Free Ebook: Your Guide to Conducting the Best Meetings Ever

You have been there before. An endless meeting, where nothing is decided, and one or two people talk the whole time. Somehow, everyone leaves not knowing what to do next or how to move things forward before the next meeting. Do you wish you knew how to manage these meeting issues, but aren’t sure where to start?

There IS a better way! Find out how to have the best meetings ever with this guide.

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Grab a free copy of this ebook from Boardable that shows you how to have effective meetings that have a clear purpose, outcome, and expectations for what to do next.

Download the guide and share it with your team. Start having meetings that have a clear purpose, clear outcomes, and clear expectations for what needs to happen next. Your team will thank you!

Everyone Wins When Meetings Improve

Imagine what your organization could get done if every meeting had a clear goal, actionable tasks assigned, and a tight discussion format. Not only will you get more done, but you’ll have greater buy-in from meeting attendees and more participation during meetings, too. Feel free to share the guide with anyone at your nonprofit who conducts meetings.

Here are some of the topics covered in this ebook:

  1. How to Build an Actionable Agenda: Learn how to structure your meeting for maximum discussion, participation, and outcomes. No more long, boring committee reports that leave everyone watching the clock until the meeting ends!
  2. How to Get More Done Between Meetings: Find out best practices to make sure that everyone knows their marching orders when they leave a meeting, and what needs to happen during it to set everyone up for success on tasks between meetings.
  3. How to Govern Meetings (and Attendees!): Get a better understanding of what you can do to get the most value from all the talented and busy people you have in a meeting. Say goodbye to rambling and arguing with much better meeting conduct.

Use this free ebook to make sure everyone feels heard and respected, while getting more done than you ever thought possible, in every single meeting your organization holds.

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