EBOOK: The Boardable Guide to Good Board Membership

Doing Well at Doing Good

If you have decided to join a nonprofit board, you already want to make a difference in your community. Your heart is in the right place, but how can you be the best board member possible? Download this ebook: “Doing Well at Doing Good: The Boardable Guide to Good Board Membership” to learn ways to take your board service to the next level.

Ebook - Doing Well at Doing Good: The Boardable Guide to Good Board Membership

Learn in this free download the four traits of a great board member:

  • They are eager to get engaged with the board, and to stay engaged.
  • They search for opportunities to lead within the board.
  • They actively advocate for the organization outside of board meetings and events.
  • They contribute to the organization’s funding, either directly or through fundraising efforts.

Download My Ebook

This ebook contains actionable advice on how to elevate your board service experience. Use the engagement checklist to evaluate if you are doing best practices, such as mentoring on your board, being creative about how to contribute, and introducing new people to the nonprofit.

Have a board meeting or retreat coming up? Share this link with all your fellow board members, or go through the checklist together the next time you’re together. Your organization will thank you for being an engaged, active, and mindful board member.

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