The 3rd Annual Nonprofit Board Engagement Survey Report

We surveyed over 700 nonprofit leaders to analyze trends in 2020. The following report outlines the state of board engagement, the single best predictor of nonprofit board health. Read these valuable insights to better understand how to support your board in 2021.

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Boardable 2021 Board Engagement Survey Report

Insights about everything that affects a nonprofit board experience:

  • How the pandemic changed meeting practices
  • Ways nonprofits adjusted fundraising tactics
  • The effects of changing conditions on staff and board member
  • How board engagement transformed over the year
  • Insights into what made some nonprofits more resilient than others

The nonprofit board members, staff, executives, consultants, and volunteers who contributed responses provided a fascinating look into what challenges and trends emerged in 2020. We hope this information helps nonprofits of all sizes prepare their boards for success in 2021.

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