’s love of service and giving back make her a natural fit as a Customer Experience Advocate. She ensures that Boardable delivers a positive brand experience by drawing upon her long history of working with and for multiple nonprofits. That gives her a keen sense of what tools will help customers realize their mission on a case-by-case basis.

Krista Martin
Krista Martin

VP of Product & Growth

Krista brings more than a decade of product experience to her role, and believes that technology is only successful when coupled with human connection. She’s determined to provide valuable solutions to boards that empower them to accomplish mission-critical work. She’s also an advocate for workplace vulnerability, maternal health, pre-K literacy, and ending human trafficking.

Celine North

VP of Sales

A true entrepreneurial spirit, Celine loves collaborating with enterprise-level organizations and creating lasting partnerships that help clients achieve their business goals. Her extensive and diverse experience in sales ranges from Silicon Valley startups to a portfolio of Fortune 500 accounts. She enjoys remote-work life and spending time with her family in Rhode Island and Florida.

Samantha Alarie-Leca, director of customer success at Boardable
Samantha Alarie-Leca

Sr. Director of Customer Success

Samantha brings a rich nonprofit background to Boardable’s Customer Success team. With a masters degree in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, she is both knowledgeable and passionate about helping Boardable customers make the most of the board member experience.

Amiksha Patel

Principal, Customer Success

Amiksha has 20+ years of experience working in recruitment marketing and partnering and building client relationships with small and large enterprise clients. She has worked with a variety of SaaS platforms throughout the years and enjoys providing strategic guidance to help solve customer problems. She loves to live in the moment, volunteer, travel to unique places, listen to music, and create memories with friends and family.

Katie Cordell, Boardable Customer Success Manager
Katie Cordell

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Katie’s entire career has been in local and national nonprofit organizations, starting with an MPA in nonprofit management and philanthropic studies. All this work in the philanthropic field has fed her drive to remove barriers for boards so they can focus more on their missions. When she isn’t building relationships with orgs at Boardable, she is hitting the trails with her dog, Lexi.

Zach Tsuleff

Customer Success Manager

Zach has worked for both an IT consulting company and a major nonprofit understanding both worlds that Boardable lives in and how they can be successful together. He is ready to help organizations reach their goals and further their mission by removing barriers and pain points. In his spare time, Zach enjoys woodworking, fantasy sports, and spending time with his family.

Ilaria Constine

Customer Success Manager

Ilaria joins Boardable with experience in both the sales and customer success world. She looks forward to consulting customers to use Boardable which will help them grow their business and achieve their full potential. In her free time, she loves to travel, spend time with her dog Crash, and compete in equestrian show jumping.

Meredith Simmons is a Customer Marketing Manager at Boardable.
Meredith Simmons

Senior Program Manager, CS

After working in customer relations at other SaaS companies, Meredith is excited to tie her years of nonprofit board experience into her professional life. She is passionate about getting to know customers and making sure their stories are heard by the Boardable team. When she’s not working on her MBA, she loves to sew and quilt outside work hours.

Alexa Yoo

Onboarding Specialist

Alexa has been involved with mission-driven organizations for years seeing firsthand the impact that such organizations could have on underserved communities. She is excited to work directly with boards to streamline communications, allowing them to run operations more smoothly and efficiently. Outside of work, she loves to cook, bake, paint, and draw.

John Applegate, Boardable Sales
John Applegate

Sales Manager

John helps clients solve complex, strategic business problems and position themselves for success. This deep understanding of sales and customer experience comes from years of customer-facing roles. John looks forward to working with organizations to make a greater impact on their mission. In his free time he enjoys traveling, the great outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Robyn Hughes is an account representative with Boardable.
Robyn Hughes

Account Representative

Robyn has more than 15 years of sales experience, with 6 of those being in a SaaS environment like Boardable. She sees meeting customer needs as a challenge to take on, and she loves to win together. She unwinds her competitive spirit by spending time outside biking, walking, gardening, and exploring national parks.

