EBOOK DOWNLOAD: 5 Steps to Onboarding New Board Members

You’ve carefully recruited and screened your next board member. But how do you equip him or her for a quick and effective orientation to your board? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive onboarding guide. If you cover these five steps and use the bonus board manual checklist, your new board members will be contributing in no time!

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Five Steps to Onboarding New Board Members ebook from Boardable

Here are the nonprofit board member onboarding topics covered in this guide:

  • Ensure Your Board Is Welcoming – Find out how to warmly welcome new board members and help them establish rapport with current board members for maximum collaboration.
  • Connect New Members with the Mission – Help your new members connect quickly with your important work using actionable tips for introducing them to the challenges and strengths of your services and staff.
  • A BONUS Board Manual Checklist – Make sure you are providing new board members with all the information they need with this sample board manual checklist. You won’t miss a single document!

The most successful nonprofits have one thing in common: each board member is ready and able to work as a cohesive group. We’re confident this guide will give you the information you need to get new board members contributing and collaborating as quickly as possible.

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