EBOOK DOWNLOAD: The Ultimate Board Engagement Playbook

No matter if you work at a large corporation or a grassroots nonprofit, the most successful organizations have one thing in common: an engaged board of directors.

Think back to when you selected your current board members. You chose these individuals because they each demonstrated a passion for the organization, skills to act on that enthusiasm, and extensive community networks.

But how do you make sure they don’t lose momentum once they’ve settled into their roles? Effectively engaging board members requires a strong understanding of what motivates them to succeed and a careful plan of action. To help you drive greater outcomes for your organization, the experts here at Boardable have put their heads together to produce The Board Engagement Playbook: 7 Tenets For Success eBook.

Grab your free copy, and discover everything you need to know about building a team of motivated board members who will champion your organization at every turn.

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What We Cover in This eBook

    The experts at Boardable put together this eBook to share everything you need to know about inspiring your board of directors to create a lasting and meaningful impact on your organization — no matter if you work for a for-profit or nonprofit organization. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

    • How for-profits, nonprofits, and all other mission-driven orgs inspire one another in their board engagement efforts
    • What the ideal board of directors looks like
    • Seven tenets of engagement that you should infuse into your board culture
    • Actionable tips that board administrators and members can leverage

    To top it all off, you’ll get immediate next steps toward improving board engagement today with our ultimate engagement checklist. No need to brainstorm strategies on your own when everything’s laid out for you. Start inspiring action and checking off the boxes as you go!

    How Boardable Can Help Boost Engagement

    Boardable’s powerful yet intuitive board software enables boards everywhere to minimize distractions, streamline daily operations, and get back to what matters most: working toward your organization’s goals.

    Built for corporations, nonprofits, and all other mission-driven organizations, Boardable enables modern boards to launch into the new era of board management with powerful features such as:

    • Automated meeting scheduling to eliminate the tedious task of lining up meetings that fit everyone’s schedules
    • Agenda building and minutes-making tools to streamline meeting preparation and follow-up
    • A Document Center that houses all your board’s resources in a secure location
    • Virtual meeting tools (AKA Boardable Spotlight) to eliminate geographical barriers and improve the accessibility of your meetings
    • Digital voting tools to streamline all official board votes (plus a convenient anonymous voting feature for more sensitive decisions)
    • Task management tools to hold everyone accountable for their assignments

    No need to leverage a billion tools when you have access to everything you need within one convenient platform. With Boardable, you’ll equip your team with the right tools, so your officers can focus on leading, not just managing.

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    Inspiring your unique team of board members takes a careful and thoughtful approach, something you’ll learn all about in this ultimate playbook. By the time you finish reading this eBook, you’ll have everything you need to infuse productivity into your board culture.

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