Jenna Robertson

Account Representative

Jenna has 10 + years of sales experience where she helped organizations and nonprofits plan and execute successful fundraisers and meetings. She looks forward to offering Boardable customers a product that will assist them in accomplishing their goals and mission. In her free time, Jenna enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and Beagle puppy – Lola. Their favorite family activity is going to theme parks!

Jenny Moritz

Account Representative

Jenny has over a decade of experience in SaaS sales in San Francisco, California, and Barcelona. She is passionate about bringing solutions to customers and helping them be more efficient in their work. Jenny enjoys family time, cooking, bike rides, yoga, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.

Fabian Pantoja

Sr. Account Executive

Fabian is extremely passionate about leveraging tech to empower engagement, automate mundane tasks, and let people get back to their real mission. He is currently a board member at Us in Technology and understands the pain of not having a reliable platform to store all board materials. Fabian is ready to partner and support mission-driven orgs that support their communities. In his free time, you can find him collecting vinyl, supporting his local minority-owned coffee shops, and listening to music all day.

Boardable Nonprofit Board Management Software Portal Digital Marketing Specialist, Sarah Wallace.
Sarah Wallace

Director of Operations

Sarah brings a rich background in policy, compliance, and marketing from years of experience working for Google and Ask Media Group. She loves developing systems and processes that boost efficiency, managing projects effectively, and generally clearing the way to aid in her teammates’ success. She lives in Indianapolis and serves on two nonprofit boards.

Robert Perry
Robert Perry

Sales Operations Manager

Robert tailored his academic life around experiencing different cultures with studying abroad, “Semester at Sea,” many trips, and working abroad. He brings this curiosity and enthusiasm for learning about others to his position at Boardable. As Sales Operations Analyst, Robert serves across teams unifying the customer journey and assisting all departments.

Ashley Woodring

Sales Development Representative

Ashley comes to Boardable with 10 years of experience working in the nonprofit world. She understands the pain points of our customers which has created the perfect opportunity to combine her passion for mission-based organizations with SaaS solutions. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, going on adventures, and attending concerts.

Heather Fjelstad

Sales Development Representative

Heather spent 12 years as an educator and advocate for at-risk students. She later entered the sales world and became hooked on helping customers with their pain points and establishing solutions. She looks forward to developing relationships with customers and introducing them to Boardable. Heather is passionate about organizational health, mission-driven organizations, and empowering and mentoring educators and women in the workplace.

Kurt Gilmore is the Director of Digital Marketing at Boardable.
Kurt Gilmore

Director of Digital Marketing

Not content to guess at what potential customers need to know or are interested in, Kurt is passionate about using data and insights to create marketing strategies across digital channels. He uses this holistic approach in leading the digital marketing team, too. Outside of work, Kurt takes off his analytical hat to cheer his daughters on at their sporting events.

Liz Ventura

Content Marketing Manager

Liz comes to Boardable with an extensive content background, passion for storytelling, and understanding of customers’ needs and challenges. She looks forward to elevating the brand and cultivating better customer experiences. In her free time, she plays the organ, reads and writes fiction, and loves Star Wars.

Nicole Lavric

Digital Marketing Manager

Nicole is a results-oriented marketing expert with 10 + years of experience in planning, developing, and implementing effective marketing strategies. She is passionate when it comes to digital marketing, social media, and data analysis. In her free time, Nicole loves volunteering, cheering on the Steelers, seeing live music with her husband, and spending time with her dog, Rosalita (named after Springsteen’s song).

Rachel Charboneau

Marketing Operations Manager

Rachel has several years of experience working in the nonprofit space and Saas industry. Her passion for both areas makes her a great fit for Boardable’s next stage of growth. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys writing music, spending time with family, going to the beach or desert, watching The Office/Schitts Creek reruns, and trying new coffee spots!

