Committee Management: Roles & Responsibilities for Successful Leadership

Committee management benefits the function of the committee and the board as a whole. Well-managed committees are informed of meeting agendas well in advance so that they come prepared to the meeting, having read the previous meeting’s minutes, and are ready to discuss the agenda items. They also remain focused and on-task for the duration […]


How To Take Effective Board Meeting Minutes

When a board gathers to take action and push ahead for the good of an organization, the record of those actions must be well-kept and accessible. Taking minutes is a common part of most board meeting procedures. Although taking, keeping, and reading board meeting minutes may seem like a dull task, they are essential to […]


What is Modern Board Management Software?

Serving on boards can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience – but that doesn’t mean it’s without stress. Maybe you misplaced the minutes from last month’s meeting, or this is the Secretary’s first term, and they aren’t quite sure how to send them out. You may not be sure of what your responsibilities are, […]


Partner Insider: The Power of Association Management Systems

In recent months, we have received an influx of questions from member-based organizations about how to make the easiest and most cost-effective transition to digital. As mentioned in an earlier blog, cobbling together applications that weren’t made for nonprofits (or a lot of times each other) leads to confusion, information loss, and efficiency nightmares. Boardable […]



Join the Boardable Ecosystem Boardable unlocks the potential of board professionals by digitally transforming the way they work. We’re looking for partners who help organizations stay connected, scale quickly, and provide a comprehensive experience. Meet Our Partners We have partnered with leading SaaS companies to create an ecosystem where each of our greatest strengths helps […]


Association Membership Software + Boardable 

Organizations commonly benefit from association membership software, also referred to as association management software (AMS). Association membership software is used by various member-based organizations and boards to create a cohesive workflow by improving membership management. If this type of software is new to you, you might be asking: what is AMS software/what is association management […]


The Responsibilities of the Board Of Directors in Corporate Governance

A board of directors in corporate governance holds great power within an organization. They set the broader goals for the organization, hire senior-level management, and manage mergers. Every decision that the board of directors makes can be felt from the top to the bottom of the corporate hierarchy. Therefore, the way in which a board […]


Streamline Board Meetings with a Meeting Minutes App

You may struggle to track board meeting minutes if you serve on a board or committee for organizations such as nonprofits, healthcare, education, and business enterprises. Understanding meeting minutes is essential to the success of any board, especially when securing funding from other organizations. Without a meeting minutes template, many boards fail to gain renewal […]


Governance Committee Best Practices 

A board committee is a committee established by the board of directors and is responsible for carrying out specific governance responsibilities. Typically, a board committee is composed of the following committees: Nominating Committee – A nominating committee, also referred to as nominations and governance committees, is a group of board members responsible for the corporate […]