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Boardable Video

Revolutionize Your Board Meetings with Boardable Video

Ignite engagement, simplify your workflows, and unlock unmatched functionality. Boardable Video transforms your board meetings into seamless, dynamic experiences, all within one powerful platform.

Drive Engagement to New Heights

Keep Everyone Focused and Participating
Boost your board meetings with advanced features designed for maximum engagement.

Enhanced Agenda
Stay aligned with clear, detailed agendas that guide your meetings effectively.

In-Meeting Navigation and Experience
Experience a seamless navigation with an intuitive interface that enhances partcipation.

Updated Chat
Facilitate dynamic discussions with updated chat functionalities, including reactions and chat download capabilities.

Multiple Screen Share Options
Share multiple screens simultaneously for a more interactive and engaging meeting experience.

Breakout Rooms (Coming Soon)
Encourage smaller group collaborations with breakout rooms, which are perfect for focused discussions.

Capture Every Detail with
AI-Powered Summarization and Transcription

Make Every Meeting Count
Get the most out of your meetings with intelligent AI features designed to keep everyone on the same page.

AI Summarization
Automatically summarize meetings to track decisions and action items more easily.

Captions and Transcripts
There’s no need to uproot the current tools that work for your board. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Zoom, or you can include a link from Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Attendees can join the meeting and view documents without having to search for separate links.

Boardable Video Webinar Recording

Watch our Summer Innovation Webinar to explore Boardable Video and why you’ll love it!

Streamline with Superior Video Functionality

Experience Top-Notch Video Performance
Enjoy smoother, clearer video calls with enhanced performance features tailored for nonprofits.

Network Connection Diagnostic
Ensure uninterrupted video meetings with automatic network issue diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Integrated Video Conferencing
Combine essential board management tools with modern video conferencing for a seamless meeting experience.

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Tailored for Nonprofits: Simplified and Inclusive

Address Your Unique Challenges

Boardable Video is designed specifically for nonprofits, ensuring efficient communication and seamless operations. 

Accessible Anywhere 

Engage every participant with features designed for accessibility and mobile access. 

Enhanced Meeting Efficiency 

Consolidate board materials and video conferencing in one platform to reduce preparation, learning curves, and meeting time. 

Improved Engagement 

Integrate meeting tools and board management features intuitively to drive better engagement. 

Cost Savings 

Save money by reducing the need for other third-party video conferencing tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between screen sharing and presenting a document?

Screensharing involves broadcasting the contents of a computer screen or window to other participants. Presenting a document allows you to present the file contents and easily navigate larger documents right from Boardable Video. Unlike screenshare the document is linked to the meeting and allows for annotations. For more on presenting, please see our help article here.

Where can I find pricing information?

Please visit for the latest pricing information — this will be updated to reflect pricing for new customers. Paid customers as of May 29, 2024 will have Boardable Video included in their plans.

What languages are supported for Boardable Video (and for what functionality)?

Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal), Русский, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe, ქართული, 日本語. Please see this help article for more information.

Where are recordings saved?

When saving a recording, you also have an additional option to save it in the Document Center for easy retrieval. Please see this Help Article for more information.

What devices are supported?

Boardable Video Conferencing is accessible via the web app ( on all popular browsers, the desktop app, and the mobile app. For the best possible experience with access to all features, please use one of the first options mentioned on a desktop or laptop.

How do people join if they forget a password?

There is a convenient option presented for those that forget a password or are wanting to log in without a password.

What accessibility options is there for Boardable Video?

Boardable video includes access to keyboard shortcuts as well as multiple languages for the interface. Additionally, accessibility preferences set before joining a Boardable Video session are observed by the interface during the session. Translation of transcripts is currently not supported.

How many people can be on a Boardable Video conference at one time?

Currently, 250 people can be in a Boardable Video Conference at one time; if you need a larger group please contact support ( and we’d be happy to work with you to increase your capacity.

Do I have Boardable Video in my plan?

Paid customers of Boardable as of May 30, 2024 will have Boardable Video included in their plans. Future customers will pay for the add on of Boardable Video.

Does chat automatically get saved?

Chat clears out completely after the last person present in the meeting leaves. If users join the meeting again the next day they will not see any chats from their previous session. Downloading the chat will save the current messages in the chat

What are best practices for captions?

If trying to improve caption quality, use a headset (or mic) that is dedicated for conference calls. Please note, the experience is optimized for remote users. If everyone is in the same physical room, the captions will appear as the person who’s device is being utilized. This could still be helpful for some users.

What about mobile?

Boardable video will be optimized for the mobile app and mobile browser screen sizes.

What is the privacy/security of the AI tool being used?

The AI Tools that we use do not store data from our system (Zero Retention Policy).

Will my content be indexed elsewhere, I am worried about AI, etc?

AI will be opt in for all organizations We will retain your personal information for the length of time needed to fulfill our business purposes unless otherwise required or permitted by law. Any Customer Data that we have access to shall be retained, stored, and deleted according to our agreement with our business customer. We store data on servers in the U.S. To turn on the AI functionality please follow the steps on this Help Article.

What are the new features I can expect with Boardable Video?

The core features that have been added are below:

  • Transcriptions
  • Network Status Tool
  • Breakout Rooms (Beta)
  • Reactions
  • Background Effects Including Blurring
  • Improved video tile experience
  • Concurrent screen share capability (as well as screen share along with doc share)
  • Ability to pin your own tile
  • Significantly improved video recording
  • Compiled transcript
  • Summary (AI)
How do I schedule a video meeting within Boardable?

This Help Article will walk you through this process.

Can I integrate Boardable Video with my existing calendar?

There are no changes to this and it behaves as before.

What happens if the video connection is unstable during a meeting?

If you have an unstable connection or limited bandwidth, turning off your outgoing video feed as well as others incoming feeds can help with stability.

Is there a limit to the length of video meetings?

There is no specific limit.

Can I invite external guests to join Boardable Video meetings?

Guests will continue to be added via the same process today with Spotlight meetings (No difference in process for Guest access). The user can add Guests in the create or edit meeting page and the guest will get an email asking them to create an account if they haven’t already or to login if they already have an account in Boardable.

Will transcripts filter out profanity?

No, transcripts do not have filters on them.

When someone does not have video will a profile picture display?

No, currently just names.

How do I access the summarization and can it be edited?

Summary and Recording tab in the meeting page. The Summary, Key Points, and Next Steps will appear only when AI is enabled AND there is a transcript to process for the meeting. It will not be editable in the initial release – potential changes based on feedback.

Does Spotlight go away?

Yes, Boardable Video is completely replacing Spotlight. Please note: all previous meetings links and invites will function properly.

Will you still support a Zoom and other 3rd party video conferencing tools?

Yes, this will continue to be supported.

Can you use Boardable Video, but not record the meeting?

Yes, recording is optional.

Who will have access to the Recordings and Summaries? Can those be controlled by the Admins?

When starting the recording, the user has the option to select who will have access to the recording. If Limited is selected then only that meeting’s collaborators and all Admin will have access to the recording part. Members and Observers will not be able to see the recording but will get the parts of the Summary and Recording tab.

Can I still leverage AI summarization functionality without recording my meeting?

Yes, AI summarization only requires you to enable transcription.

Essential for Boards & Committees of Every Size.

“Boardable makes it easy to collaborate with the various group administrators in putting together the agenda and collecting materials for the meeting…. My absolute favorite thing is the automatic meeting reminders Boardable sends out the day before a meeting.”


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Boardable empowers you with a complete board management solution for the full meeting lifecycle.

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