Amalia Howard
Amalia Howard

Multimedia Designer

Amalia comes to Boardable with seven years of experience working in marketing and communications for international nonprofit organizations. Her main areas of expertise are videography, graphic design, and photography. She is passionate about visual storytelling and excited to bring more video and imagery to tell the story of Boardable.

Daniel Gardiner is the Senior Director of Engineering at Boardable.
Daniel Gardiner

VP of Engineering

Specializing in scaling engineering teams with startups, Daniel has the perfect background for Boardable’s growing engineering team. His focus is on making improvements to the software that will delight and surprise our customers. In addition to his leadership and software testing expertise, he is also an inventor and lifelong learner.

Joe Downey
Joe Downey

Principal Software Engineer and Founder

Joe strives to make Boardable the best nonprofit board management software by building, testing, and updating its tools in his role as Senior Product Developer. In addition to co-founding Boardable, he also co-founded several other companies, including SmallBox and Gravy Lab. He dreams in code and sustains himself mostly on Diet Coke.

Dave Dozier is a senior software engineer at Boardable.
Dave Dozier

Software Engineer

Having worked in just about every facet of the Information Technology field, Dave brings a variety of skills to Boardable. As a Software Engineer, he is leveraging his broad knowledge of IT to help improve and extend Boardable’s industry leading platform. Dave is an amateur Disc Golfer where he enjoys participating in local tournaments and casual rounds with friends.

Pratik Jhaveri

Senior Software Engineer

Pratik has been working with startups for 10 + years building applications from small to large scale. He is excited to bring his experience to Boardable with the full software development lifestyle from requirement gathering to designing, building, and support. During his time away from work you can find Pratik hanging out with friends, family, and working with prototype next-level technology.

Aaron Van Ruler

Senior Engineer, Growth

Aaron brings in years of experience working in nonprofit, higher education, and SaaS industries. He has built a website platform for accountants and understands the importance of creating software to save time, energy, and resources. Aaron is excited to build tools within Boardable to help every customer achieve these goals. When he is not working, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, friends, and golfing.

Callie Riggs is a software developer at Boardable.
Callie Riggs

Software Engineer

When Callie is writing software code, her mind is always on how she can make a better experience for the end-user and make their job easier. She combines this drive to make an excellent product with a desire to understand nonprofit customers every day at Boardable. When she isn’t coding, she can be found hiking, biking, and traveling.

Matthew Beargie

Software Engineer

As a software developer, Matthew has built web applications that are both business-facing and customer-facing, giving him a great understanding of business needs from a software perspective. He is looking forward to building amazing tools for Boardable customers, with the goal of them sharing it with a friend, or two! Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Playing Mario Kart with his son is a fun way to spend time, especially because he can’t beat him (yet)!

Neer Patel

Growth Product Designer

Neer comes from the tech consulting world as a UX designer, where she was the lead designer for a multi-billion dollar account, focusing on customer experience and user accessibility. Her goal is to now help mission-based companies that are creating a positive impact on the world. In Neer’s free time you can find her hiking, biking, spending time outside, reading, and taking care of her plants.

Eleanor Hamilton

User Experience Designer

Eleanor is a recent graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design and minors in Communications and Psychology. Her background has given her a people-centered mentality, allowing her to design while keeping Boardable customers at the forefront. She is excited to be at Boardable and help those who are helping others! When not designing, Eleanor enjoys all things performing (singing, acting, dancing, you name it!), doing anything creative, and spending time with her kitten, Violet.

Ryan Dougal

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Ryan has 10 + years of experience working in the technology industry teaching him the importance of building sophisticated products to make life easier. When Ryan is not helping customers reach their goals with the right tools, he can be found golfing, swimming, BBQing, partaking in CrossFit, or enjoying a wine tasting.

Ieshia Hill Product Marketing Manager new hire at Boardable.
Ieshia Hill

Product Marketing Manager

Ieshia has a strong history of working with tech companies to deliver the best product possible while effectively communicating with customers to support their success. When she isn’t coordinating across multiple departments to help her company achieve big goals, Ieshia enjoys playing basketball and doing pencil sketches.

