Streamlining Your Board Organization is Now Possible.

“Boardable has helped our organization streamline our communications, simplify our meeting scheduling, easily publish meeting agendas and archive meeting minutes. It has also helped us create a more robust library of board and organization documents – a big upgrade over the previous ‘board binders’ that were constantly out of date.”

Boardable is a Partner To Growing Organizations.

“Boardable’s data helps us to determine & improve board engagement. The document center provides an accessible location for all of our organizational documents & dramatically improves our transparency with our board members.”

Efficient Software to Manage Board Communications and Documents.

“The best feature of Boardable from our perspective is the ease of use. We are able to manage 10 directors, a few executives, and sometimes an external party to participate in discussions, meetings, document review, or sharing of resources without a heavy training regimen.”

Easy To Navigate, Intuitive Platform.

“The multiple ways of viewing and sharing agendas as well as the clean meetings page and discussion/input methods make Boardable a clean and efficient way of communicating with your board or committee without getting lost in email.”

Supporting Boards & User Adoption is Now Possible.

“It is great to have one place for board members to go for polls, documents and meetings. I use documents so board members can access orientation and other resources. I build agendas in Boardable and related meeting documents are just a click away for board members. I like conducting polls about whether to meet in person or online.”

Essential Tool to Future Proof Your Board.

“Go all in. Make all of your documents digital. It will really help with grant writing and organization. It’s especially helpful for if there is transition in your board, people can go back and see what other grants were applied for, why you got to certain decisions, what programming you’ve done in the past etc.”