E-BOOK DOWNLOAD: 5 Essential Steps for Onboarding New Board Members

You have new board members joining your team soon. You’ve carefully recruited and screened the individuals who are most willing to go the extra mile for your organization. But how do you welcome your new team members with open arms and equip them to do their absolute best?

No matter the size of your organization or the mission you’re pursuing, your board members need a comprehensive onboarding process that minimizes the time necessary to get up to speed.

We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive onboarding guide — perfect for any modern board that wants to create a valuable experience for new members. In this free e-book, we walk through the five essential steps of onboarding. You’ll even get a board manual checklist to help you make sure all of your bases are covered.

Grab your free copy of 5 Essential Steps for Onboarding New Board Members and discover actionable advice on how to make board member orientation more effective and simple than ever before. Your board will thank you!

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What We Cover in This E-Book

The experts at Boardable put their heads together to bring you this great resource filled with actionable onboarding advice. Pulling from our personal experience serving on boards, we’re confident this advice will help you maximize the impact of your orientation. You can expect tips and advice such as:

  1. Ensure board service is welcoming. Find out how to warmly welcome new board members and help them establish rapport with current board members to encourage collaboration.
  2. Connect new members with the mission. Help your new members connect quickly with your important work using actionable tips for introducing them to the challenges and strengths of your services and staff.
  3. A BONUS Board Manual Checklist. Make sure you’re providing new board members with all the resources they need with this sample board manual checklist. You won’t miss a single document!

The most successful organizations have one thing in common: each board member is ready and able to work as a cohesive group. We’re confident this guide will give you the information you need to get new board members comfortable, contributing, and collaborating as quickly as possible!

How Boardable Can Improve Your Onboarding

Need updated technology to streamline your orientation process even further? We’ve got you covered!

Help set new board members up for successful terms with Boardable! Our board management platform was designed to help today’s leaders modernize their board processes. A big part of that starts with effective orientation and making sure everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive in their new roles.

Backed by our user-friendly tools, you’ll be able to enhance board service from the start. Gain access to helpful, innovative tools like:

  1. The Document Center. Onboarding — and board service in general — come with heaps of paperwork. Make it easy to store your board book and share resources throughout their terms with the Document Center. Paper board books are a thing of the past. No need for them to keep up with reams of paper anymore!
  2. A Task Manager. Your board members are responsible for a lot. If they miss one task, everything can get thrown off! This new level of responsibility can be overwhelming for new members. Make sure they always know what’s expected of them with the Task Manager. Administrators can assign tasks and due dates, then follow up if necessary. Each user can see their assignments directly on their dashboard.
  3. E-Signatures. Between your conflict of interest policy, code of conduct, and other board member agreement forms, new members need to sign a considerable amount of paperwork. Simplify the process with our e-signature technology. Upload a document, request a signature, and check on its status all in one place. No need to make people physically sign or keep up with forms when Boardable can centralize everything for you.

Streamline new board member onboarding with powerful tools from Boardable.

Created by real board members and experts, Boardable centralizes all the tools today’s boards need. Empower your team to do more good and make a notable impact on your organization, whether they’re just starting their terms or are already diving headfirst into their work.

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Start Improving Your Onboarding

Is your current onboarding process optimized, or is it time to revisit it and ensure it’s providing real value to your team? Orientation is a key time in your board members’ terms. If you cover our five recommended steps and use the bonus board manual checklist, your new board members will be contributing in no time!

What are you waiting for? Start producing greater outcomes for your organization by grabbing your free copy of 5 Essential Steps for Onboarding New Board Members.

Grab your copy of the e-book guide to onboarding new board members.

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