Eric Peters is the Director of Product Management at Boardable.
Eric Peters

Director of Product Management & UX

There’s not much in SaaS design and product management that Eric hasn’t seen in his +10 years in the space. He enthusiastically puts his experience toward understanding the customer and improving their experience. Eric can also recite Frozen with his three daughters when he isn’t hiking and biking.

Kara O'Neil is Product Support Specialist at Boardable
Kara O'Neil

Director of Product Support

Trained in nutrition and culinary arts, Kara started her product support career in the food industry where she helped franchises around the world. She feels that same international, ambitious energy at Boardable. Outside of work, Kara produces art through watercolors and embroidery.

Brody White is a technical support specialist at Boardable.
Brody White

Sr. Product Support Specialist

With Brody’s experience in building boards and nonprofit fundraising, as well as an interest in software development, he is well aware of the challenges facing nonprofits with new technology. Outside of running, dancing, and playing tennis, Brody can be found volunteering with local nonprofits.

Amber Stone

Product Support Specialist

Amber joins Boardable with 6 years of experience in software configuration and support, allowing her to harness the power of technology to empower customers. She is looking forward to helping customers thrive and be successful. Amber enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, and gaming!

David Santiago

Software QA Engineer

David’s educational background in Psychology paired with his web development experience allows him to support technical bugs and promote the end-user experience. Outside of work, David enjoys hiking and exploring new places with friends.

Boardable Nonprofit Board Management Software Portal Senior Data Analyst, Ben Smith.
Ben Smith

Principal Data Scientist

With a diverse background in data science and musical instruction at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Ben brings an analytical mind to the Boardable team. He digs into customer behavior in the software platform to identify areas for product improvement and feature additions. An Alaska native, Ben resides in Indianapolis and is involved in various musical projects.

Gabby VanAlstine is the Director of Talent at Boardable.
Gabby VanAlstine

Sr. Director of Talent & Culture

Gabby has experience building teams at both tech startups and nonprofits, which means she is the perfect person to help Boardable scale a diverse and talented team. She is excited to help Boardable continue to be a place that attracts the best people. She carries her high standards into her off-hours, when she likes to read about leadership, do pure barre classes and hang with her golden doodle, Dolly Parton.

Jason Ward, Co-Founder of Boardable
Jason Ward


As a Founder, Jason brings insights from his extensive background in the nonprofit, software development, and creative services spaces. He is founder and President of RocketBuild, and volunteers frequently outside of work. Currently, he is President of Montessori Garden Academy’s board of directors.

Eric Tobias is a board member at High Alpha and Boardable.
Eric Tobias

Board Member

Eric is an Internet executive with over 20 years of experience in creating, scaling, and exiting innovative technology businesses. Eric enjoys the challenge of growing businesses from startup to acquisition, and brings that enthusiasm and knowledge to Boardable’s team. He joined the board upon investment from High Alpha, where he is a partner.

Steve Johns
Steve Johns

Board Member

Steve brings more than 30 years of technology, corporate development, venture capital, and entrepreneurship experience to the Boardable board. He has served in an investing and leadership capacity at both Fortune 500 and start-up companies. Steve is currently the CEO of OneCause, a nonprofit digital fundraising platform.

Rexhi Dollaku is a board member for Boardable, representing the venture capital firm Base10.
Rexhi Dollaku

Board Member

Since his time studying Economics at Harvard, Rexhi (pronounced “Reggie”) has been active in the venture capital and private equity fields, especially in the area of tech startups. He is now a principal at Base10, one of the primary venture capital investors behind Boardable. Outside of the board room, he enjoys live music and soccer.

Our Values


We are motivated to succeed.


We do what we say we will do.


We believe everyone has value.


We push each other to win, and winning is fun.


We take time to listen and understand.

Our team would love to get to know you.