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Create Dynamic Meetings

Quickly create digital agendas to share relevant documents for a board or executive team meeting. The agenda becomes an efficient meeting minutes template during the meeting.

People Directory

Cultivate Relationships

Find contact information for other board and committee members in a few clicks, while simplifying communication to only the relevant group members.

Document Center

Share Information

All information is accessible to the designated users in a central location. No more searching through emails for important documents.

Encamp - Boardable Case Study
Case Study
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Alia McCord of SaaS Platform Encamp has been able to streamline work for the company's board members. With the environmental benefits of online agendas, board documents, calendars, and much more, Encamp found a way to live its mission and save money with Boardable.
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Patrick Meenan of Arthur Ventures discusses the value of good board governance for startups and how early-stage companies can get the most from their board. Get insight into the value of good board governance for startups, what early-stage companies need from a board of directors, and how startup companies can get the most out of their board.
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Encamp Case Study - Boardable Board Management Software

It’s nice just to have a central repository where everyone goes to get their information. That way, they don’t have to go to a middleman – they can find it themselves. It’s also standard for anyone no matter where they are. So it’s not some people in one location getting physical board binders with people elsewhere having to get them online.

Alia McCord
Patrick Meenan of Arthur Ventures - Boardable Interview on the value of good board governance for startups and early-stage companies

Boardable allows company leaders to share documents within the site, so rather than sifting through an inbox to find documents and relevant data, I just log in to access any document I need for that particular company—everything from financials to meeting minutes. It also lets us easily schedule meetings by allowing us to vote on meeting times, which saves me from the back-and-forth of emails. It can all be done through the platform.

Patrick Meenan

Easy-to-Use Board and Meeting Management Features

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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Assure board members their data is safe thanks to browser encryption. The same goes for any files they upload or download. For sensitive documents, restrict access to those you designate.

Centralized Communication
Centralized Communication
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No more wasting hours sifting through emails to schedule meetings or dig up attachments. A central portal empowers you to focus on leading—and your board to focus on governing.

Streamlined Scheduling
Streamlined Scheduling
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Propose multiple meeting times to your entire board or select groups at once, and see votes in real time. Upload documents as they’re available so board members can get a head start.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
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Use Google Sheets, but have board members who prefer Excel? Use Google Calendar, but most of your board schedules in Outlook? Boardable takes such resources and harmonizes them.

Dynamic Agendas
Dynamic Agendas
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Quickly build dynamic templates that empower your board members with private note annotation. Start from scratch or use a template. Email agendas as PDFs to board members with a click.

Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
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Boardable offers simple pricing based on your organization’s size and needs, without compromising on any of the essential features that help your board, committees, and other groups operate efficiently from anywhere.


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For newly developed boards that are just getting started

  • Store Up to 150 Documents
  • 24 Polls Per Year
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  • All the Features in Grassroots
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Unlimited Polls


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For growth-oriented boards looking to add efficiency to their meetings

  • All the Features in Essential
  • Meeting Recording
  • E-Signatures


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For large boards looking to scale quickly

  • All the Features in Professional
  • Custom Reporting
  • API Integrations

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