Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in Nonprofits

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Are you tired of hearing buzzwords about diversity and inclusion thrown around at your nonprofit, but nothing ever HAPPENS? This guide has real, actionable advice from our expert Dr. Joynicole Martinez on how to actually change the way your organization approaches these important topics.


Download the guide and share it with your team. Start having real conversations about how to make your organization more diverse and inclusive– in a meaningful way. Everyone wins when you amplify more voices.

Including information you need on:

  • Changes to Core Policies and Documents

    Learn how to change your guiding documents to reflect a commitment to expanding the voices represented in your leadership. This includes everything from board member bylaws to communication practices and of course board member recruitment procedures.

  • A Public Statement of Values

    Find out best practices to make sure that everyone knows where your organization stands when it comes to being representative of the community. Stating strongly what behavior will– and won't– be accepted by your leadership is crucial to building trust.

  • Creating Opportunities for Inclusion

    It's not enough to just bring more diversity into the board room. Actually listening to those voices is the key to inclusion. Read concrete ways to create opportunities for a greater variety of perspectives, as well as incorporate that input in a real way.

Use this free ebook to make sure everyone feels heard and respected, while safeguarding the future of your board.

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Download The Nonprofit Diversity & Inclusion Ebook Guide
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