How to Get Board Members Involved in Fundraising

Turn even the most reluctant board member into a passionate fundraiser.

It is not uncommon for nonprofits to have board membersor even entire boardswho simply do not want to fundraise. Yet, afundraising is an essential part of keeping your nonprofit alive and prospering, it is a necessary task. While some nonprofits decide to fundraise without their boards, fundraising is one of the main responsibilities of a nonprofit board member, and they should ALL be participating.

In order to get board members involved in fundraising, all you have to do is approach them the correct way. This includes giving board members the proper tasks to engage them. Here are some ways to approach fundraising with your board that will turn even the most reluctant member into a passionate fundraiser.

3 Ways to Get Board Members Involved in Fundraising

1. Let Board Members Call Important People

Being asked to personally contact your nonprofit’s major donors and VIPs in the community is a big honor for any board member. It means you trust them with the responsibility of talking to the people who support your nonprofit the most. Let your reluctant board members call these important people when your nonprofit is having a fundraising event. It is harder for VIPs to reject a personal invitation to attend an event, and making the call makes your board members feel like VIPs themselves.

To get board members involved in fundraising by making phone calls, you may need to help them along a little. For example, if your board members don’t know what to say to a major donor or VIP, make it easy for them by giving them a script. The script should have information on it about registration, ticket sales, the event’s agenda, and fundraising goals. Newer board members will be well served by having mission statements and talking points written out for them as well.

Get board members involved in fundraising by getting them to make calls to big donors

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2. Make Your Board Members Media Liaisons

Because your board members are often visible and vocal members of the community, such as business leaders and politicians, their voices in the community are unique. People want to hear from them. That is why making them media liaisons is a brilliant way to get board members involved in fundraising. It gets the media (and the public) interested in covering your nonprofit’s events, which brings in more money in donations, while also enhancing the board members’ interest in fundraising for the organization.

Try giving your board members media liaison tasks such as:

  • Writing articles about your nonprofit or fundraising event for local newspapers and free publications
  • Having them submit press releases to newspapers, radio shows, and TV news programs
  • Asking them to appear as a spokesperson for your nonprofit on the local news or a local radio show (maybe even have them appear with the Executive Director)

When well-known and respected members of the community like your board members contact the mediaor appear in itthe community is more likely to pay attention to what your nonprofit is doing, and to support it.

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3. Ask Board members to Publicize a fUNDRAISING Event on Social Media

Getting board members to solicit donations for your nonprofit on social media is an easy and fun way to get them involved in fundraising. It can be intimidating for anyone to directly solicit donations in person or on the phone. However, if you have your board members do this on social media, they can publicize events and ask for donations in a way that perhaps feels more comfortable to them.

To get board members involved in fundraising actual dollars, it will likely be easier to convince them to ask for money on social media (where everyone they know sees and reads their posts collectively) than to get them to do it one-on-one. Plus, your board members can utilize their existing networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to bring new donors to your nonprofit family. Getting new attendees to your fundraising events will also be a much simpler task when members can share invites and information in larger online groups where every one knows each other.

When they utilize the power of social media along with their existing personal and professional networks, it can be easier for all of your board members to get involved in fundraising for your nonprofit.

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