EBOOK: Board Engagement Playbook – 7 Tenets for Success

The most successful nonprofits have one thing in common: an engaged board of directors. Nonprofit board members are carefully selected. You’ve recruited based on passion, skills, and community networks. But what’s the next step? In order to maximize great board members, you’ve got to have board engagement. Here are the 7 Tenets for Board Engagement Success in a free ebook download.

Board Engagement Playbook: 7 Tenets for Success

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board engagement playbook 7 tenets for success

Review our seven tenets for success to gain a better understanding of what various forms of board member engagement can and should look like, as well as how to achieve it. Each tenet of success in this guide features best practices and actionable tips for BOTH board administrators and board members themselves.

In this free ebook download you will learn:

  • Why board engagement is the key to a successful nonprofit board
  • What the components of board engagement are
  • How to encourage board members to strengthen these tenets
  • Ways to assess if your board is maintaining healthy engagement

To top it off, you’ll get actionable steps toward improving board engagement today with our Nonprofit’s Checklist: five things you can do today to actively engage your board.

We hope this ebook helps you improve your nonprofit board. Keep up the great work!

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